My son only uses a dummy for sleep time and if he’s really distressed. Any recommendations on weaning him off the dummy, or if I even need to? He is currently 13 months.

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  • I think two years of age is the time to move away from pacifiers.

  • Still very young, I wouldn’t worry too much yet. With my first I told him santa would bring him an extra present if he stopped using the dummy. That didn’t work with our second, but we went to the dentist and afterwards told him the dentist said his teeth Would fall out if he continued to use his dummy. That didn’t work, until I said that he wouldnt be able to eat chocolate if he didn’t have teeth. That immediately did the trick! Both my boys were around 4 when they got rid of the dummy.

  • Personally I never used dummies but I say do what works best for you!
    I presume its more of a comfort thing so what’s the harm?
    I have heard it can damage teeth so perhaps check that with a doctor but otherwise you know your child & what’s best, don’t let other peoples opinions sway you.

  • you know when its the best time
    maybe can start talk or tell him about dummy fairy
    or show him dummy tree where he could leave his dummies for the fairies

  • start getting rid of it now especially because he is learning to talk

  • My health nurse said the best time to ditch the dummy is between 3 and 6 months, so really quite early. I stuck to this rule with all 3 kids and had no issues.

  • our son left his out for Santa and Santa left him a trampoline. He had a huge collection and slept with 3 each night. Once Santa had been if he found any he had stashed anywhere he asked me to post them on the Santa. Worked a treat

  • I personally wouldn’t take it away so soon, but that’s me. It’s called a comforter for a reason, and if it’s helping bub (and ergo you) I’d leave it. Normal is a setting on a dishwasher. Do what works for you.

  • my son gave his dummy up on his own he was bout 2.5 and just decided one day he didnt want it lol hope all goes well for you.

  • My son had his dummy till 13mnths till i took it of him i personaly think the sooner the better. When my son gave it up he was grumpy for maybe 3 days and than he was perfectly fine so wheneber you feel is best but honestly sooner the better

  • He is still quite young so I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Some children begin to suck on their thumb if they are not ready and you take their dummy away. Sucking on the thumb is worst because you can’t get rid of the thumb like you can get rid of a dummy, and they may continue sucking on the thumb for many many years, which damages their teeth. So leave the dummy if he isn’t ready to loose it yet.

  • when its more of a hindrance than a help

  • We found that at that age they were too young to understand but, having said that IF you want to get rid of his dummy you may be in for a few rough days/nights while he gets used to not having it. When it came time for our children to do without we left it out for the dummy fairy and when they woke up there was a surprise at the end of the bed (a torch they can use at night Pillow Pets now come with lights at the end). Don’t rush there is nothing wrong with him still having his dummy. I would wait until he was a bit older (2 – 21/2 yrs)

  • One of my childen had to be weaned off her dummy in order to start kindy and that was on the dentists recommendation…the dummy was starting to force her top front teeth out (not much but the evidence was there). He might give the dummy up voluntarily and you could try but not offering it when he normally has it and see how he reacts. 13 months is still quite young though but you could also try and find another sort of soothing relief by substituting the dummy with say, a soft toy, or soft blanket.

  • He’s still a bit young. Let him enjoy his dummy for a bit longer.

  • Mine gave up there’s before 12 months of age but a lot of others children I know had them until 2 or 3 and there mums just made them leave them put for the dummy fairy to take away

  • I took the dummy off my daughter at about 18 months. To be honest neither of us were ready before then.
    I made a really big song and dance about how she was a big girl now. My friend had just had a baby so I organized that my daughter would give the dummy to the new baby and she got a big girl gift in return. I also organized that it was given in the morning and we went for a drive at lunch time so she would fall asleep in the car. (Couldn’t resist!!)
    Any time she was sooky I reminded her about her big girl gift. And called and showed everyone.
    That night she cried for about 10 minutes. The next night was the same. Then she was over it.
    Much easier than I expected, but I think it’s because of the big story. Not sure we would cope with cold turkey!
    Good luck!

  • Think about why you gave him the dummy in the first place.
    Most likely you gave it to him to give him comfort so it seems rather harsh to then suddenly decide that now is the time he can no longer have it. Ive honestly never understood why people make a big thing about taking away the dummy, security toys or to stop thumb sucking. What gives you comfort? How would you feel if your Mum came in and took away the thing that gives you the most comfort. its not a nice feeling so why do that to a child? Honestly….how many ten year old kids do you see getting off the school bus wit dummies in their mouths?
    If it gives him comfort….which most likely is what you gave it to him for in the first place…..then leave him to have his comfort. He is not hurting anyone and when he is ready he will cast it aside and move on to something else. As he gets older dont buy replacements…he will move on when he is ready.

  • He is still very young. I’d leave him for a while yet.

  • He is still so young. I would not stress all three of mine had theres till 2 but only at sleep time. Just remember they are not going to be walking around with it at 20. :)

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