Wondering if any of you lovely moms have had this problem. I have found from time to time small holes in T-shirt type fabric cloths when hanging on the cloths line or ironing. Today I noticed two small holes in a waterfall cardigan that I swear was not there before I washed it. My son purchased a new shirt only to discover a flaw and small hole. I am wondering if indeed this type of fabric is prone to slight flaws (in the fabric or weave) and washing etc brakes the fibre. And no I do not believe it is getting caught on anything while washing or on the line.

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  • Where are the holes located? Some of my older t-shirts get holes near the stomach area. I think that this is just from rubbing against things throughout the course of the day and the button on my jeans

  • Interesting. There have been a couple of tshirts where I’ve had this problem. They are very old though. After reading this I wondered if some microscopic insect / bug got to the fabric, but am not sure why everything wasn’t affected, unless these old shirts were just more vulnerable. I’ve never seen silverfish etc. so if it is an insect probably not something visible doing it.

  • Silverfish maybe? Or tiny moths. Place camphor in your wardrobes and drawers to keep them away

  • Hi moms, thanks for all your advice and suggestions. Like I mentioned no I do not believe the holes are from the washing machine or clothes line nor do I believe them to be from silver fish etc as I have protection for pests. My son purchased a new shirt online only to discover a flaw and sml hole and this was before it was washed…needless to say it went back to the firm. I am with mom241861, youngoldlady, mom235060 and BekH on this one. Thanks to all.

  • Silverfish would be my first guess.

  • General wear and tear and/or dodgy fabrics I reckon! It happens to our clothes too, but generally over time.

  • Are the holes around your stomach area? I find that some of my tshirts do it and I’m pretty sure it’s from rubbing on the button on my jeans, tables etc. I’m guessing it’s just the crappy quality fabric.

  • If they are at the front of your tops, the metal button on pants can cause holes when you lean against a bench or table.
    Maybe they also might get caught on something in the wash too

  • The fabrics today are nowhere near the quality they once were. Everything is done on the cheap and so nothing lasts anymore

  • I was going to suggest moths and perhaps buy some cedar wooden balls for your wardrobe. Some of the other suggestions by other MoMs also make sense.

  • ⚠️ Might be too long for whoever isn’t up for any reading.

    Like the others have already suggested, your clothes could had been eaten by moths. Even if that wasn’t the case, I still advise ⊳investing a little into some inexpensive moth balls to counter and prevent it from becoming an issue in the future.
    On another note, clothes become worn out over time and from being washed. However if new or rarely used, the problem might be ⊳how you do laundry. Different clothing items cannot all be cleaned the same way. Washing all your clothes together by one method could be damaging to various materials. ⊳Ensure your appliances are being maintained and regularly clean filters free of any build-up. ⊳Handwash delicate garments and ⊳get your home some wash bags. ⊳Air dry rather than tumble dry, and opting against putting your washload through a spinnjng session. Choose detergents with less abrasive chemicals or making your own organic concoction to wash your clothes with.

  • Moths, or snagging on jewellery, seem most likely to me.

  • I have a similar problem and I have put it down to the seat belt in the car , they are always on the front of my tops grrrrr

  • I generally found that I had no holes in my clothes but once I washed then the holes appeared. So I would say its probably silverfish. You need to get something to treat silverfish. Naphthalene Flakes or moth balls should help with this problem.

  • I am thinking that it is the way the material is made. Some of my clothes can get these small holes in only after a few wears or not seen when buying. I have a shirt that is over twenty years old and is only getting them now. No insects involved.

  • I find that holes in my t-shirt tops are from sometimes the metal button on my jeans rubbing against the material when I am leaning against something (over time ) and sometimes I find it can be from belt buckles too – total nuisance I agree

  • I periodically take out my clothing from the closet & spray the drawers etc with Bosistos eucalyptus spray and I’ve never had a problem with silverfish or other insects. It also smells great and is antibacterial.

  • Thanks for all your replies moms ..pretty certain it’s not silverfish and personally I agree with mom 241861 as it only occurs in T-SHIRT type material for me.. although as I had mentioned my son purchased some new cotton dress shirts online and one actually had a flaw and small hole on inspection before washing. Do believe some fabrics are dodgier than others.
    mom241861 said
    18 Dec 2017
    5:16 pm
    I often find small holes in my cloths I was wondering if it is a default in some materials where the manufacturing of the materials may be thin or damaged at time of manufacturing

  • I’ve noticed tiny holes in my cotton t shirts around the waist went I’ve been standing up near the sink. I’m certain it’s my tum rubbing it next to the sink.

  • Check that it’s not silverfish. I had them in my wardrobe years ago and found tiny holes in lots of clothes.

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