I follow a parenting page on facebook and the question was about her 13 year old having sex, and if thats ok. Almost every comment was, yes, sex is normal these days at 13 years old. I kept my comments to myself because I think that is NOT fine at all. Why are kids, no longer, just kids!! What the hell, 13 years old? Hell no, that should not be fine to anyone.

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  • Way to young !
    According to experts, 18 is the right age for both men and women to become sexually active. While there are numerous theories which can suggest otherwise, we have found a very logical reason as to why experts believe 18 is the right age to start doing it. And no, this logical reason has nothing to do with our society and its norms. We are talking pure science and how sex before the right age can affect you both physically and mentally.


  • Definitely way too young. I know that it happens that children have sex at 13, but I think it is the exception rather than normal. If the other party was older than my child, I would be talking to the school and Police.

  • It might be normal but won’t be and isn’t for my kids. What terrible parents letting their kids have sex at such a young age.

  • Definitely not normal and not good at all for kids to be having sex at 13, BUT parents need to stop being naive. Teens are talking about it at school, many are seeing pornography and these teens need to be prepared mentally earlier for what they be exposed to. From the time he started secondary school, I’ve made sure to frequently communicate with my son about consent, safe sex and also remind him that the way that movies and the internet portray sex, is not what a loving healthy relationship is about. Hopefully he is still years away from needing the knowledge, but at least he is a little more prepared and knows that the lines of communication are open if he has questions.

  • 13 is way to young in my opinion! I am surprised many people on that other group was acting like that was ok? Where they all like sheep and just following each other?

  • I’m shocked that people think that it’s ok for a 13yr old to have sex, absolutely floored! ???????? 13 is way too young. They’ve just hit their teens, they’re still children right up to 18yrs old. What 13yr old is old enough in their mind to handle the thought of it all. Those people who think it’s ok are just wrong and it’s definitely not ok. I know a 13yr old girl and she’s into sports and sex is the furthest thing from her mind and that’s how it should be. They grow up fast enough without putting sex into it! 13 is just way too young and I wonder how those parents would feel if she came home pregnant. Even for boys it’s too young. Imagine getting a girl pregnant at 13? The mind boggles!

  • Hmm I’d have to disagree with the majority, that is far too young to even be thinking about sex imo.

  • I agree no 13 year old should be having sex yet they only children and parents need to protect them. I would never allow my daughters to do that? Wheres the common sense and decency these days? It seems like nobody cares anymore. Then we wonder why there are so many abortions. Its so tragic and no baby is a mistake or unwanted. I recently watched a dvd called unplanned and I highly recommend watching it.

  • At 13, I thought it would be ok to have sex – but it was only a theory as I had never (and was highly unlikely to, whilst in my ugly, geek teen years) had a boyfriend.
    By the time I was 18, I’d casually dated enough creeps who “loved” me, to know I wanted to wait for marriage or at least the one I thought would be forever.
    Unfortunately, my mother had me medically raped, so then I had the morals of the 13 yr. old – let’s have fun!
    So mothers of teenagers – beware – not all teenagers lie to cover a conception that could only have happened via some magic or miracle or some other impossible way.

  • Wow! That is so scary that parents are ok with a child having sex. I’m sure they wouldn’t be ok if their 13 year old got pregnant or caught a std. sex is a normal part of life yes, but for a 13 year old? Noway!

  • I don’t think it’s okay for kids to be having sex at 13! I still think they’re too young to make that kind of decision.
    I’d be really disappointed if my kids started having sex that early as I think I’d still think of them as my babies!

  • No! No! No! 13 is too young. Age of consent is 16 and anyone under this age can find themselves before a court.

  • The legal age of consent is 16 …so 13 is against the law. Have know idea who these parents are but I am thinking they are high on woopy weed.

  • I’m concerned that people think it’s ok at 13 but as a parent I think 13 is way to young, I do believe in educating my kids and that they know they can ask questions and talk about it but we also tell them they are kids way to young just be a kid.
    When I grew up you didn’t talk about stuff like this but with the way technology social media and TV it’s better to talk than have them think what they see on those things is ok.

  • It’s been shown ids who have parents who are proactive about teaching their kids about sex in a positive way, usually wait longer before having sex for the first time.
    There could be peer pressure, coercion, or lacking a connection that leads young people to sex too early.
    Having safe, open communication is the best way to keep tabs on your teen without being over bearing.

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