With a toddler, I freeze so many meals and snacks so I can barely fit in the weekly meat buy or freeze leftovers. I’d love to get a chest freezer, but am worried it will eat in to our electricity bill in a big way. Any experience with this?

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  • I’ve had a chest freezer for years and haven’t really noticed an increase in mt electricity. It is great for cooking in bulk and freezing.

  • I guess it has to do with the appliance’s energy consumption! Some are very economic, while the older models can use a bit more energy. It would depend on whether it was worth the extra amount to be able to freeze more meals, or not.

  • We couldn’t live without our chest freezer. I prepare whole meals in freezer bags then throw them in the slow cooker. It’s such a timesave and means you can buy bulk meat when it’s on special. I haven’t noticed any difference in our electricity bill, but ours is pretty high anyway.

  • We have a small upright freezer & we barely noticed a difference!
    A friend however noticed a massive difference & ended up selling hers.
    Shop around & look at the energy rating.
    A 2nd freezer is an absolute life saver!

  • A chest freezer doesn’t use any more power than an upright. But if you’re going to use an upright and a chest freezer, then expect a slight increase in your power usage and therefore your bill

  • Yes but if what’s going in there is so you can save money then is it worth it?? I think as long as you are using it as you should then it’s worth it.

  • Yes but if you make sure it is always three quarters full then it uses less electricity as it stays cold longer.

  • Did you decide to go with a chest freezer? :)

  • Chest freezer is fantastic for budgeting; cooking and freezing meals. $$$ saved by freezing meals and other food. No noticeable increase in electricity bill.

  • yeah i want to buy one as well and i think that even just being able to freeze our leftovers and really being able to take advantage of meat etc being on sale, should make one worth buying. i have been told that if you initially spend more on the product with good ratings, then you will save more on your power bill. the cheap ones suck a lot of electricity. also get the chest freezer and not the one that opens like a fridge because the cold air pours out when you open the door and that is also costly if you use the freezer a lot or even if the kids are learning to open the fridge, they will open this one even more just to see the cold air

  • these are all really helpful comments

  • when your looking for one just get one that has a good energy rating the stickers are always on the front of new appliances.
    i have a chest freezer as well as my normal freezer and i never saw a huge increase.

  • I think the newer ones are a lot better. We had an old one and our bills went right up. Then we cleaned it out and turned it off and our bills went down considerably

  • Even if it is slightly more to run (maybe being new it just might not cost more) you will more than save that on your frozen meals and snacks. Another benefit si you know exactly what you are eating.

  • Yes it will. there are tools on the internet that allows you to calculate the expected usage based on the item’s specifications. But you will probably save more money by being able to buy in bulk and freeze overall..

  • I don’t think so Ive had a chest freezer for over 30yrs & couldn’t do without it. Go for it you wont be sorry that you did.

  • most new ones use bugger all power and what little power they do use is outweighed by the savings you make on being able to bulk buy. Just ensure that you don’t open it every 5 minutes. We use the freezer above our fridge for things that you would need to open the door regulary to get eg. icecreams and the chest freezer for meats, frozen meals etc so only really gets opened once a day

  • If you look at the freezers energy rating/stars you can buy an economical one which will save you money by buying in bulk. It will also save you time by cooking in bulk and freezing, or using less time shopping. So in the long run it will be worth investing in one.

  • Glad I read this post I have been thinking about a chest freezer for ages, we shop at the market and buy bulk meat so would love to free up my fridge freezer, pretty sure I’m sold.

  • I have 2 freezers, both about the size of a “bar” fridge, and they each have pull-out baskets in them. We save so much time & money, by buying food in bulk, and preparing meals and freezing portions. We couldn’t live without the freezers, and the minimal amount they’ve added to the electricity bill is well worth it.

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