Would you accept a present that was a pink shirt, for a boy?

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  • I’m not one who refuses a present and will always say “thank you” with a big smile. When I don’t like it I can give it away or bring it to the 2nd hand shop

  • Yes, definitely would accept it – if for some reason (like ugly design) we didn’t like it, just wouldn’t make a thing of wearing it.

  • One of the first presents I gave my husband was a pink linen shirt ;)

  • Yes. If you judge on colour so will your son. Who cares what colour it is, if girls can wear anything so can boys.

  • Yes l can’t see why not! Lovely of the person to buy it!

  • Why not? Unless he’s a redhead, in which case he’d probably look ghastly…

  • Its obviously not to your liking but its what’s in fashion

  • Absolutely my son looks great in salmon and peach! I guess if you don’t want it to look ‘girly’ I’d pair it with more masculine colours!

  • REALLY? Lord, my son wore peach as a toddler back in the early nineties, and looked gorgeous! I copped crap back then, thought the world had moved on….. UNLESS the shirt was given in a malicious way…

  • I would accept it, keep it for a while, and if you don’t use it, then donate. I do this with a lot of presents.

  • I would accept it but still be very confused as to why one would buy pink for a boy.
    White, green, lemon is understandable but pink!
    It’s not exactly something you would come across very often!
    Accept but probably put to the back of the wardrobe & never use.
    There are a lot of unisex items available now but common sense says pink is not one of them.

  • I would accept it, not sure it would get any use tho. Great if you get a receipt, you could exchange it :) My son got a purple shirt from his Nan when he was around 3, purple shorts to match. I thought “HIDEOUS!” But they looked very nice on him

  • Yes I think so although it is a bit different. Would depend on the age the present was given for though also

  • I would accept it, not too sure if my boy would ever where it, but maybe he would. I doubt it though. Who would give a pink shirt to a boy?!?!

  • Sure why not? I mean is it a boys shirt or a girls shirt? Full of bows, lace? Or is it like a salmon coloured collared shirt? If it’s full of bows etc I would say thank you and probably never dress my son in it if it’s a collared shirt that’s for a boy I don’t see any harm in it at all, put it together with come jeans and some suspenders. Cute outfit.

  • Yes I would nothing wrong with pink for boys and looks great.

  • I would accept with grace and gratitude that someone cared enough to buy the gift. I think the gender colour thing is so out dated. Many men wear pink there is so much more to a person than the colours they wear. When your child is older, then he can decide for himself.

  • I would definitely accept it and would have no problem with my son wearing it.

  • Yes of course, its basic manners. Im always going to accept and be happy to receive any present wheter i like it or not, I also am going to’raise my son to have manners. Besides pink doesnt make a boy gay (im assuming thats the issue)

  • Absolutely; kids regardless of gender love bright colours.

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