I wanted to see whether other mums would discipline their friend’s child if they were being unsafe?

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  • If they were getting out of hand doing something dangerous and unsafe jeopardising others then why not . How the child suppose to know what is right and wrong if he hasn’t been told then and there. You can just say this is dangerous and can hurt others so don’t do it etc.. . I would tell their parents if it is really bad though as they have the right to know so to keep them informed .

  • It depends on what you classify as discipline, the age of the child & what they are doing.
    I would explain that they can not do what they are doing and why, if it continued I would then make them take a time out, & if it still continued I would contact their parent.
    If they stopped the behaviour still tell their parent when their parent collects them so the parent can also explain to their child that that kind of behaviour is not allowed.

  • if i was incare of the child yes i would. but if the mother was there i would tell them to stop doing what they were doing, but any further discipline is up to the parent.
    but i would expect the same with my child.

  • if it’s a safety concern ..Yes absolutley

  • If in unsafe condition – yes, I would.

  • In my home if a child does something I consider could become a safety issue I will not hesitate to stop and accident happening. If they are in your home you have a duty of care. Having said that I think parents who take their kids to other peoples’ houses should accept that you don’t want your home damaged and kids injuring themselves at the same time.

  • I think it would depend on the circumstance and the discipline, for example going to run across the road and you grabbing there hand well yes, but breaking soe,thing accidentally and then smacking the,. No.

  • Absolutely I would discipline a friends child – but only if I were the supervising adult, and it’s important to recognise that its not the same discipline as your own child. For instance, talking to them seriously, depriving them of something they are using to cause harm, and distracting them is all appropriate. Yelling, smacking, even time out probably isn’t. If the child is absolutely a problem, depriving them of the fun of our company or home is probably the last resort.

  • I would if it was something dangerous but I’m not sure to what extent.

  • Depends, if their parent was there I’d redirect the child to their parent and let their parent know, if I was babysitting , having sleepover etc I wowouldave a chat with them incase they didn’t know it was wrong and if they did it again I’d make them sising themselves for a while. I wouldn’t smack someone else child though, unless they did something really dangerous Luke run in front of a car and it frfreaked me out then it may be a natural type reaction from shock but otherwise wouldn’t snack.

  • I am very comfortable disciplining my friends children and even children at playgroup or pretty much anywhere where I see unsafe play happening even more so if it presents an accident risk to other children. I would expect my friends would be willing to do the same for my children if they were doing .something unsafe and I wasn’t in the vicinity to stop them from having an accident. I think as parents we have a duty of care to make sure that our own children don’t hurt themselves or others and that other children don’t hurt our children or other children.

  • I do to a certain extent but only if absolutely necessary and only if their parent wasn’t around to do it.

  • Of course! We all have a duty of care to any child who us unsafe! If it was behavioural I would have a firm but gentle word first then speak to the parent before dealing with it again. Most parents would be happy that you have their child’s best intentions at heart.

  • I do discipline other people’s children especially if the safety of my own are involved. But there is nothing wrong with saying to another persons child that what they are doing is wrong or bad or dangerous.
    And if the child’s parent takes offense then they shouldn’t be a parent.
    I wouldn’t go as far as to smack another person’s child but definitely letting them know should be acceptable.

  • Yes I would and I do if they are unsafe.

  • Yes and I do the same as they do to my children. Sometimes your child needs to hear someone elses voice of reason and will listen as opposed to tuning out their parents

  • I would talk to the child and get on their level and explain what they’re doing is unsafe and they could hurt themselves. I would talk to them as I talk to my own children, there’s no way I would want another child hurt in my presence if I could put a stop to it..

  • A few factors here…your levrl of friendship. Affect on your child. Is the other child in your care. Ifany of these apply, then I would also explain wgat happened.

  • If a friend’s child is being unsafe then I would have a chat with them and explain what they were doing that was unsafe. I would expect my friend’s to do the same to my children :o)

  • If the child was under my care and the parents were not around then I would definitely do whatever was needed for the child to stop doing what I considered unsafe.

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