All the most wonderful mums take part in MoM Rewards and you’re no exception.

We’re so excited to see you getting involved and earning points towards prizes!

Use this page to keep track of all the points you’re earning, what MoM Rewards level you are currently on and how many points you need to earn to make it to the next level.

Remember that we have lots of members who enjoy getting involved with MoM Rewards each month, so whilst you might be in the red section, we only have a finite amount of prizes available each month and this is no guarantee that you will receive a prize.

Members are constantly earning points so if someone is continually earning points then they may overtake you on the leaderboard – the best way is to ensure you are earning points right up until the last minute of each month, and keep checking this page to see if you’re still in the red section!


If you’re a lucky MoM Rewards Top earner and are to receive a prize, we will contact you on the 8th of the following month (or next business day if the 8th falls on a weekend or public holiday), to let you know which prize you will be receiving. Prizes are allocated in a ‘lucky dip’ format, so all of our top earners have a chance to receive the prizes on offer! We hope that you LOVE our MoM Rewards as much as we do, we adore being able to send out prizes as a way of saying thanks to our most loyal members.



‘Points racking’ is not acceptable on the Mouths of Mums site. If you are seen to be points racking you will be ineligible to receive a MoM Rewards prize for a minimum of 12 months or longer at the discretion of the Mom Team.

The MoM Team moderate the comments of all members who are eligible to receive a prize at the end of each month and can delete or modify points at anytime. This applies to anyone seen to be copying and pasting text directly from the article, copying other members comments, posting the name of the article as a comment, rewording the title of the article or information from the article and other ‘points racking’ exercises as deemed unacceptable by the MoM Team at their discretion. This also applies to members who may be ‘points racking’ and then alter some of the details of their membership in order to receive prizes month after month, as all members are ineligible to receive the same reward twice in a calendar year.

We really want all members to have genuine interactions with our website and enjoy our content, we run a MoM Rewards program to give something back to our members and hope that you can understand and follow the rules that apply to our program.

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5 POINTS: comment on post, post an answer, comment on a review, enter a competition. 10 POINTS: post a review. 15 POINTS: post a real story or refer a friend. 30 POINTS: complete your profile.Comment on a blog postPost an answerComment on a reviewEnter a competitionPost a reviewPost a real life storyRefer a friend who joinsComplete your profile


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