Today we packed up all our Christmas decorations and put all the presents we had away because Christmas has been canceled.
our dear miss 7 was being selfish and ungrateful and complaining all the time about not having enough presents and wanting more presents. How unfair was it that not all of the presents under the tree were for her.
so today it was all to much ingratitude and my partner and i canceled Christmas.
atleast until she has an attitude adjustment and if she doesnt adjust her attitude in time.
well then i guess Christmas is canceled.

Posted by stepmom107932, 18th December 2014

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  • I wonder if you went through with it? I wonder if your daughter changed her ways? I wonder if she ended with none or all of her pressies? I so miss the updates on these stories


  • Would love to hear how this went.

    • I actually posted another story about how this ended up. Its called christmas is canceled or not


  • Good on you. It’s like that from time to time. Although my son is generally a kind hearted little boy, and I’m sure your daughter is as well he has had a couple of occasions where being ungrateful and realising the effort I go to for him has been an issue. I feel sometimes it’s a generational thing, and I think what you have done is a great mode of action.


  • I can understand why you have chosen to do this. It will be a real shock to her if she really doesn’t get to have ‘Christmas’ this year. Just make sure you stick to your guns or the message will be lost, and this scenario would be a very hard one to play out.

    In general, my advise would be to practise saying no. Of course kids ask for presents, lollies, toys — sometimes on an hourly basis. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to feel grateful when your every whim is granted. Saying no a lot makes saying yes that much sweeter. It will take time and you probably won;t get this goal achieved this Christmas but stick with it.

    Good luck :)


  • I read an amazing article recently about people putting one present out front Santa and the rest from the parents. The article was debating the point on how you explain to your children why some children get an iPod, a bike and a wii u etc from Santa, whilst others get only some socks and a simple toy etc. I think it’s a great idea and I will be doing it this year. My grandma has been trying to encourage me to tell my son that mummy has to send the money to Santa for years. I much prefer the idea of one or two from Santa and the rest with my name on them. My parents must have been very forward thinking because after reading that article I remember them putting Santas name on some and mum and dad on others and being that I’m in my 30’s that was a while ago now lol. I probably don’t have too much time left of I’m to be realistic in terms of my son believing in Santa, as he will be 9 at the end of the year. Good on you for doing this. I recently removed the TV antenna cable because I was so annoyed at my son going into a trance not listening to me. Since then his listening skills have dramatically improved. The only problem was, I had to buy a new antenna cable lol as when I pulled it out I left part of the metal part in the wall and had to remove it and buy a new cable from the reject shop haha.

    • That has always been the way as far as i know santa gets you one present and gets one family present and fills up your stocking with little stuff and parents buy you the rest. I always had this growing up and my cousins did aswell and when i got with my partner he also did this.

      • Santa always does the little presents here too! :)

      • I only a few days ago heard that a WiFi system was unplugged because of a 18 y.o.’s bad behaviour, and the response was “you can’t do that”. Guess what, it will be disconnected for a bit longer. A family friend actually pays for it, although he is working. he was given use of a car which now needs servicing and didn’t take it back when he was supposed to so that might get confiscated too apart from using to go to work at a place which is not near public transport.


  • So many kids are like this these day always thinking they don’t have enough an need more I know my kids sometimes get like it an it’s very furstrating I know..


  • Maybe take a bit of extra time and show your child Christmas is not about gifts of toys, let her understand why she is being punished :) I spent extra time with my kids this year ensuring they don’t end up like alot of children at this time of year. We gave to the needy and they wrapped presents for family members, only once they have asked me what they got and at the moment they think they got one present each and the others got a bag full. Not a single tantrum they are just excited to give. Best of luck


  • Oh dear. Interestingly, I read recently that until kids are in their teens, they literally don’t feel grateful for presents at Christmas – it’s apparently some neurological thing that means that at certain times they just see it as part of the parental job to provide presents. It does get better though (apparently)…

    • She is normally a very grateful and kindhearted girl, last year she was more excited about what she would buy for people than how many presents she had under the tree. She also wrote santa a thankyou note for buying her what she asked for without being prompted at all (don’t even know where she got the idea). So i dont believe she is neurologically incapable of being grateful.


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