So I have a 19 month old daughter and a 6 almost 7 month old son. They are my beautiful little babies that are the only things keeping me sane. Im over the simple things like the fued and arguments of which grandparents are better. I don’t see how there should even be the battle really. I’m one of six girls brought up by a single mum and only had ever known one grandmother who in that fact wasn’t around much, so I honestly don’t know the feeling of having two grandparents let alone four. When I fell pregnant with my daughter I was 18 and boy did I cop the lot of it from my family mostly my mother. I was pressured into having an abortion and when I didn’t want to go ahead with the termination I waited till past 12 weeks thinking they would all accept the idea of me having a baby. ..I thought wrong, I then received emails from my sisters regarding adoption companies and even received calls from adoption companies and pamphlets. I had cut ties with them until I was about 36 weeks pregnant and sure enough they all started talking with me and all the lovely “you are going to be such a great mother” nonsense came about. I then fell pregnant with my son shortly after birth of my daughter and yes sure enough all hell hit the roof. Coming on 7 months since my sons birth I feel more and more distant from my family and closer to my partners family. I have my mother living with me at present and I have been in trouble for everything I do. I take my children to play group of a Tuesday and my daughter goes to kindy of a Friday and my mum says that is too much. I play with paint and playdough and all sorts of activities at home with my children everyday and mum said I shouldn’t be because its making such a mess. My children have been out of routine since she moved in and she threatens to have them removed as I have apparently no parenting skills what so ever. I have an older sister who has two children herself and everyone just compares her to me…like oh if these were so and so’s children they would not be having a dummy blah blah blah. ..it just infuriates me as to think that my oldest sister is the only one who is obviously allowed to have kids… Why do families have to be so hard.

Posted anonymously, 20th March 2014

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  • I hope if your Mum didn’t move out of her own accord that you asked her to.
    If you live in Aust. adoptions are done through the appropriate Govt. Depts.
    Your Mum is jealous you do so much with your children, which by the sounds of it she didn’t with you. If the other daughter with children is so wonderful why isn’t she staying with them. Or has she worn out her welcome there too. I know a Grandma who visited her daughter the day her baby was born. She started making trouble so the new Mum pushed her bell and asked the nurse to take her baby son to the nursery, and to ask them to get security to escourt her out. The Grandma said she would see her in court for custody of the baby boy. She didn’t take good care of her own kids. Because of that plus other threats she has never seen her grandson and probably never will because she is likely to abduct him. If she sees her Mum anywhere she leaves the area immediately. It is your residential address, not hers.


  • I would most likely tell my mother that I would appreciate her help and advice if it was positive, otherwise she could keep her criticisms and comparisons to herself.


  • keeping in sane


  • do what you do and ignore the bs

    • Ignoring this behaviour is the best and only way to go – I agree.


  • I hope you mother has moved out now and things are better for you

    • I hope this has occurred too and that you are able to lead your own life the way you want – your life and your business.


  • great to read this story


  • Sounds like tough times. Has your mum moved out yet?


  • oops i just read this one. i think its been posted 3 times lol


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