Hi Ladies, I’m looking for some food ideas or recipes for my ten month old that could also feed my 9-year old (if that’s even possible). I’m looking to find recipes that are suitable for the whole family, that I can change up the portion sizes to suit both of my children. I find that I rely on pouches a lot to feed my baby but want to start cooking more and adding more variety and textures to his diet. I’ve started trialing some parts of baby led weaning but am unsure of where to go from here on. Any ideas?

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  • Mini quiches, mini muffins always handy on the go

  • I wouldn’t give a baby or toddler anything that is likely to stick in their mouth e.g. peanut butter. It tends to stick to the roof of your mouth. It is thick and sticky though some people may not realise that. I wouldn’t give oily or fatty food to a little one as some can’t digest it that young. My little one couldn’t eat cheese but eats it now she is older but only if it is at least melted or in cooking.
    It also depends how many teeth your baby has , the ability they have to bite food and not just push it into their mouth and what they can chew properly.

  • smoothies are good, mash, baked beans, spaghetti

  • A nice homemade shepherd’s pie

  • There is plenty of solids they can eat by this point, you might need to just modify them so it’s suitable for blw. E.g my 4yr loves raw carrots, for 9month old, I cook them. Or fruit like banana, I just make sure they are in small pieces for my 9month old. As you start to feel confident in your babies ability to chew & mush more solids, you can use “harder” foods.

  • Veggie slices, chicken pasta with veggies. I find it’s often trial and error but anything you and your family likes that isn’t too chewy or salty should be a winner.

  • Finger food and self feeding! Pretty much whatever you make for your older child, a 10 month old can have.
    Try toast cut into fingers or squares, French toast, fruit cut up, mushed weet bix.
    any cooked veggies (ones easy to hold such as broccoli, potato cubes, peas, corn cobs etc)
    Cutlets are great for them to suck on.
    And dinner basically whatever you cook but smaller portion and no added salt or sugar. Pasta is great for self feeding. Meatballs. Cut up omelette.
    Just obviously supervise and small fruit such as grapes always cut up. Otherwise at 10 months pouches aren’t really needed and self feeding is great as allows bub to experience food, play with and discover textures etc too.

  • Grated cheese, small pieces of broccoli and of course fruit such as small pieces of watermelon and grapes cut into quarters

  • Quiche, zucchini slice, meatballs (beef, turkey, chicken), pasta bolognaise, rice/risotto, soup

  • Lots of cut up pieces of fruit and let them choose. Lots of steamed veggies, rice and pasta, potatoes and canned beans (the plain ones). Keep it simple but nutritious.

  • Pretty much a ten month old can be eating what everyone else is eating. Just minimise added sugar and salt and keep an eye on spices. And cut their food into smaller portions.

  • My 10 month old eats whatever we eat. She has done since she started solids. For breakfast she might have toast and fruit or kids weetbix. For lunch she might have dinner leftovers, sandwich, wrap, toastie, etc. For dinner we have a wide variety of meals such as curry, pasta dishes, rice dishes, fish, chicken, beef. At 10 months they can eat anything except honey. I also don’t add salt when cooking.

    When out and about I pack a lunchbox with fruit, sandwich, cheese, and homemade sugar free muffins.

  • I make my Son Rissottos and rice dishes. He loves them and the whole family can also enjoy. sometimes I add a meat or cjicken on the side for Hubby to make it more substantial. I also freeze the extras in portions for my son. Try a pumpkin or mushroom rissotto, fried rice is a good one as can add alot of vegies.

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