I have a 1yr old son and he is almost walking. He can climb on and off a couch safely, so I was wanting people’s thoughts on putting him into a bed? Thanks

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  • I think he’s too young at one. I’d wait till say two and a half years of age at the earliest.

  • I waited to put my little one on a bed until she was 2 year old. I think it was a perfect time as she understood that she had to stay in bed…

  • I put my foster son in to a toddler bed a bit before 2 years. Toddler beds are nice and low so much safer in my opinion. I think 12 months is a bit early – I wouldn’t transition until at least 18 months. In saying that, if your little one is climbing out of cot then a bed will be safer than them falling from the top of a cot. Just ensure the room is safe and no furniture etc can fall on them once they get up if they start to climb things

  • I’m not sure whether one year of age is too young. My daughter was three when she went from cot to a low single bed.

  • I notice you posted this a year ago – how did you go? Did you get a big boy bed for your little one? How did he go? Any tips?

  • This is not an age related mile stone, and it is a safety one. Once the child has the a bit to climb over the side of the cot and fall, and then it is time for the bed.

  • We skipped the cot thing. From my bed and the bassinet to the big bed a queen Futon Japanese Bed close to the floor. (We already had that setup as a guest room. Never used though so I made it a pretty girls room and both my daughters slept there. They are very close in age and are close to each other now.

  • Well my daughter is just 1 yr old and shes been in a big bed for a month now and she loves it

  • I say when they are ready they will let you know when they are ready, :)

  • I’m probably different to a lot of mums here, mine have always been in a bed. From cosleeping straight to a bed of their own. But it’s been a queen or double (because that’s what I had in the house, couldn’t afford to purchase separate beds). That’s turned out to be a bonus though because mine move around a bit in their sleep. I have the bed up against two walls, in the corner, and put pillows against the wall side. With my youngest, who’s a bit of a dare devil, I took the base away so that it’s just the mattress on the floor, no falling off the bed. I personally found the bed rail a hazard because the little devils insisted on scaling it.

  • If you feel he is ready he is. Just make sure you get a side rail.

  • both mine were around 18 months – it depends on the child but if he can safely walk around the house and furniture without falling over you could consider it. Just make sure you have thought that if they wake up they are going to be wandering the house as they are not confined to the cot.

  • My boy was 12th in a toddler bed no problems but the toddler bed has side rails

  • Is he still happy in his cot? Unless he is climbing out I wouldn’t rush

  • I would wait till he can walk fully just so you know for sure he will be ok to get in and out of bed safely.

  • My children were about 18 months when they went into a bed, you can buy a bed rail which stops them falling out

  • at around two years make sure their is the rail

  • Trust yourself and your instincts.

  • I put my kids into toddler beds as soon as it became unsafe for them to stay in a cot.

  • I believe when they climb up and down off things and are ready. Bot of my children went into a bed when they were around 1-1.5yrs. They were just starting to wake up heaps during the night and tossing and turning in the cot, it seemed like they were uncomfortable. As soon as moved them to a single bed they slept the whole night through. I think they were just cramped. I did try my daughter on the toddler bed first as her cot converted, but it was still the same issue, so then we went to single and we put a rail on the side so she wouldn’t fall out. I think it’s what you feel comfortable with, only you know your child and know what they are ready for. If your unsure, see if you can borrow a bed off someone and try it first. If it doesn’t work you still have the cot to fall back on.

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