My hubby got a wart on his finger for more than a year now. Used wart off drops but doesn’t work well. Other suggestions please

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  • When it’s bothering you I would go to the GP to freeze it. It works by exposing the wart to a very cold liquid, such as liquid nitrogen or sprays. This freezes the wart and destroys its skin cells. Salicylic acid can also be used to destroy the wart. It can take a couple of sessions.
    When this fails a GP can refer you to a skin specialist to surgical remove it.

  • Glad the banana peel worked Mum2Archer !

  • I had one on my thumb and after reading home remedies on the net, I decided to try a piece of banana peel cut into a small square and then you put a bandaid around it to keep it on. Leave for a couple days and then change the bandaid and the peel. After a week or so it was gone!

  • I had somthing like that on my hand and i got it frozen off at the gp

  • If you spit on it, it kills the wart. I recommend using your own and not someone else’s.

  • I’ve sed a dab of nail polish. It simply stops the air getting in and therefore the wart dies.

  • Sometime peeing on a wart can help remove it, I had one on my knee..what can I say, it’s no longer there. Haha. But if it’s a tough fighter, you will have to go to the GP to get it burnt off.

  • Hi! I just came across this article and I thought you would like to read it.

  • I agree with Ellen – I used to try over the counter remedies and now just get them frozen off.

  • Not so long ago my 7yr old had a truss of warts on her feet & right under her toe nail (causing pain as you probably can imagine). We tried all kind of home remedies, followed by over the counter stuff from the chemist. I spend over $100 on that stuff and it didn’t work. So we went to the Gp to get it frozen. We had to come back 6x to get rid of it, some warts are very persistent. I have a wart on my hand myself for many years, but that one isn’t hindering me really, so I leave it be :)

  • Warts can also be frozen off at the GP. It is quick and easy and heals pretty quickly.

  • I am not sure what your plant knowledge is like, but hopefully when I refer to the prickly leaves of an acacia you might know what I mean.

    In Indigenous medicines the prickly pointed leaves of the ‘Acacia tetragonophylla’ are used to remove warts with four prickly bits put just under the wart from each side like compass points each day. Leave them in as long as possible. The wart will just come away after a few days. Just be patient. It does actually work really well. :)

    The hardest part is often finding the plant locally to where you live!

  • The banana skin sound’s like an affordable option!

  • I have just bought “Wart Off Stick” from Chemist Warehouse. My husband has been using it for a couple of days and already seeing a huge improvement.
    It looks like a little chapstick so makes it very easy to use and put on without having a mess.

  • Head to the Chemist, I wish I could remember what it was called but I had terrible warts on my fingers and so I treated them with this brown liquid, you paint the wart with this stuff and cover it with a band aid and it went away within the week! Otherwise a GP can maybe freeze it off.

  • Oh, the tip about the banana peel looks so awesome. I’d surely try that!!

  • When I was younger I had a wart on my toe, my mum put a banana peel on it, skin facing out so the bit that touches banana on skin and then bandaids/tape over the top. Slept with it on, repeated process every night and was gone within a week or so.

  • A lot of people use apple cider vinegar to remove them. Maybe you’d like to try it? Here they explain you how https://www.healthline.com/health/apple-cider-vinegar-warts#methods3

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