I have done everything I can in past months to save money and spend less, some examples are: I’ve got better phone deals, removed any tv subscriptions (netflix/stan etc), reduced our grocery shop and only purchased essential items, reduced our electricity bills by switching providers, aim to travel less to avoid spending too much on fuel and only buying things we absolutely need and I’m still struggling with the rising costs of living. A simple must-have item grocery shop just seems to keep going up and up in cost. We live rurally so we have an extra expense of long travel (higher cost of fuel) and grocery costs are higher with less competition. Does anyone have any advice? Or is everyone else feeling the pain of the rising costs of living? I’ve even resorted to selling items around the house to try and afford to pay for groceries.

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  • Definitely don’t add to debt try pay it down and leave it down.

  • It’s hard. I am trying to monitor our budget and spending

  • I have also started selling things around the house I have started growing vegetables in raised garden beds and shopping in a big shopping centre that has Kmart Woolworths Coles Big W Aldi and Reject shop and I get all the best bargains I can find between those stores all under the one roof.

  • Yep I feel ya! I am on unpaid mat leave.

    I sell unwanted items around the house (although that is going slow at the moment)

    But when the kids go to sleep, I do surveys on my mobile. Super easy to use and the dollars are perfect for lunch dates or to treat yourself ( which is also important)

  • Yes big time. We live on my wage and there is 4 of us and a dog. My last electricity bill was $740 and gas $290 as our solar rebate is only 5cents. I spend between $500 and $700 on food/groceries/house hold products a fortnight according to the fortnight. LIving costs and supporting a family of four on under $60,000 a year…..Now with petrol it will be harder.

  • We’ve been buying in bulk and sharing the costs amongst my siblings and their families. Bulk buying seems to be much cheaper especially for meat

  • I’ve really noticed groceries going up. This year we a making a VERY concerted effort on our veggie garden and meal planning.

  • I also live in a rural area so I work out what groceries I need and do a click and collect once a month. It means a 400km round trip to the supermarket but I try to coincide the trip with appointments etc. I shop at Woolworths store so I can order what I need online and that way I don’t get tempted to buy other items when walking around the store. You could also check and see how much you could save if you buy the cheaper cuts and buy in bulk if possible. You’re already doing an amazing job so don’t get too disheartened.

  • Yep, it’s hard. Meal plan and reduce waste. Look for recipes that use cheaper cuts of meat, etc.

  • I try to buy as many markdowns as I can. I’m not sure on rural areas but a local charity in Launceston gets day old bread to give away- that helps. Maybe try growing some of your own food?

  • ????Using the reward system of the major grocers for discounts on your shop
    ???? if you’re a member of a road club (like Racq) check out your membership benefits- ours offers a discount on gift cards. It may only be 3-4% but it all adds up. Especially when I use a rewards credit card to purchase it and then cash in the credit card rewards too (just make sure credit card if paid off weekly and the rewards outweigh the annual fee)
    ????it may not be possible with your location, but if someone in the household works for a major grocer I believe they can redeem a staff discount as well
    ???? you’re doing a great job

  • We have been buying less meat. I will buy a kil of the cheapest mince, lots of lentils, and frozen veg. I then turn it into pies, sausage rolls, shepards pie, spag bol, etc. We have soup night, hot dog night, scrambled egg night, frittata, pancakes, etc.
    Aldi is by far the cheapest, but living rurally click and colect is really good – you can find the cheapest online.
    If you have spare time, things like streetbees and isay/myview earn extra money.

  • It sounds like you’ve done an amazing job advocating for yourself and making an effort to trim costs the best you can already. Much of the advice already provided is what I would recommend, so just to reaffirm a few things:
    – vegan meals can be really cheap, healthy, and filling meals with tons of leftovers that you can also freeze. Beans, lentils, frozen vegetables are so incredibly good for you. Tofu is also cheap and really healthy. I’ve heard having an air fryer significantly reduces electricity costs and it also makes deliciously crispy tofu bites. Pinterest has great easy vegan recipes too.
    – any chance you can carpool for groceries (and anywhere else) to share petrol costs.
    – food banks are a great resource and where I work we regularly refer clients to assist with rising costs. If there isn’t one in your town maybe where you get groceries or near family?
    – if you have moments of free time (who does!) surveys online can make you some spare pocket change.

    Take care and Best wishes!

  • I love rurally also. I am wanting to start my own veggie garden to try and save money on fruit and veg at the shops. Also buying things from secondhand shops.

  • Yes, it’s insane how everything is going up except wages. My weekly grocery bill has gone up quite a lot and all our household bills are becoming harder and harder to pay. Fuel prices have come down a little and I read today that grocery prices, especially fruit and vegetables should be cheaper over the coming months. I hope so.

  • I’m on unpaid maternity leave (my bub is 7 months), so I definitely feel this one. To cope I’ve eliminated all food waste as best I can by grating and freezing veg before it turns rotten and then using it in sauces/stirfry and using up all food in recipes before they expire. I am using cheaper cuts of meat and mince eg. Pork mince, doing big cookups of Bolognase sauce (split into 5 meals). I also buy most things half price or on sale, never full price unless its something essential like toilet paper. We are also cleaning out our house and selling collectables and such that no longer interest us. I have also started brand repping on instagram (a bit cringe for some) and have been gifted over $1000 of children’s clothes from a brand. I’ve also had a lot of luck in the past with competitions eg. Able to win presents, goods for my self and stuff for my kids. My family also utilises a lot of free family events in our city council like storytime and childrens week festival. Sorry if some of this isn’t helpful for you, but maybe it’ll give one person some new ideas.

  • Can you sell some unwanted goods on Facebook marketplace or something like that? Clear up some clutter and make some extra $ at the same time?

  • Keep tracking your spending. I would also talk to your mortgage provider to refinance or change your rate, same with utilities

  • The one thing I am doing which is saving me heaps [apart from doing all that you are doing already] is to grow my own veg. and fruit. Had great oranges this year, still going at present with them and they look like they will last till the stone fruit is ready on the trees. Grew broccoli and cauliflower and it is safely in my freezer for later use and grew lettuce throughout the winter – it’s great cooked with frozen peas – stretches the cost of the peas. Tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers in the ground now and that will feed me through the summer season. I share my vegetables with the neighbours and we swap – another good saving.

  • Hang in there hon! With 6 kids, household of 8 I am literally looking at alot of recipes found on MoMs because my kids are starting to get sick of the same old meals. I stick to my budget, we have takeout once a month a treat for the kids and I do not have any afterpay, zip accounts anymore I cut those up. I search online for coupon codes, any savings here and there helps.

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