After my first child was born, a few months later my body didn’t cope with stress & drastic change from pregnancy, I broke out with psoriasis all over my body. Wondering if any other mums suffer from psoriasis & how they cope?

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  • Yes i have it in my hair unfortunately, i do find when its really really hot or when im really stressed it will flare up! Have never tried to use anything as my great great aunty used to comb it really hard as a child, thinking it would go like cradle cap! My father in law has used a manuka honey ointment on his and said it has improved its condition, im hesitant on putting that in my hair though!

  • How is your psoriasis now ? Hope it has improved for you.

  • I never had it myself, but I worked as psychiatric nurse and have seen severe cases. It often has genetic factors and immune factors and is triggered by stress, hormones, cold etc. They often say you can’t cure psoriasis, but can treat it.

  • Have suffered with it on and off for over 30 years, tried UV light therapy, creams, lotions etc. Best thing for me has been going on a Paleo diet and using QV lotion to keep my skin moist. I very rarely have an outbreak now and generally if I do it because i’m overly stressed or slipped up and eaten wheat.

  • Yes!!! I’ve had it since I was 10 but we never actually knew what it was until I got older. I have had 3 children, 2 boys and a girl and when pregnant with each of them mine went away completely. But after about 3 months post partum it comes back and even worse then before. Unfortunately you can’t cure it and treating it is so tedious and expensive. I also can’t spend my entire life pregnant lol but somehow I need to find out what hormone it was that I had when pregnant that gets rid of it. It’s extremely trial and error and I wish I had an easy fix. It’s brutal, especially in winter. My body just feels like it’s getting a Chinese burn 24/7 and it’s starting to firm on my face too ???????? mine is definitely triggered by stress and with 3 kids under 5 and working full time that’s really unavoidable hahaha

  • Always check with your GP first but aloe Vera can bring some relief when applied as a lotion, dead sea salts or Epsom salts in your bath water help to sooth and try adding some rolled oats too. always moisturize after a warm bath too. TURMERIC!!!!!! eat it fresh, drink it or swallow pill form, turmeric is going to help its natures natural anti inflammatory. hope this helps you hunni and try reducing stress with some meditation even if its only 10min

  • I have shared my story with psoriasis on MoM’s in the past https://mouthsofmums.com.au/strep-throat/

    I ended up needing 6mths of UV light therapy to help me which worked wonders. I also was recommended zinc, Vit D, magnesium and probiotics as mentioned above. It is thought we need to heal the gut to help ease the symptoms. I hope you find something that works for you. I constantly used a good vit e moisturiser and was also given a cream on script from my dermatologist. Good luck!

  • sorry I can’t help you but reading comments below could be good to try out the cutting out sugar one and at the same time upping vitamin D?? may work? good luck

  • I always get support and help from my GP with any health issues – always a good idea.

  • Fortunately ,I haven’t suffered, but know many who have – Vitamin D is one of the natural remedies that help apparently.

  • No – but I know of some recent stories about the management of this and it may be worth a search.

  • Yes, I do. The best thing I did was cut out sugar. It all cleared up. When I get an outbreak,lying in the sun helps too.

  • My mum does terribly, I have it only very mildly. We both have auto immune diseases. Selsun is great for the head

  • Not psoriasis, but I’ve had regular outbreaks of dermatitis, which is similar. I sometimes get it up my neck and on my hands, when it appears there I tend to hide away til it clears up

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