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  • Any money that’s left at the end of each pay, transfer it into a savings account that you can’t touch our take it out and put it into a money tin (eg if you have $100 in your account when your next pay comes in, save that $100) you didn’t use it so put it aside

  • Also, join some money saving groups on social media – some of the tips have been so good and helpful. The communities are nice too – no nasty posts. :)

  • Write a menu for the week stick to your budget

  • While preparing the weekly shopping, check the supermarkets’ catalogues. You can find them online too. Depending on the price of some products, it could be worth an extra trip.
    Have a budget. I made it in Excel and I write down all the expenses and try to stick to a monthly budget.
    If you have a mortgage make extra repayments as often as you can. You will pay so much less in interests that is incredible.

  • I am in the same boat as you now that I have stopped working. I was writing every food down what I was giving my kids every day for a specialist to see, myself is seeing that I am buying a lot of chocolate drinks when I already have milo and chocolate powder in the cupboard. a lot of the stuff I really didn’t have to buy, I would have been putting money away. keep all the receipt you have, highlight the ones that you see that you shouldn’t have to buy unless you need it. you will be surprised how much money you could be saving that you could be putting away. so for maybe next time you think about buying it, you would know how much money you would put in your pocket. change your lifestyle around if you can, got a bike, use your bike or go for walks to the shops if you live nearby. I carry a backpack to throw stuff in the bag when I go to the shops on my bike. turn power off that your not using. I read a lot of books instead of watching tv. op shopping. if I put the heater on, I must have clothes in front of it to dry so I feel that I am not wasting money by having the heater on, I only put it on at 4pm onwards. today I ended up putting it on at 11am but a little while but had wet clothes in front of the heater. extra clothing on instead of putting heater on.

  • The best advice I have is getting onto Microsoft Excel or something similar and setting up a spread sheet of all your income and all your expenses. Put you main ones first like Rent/mortgage, loan repayments, electricity, phone bills, food ect and then look at your others like takeaway ect. You have to work out where you can reduce expenditure, for instance finding better mobile/internet deals. Cutting back on eating out. Small changes can make a big difference. It’s all about being realistic and honest with yourself.

  • Budget for everything and anything and plan meals, bills, activities and more and stick to a budget. Set up a savings account and leave it to grow.

  • Think about where most of your money goes and slowly work on each sections of spending to see where you can make small reductions. I spend a lot on groceries so I make sure I try to incorporate cheap healthy items eg. Buying a massive back of oats and having porridge a few days or buying vegetable stock and making a big pot of soup. I’ve also found I’ve cut back on restaurant spending by using Dimmi and The Entertainment Book to have cheap eats.

  • Call around for the best rates on insurances and and utilities.

    I like to make meals in bulk and freeze so when I’m having a lazy night and would normally order takeaway we can pull something from the freezer instead.

    We also grow fruit and veggies in the backyard, and have chooks for eggs.

  • Putting as much money as you can into a different account from a wage and don’t touch it unless you really need to,it all adds up! Skip take-away food and make your lunch for work,buy in bulk with supermarket items you use all the time or when they are on special.Pop all the loose coins into a piggy bank and it will also add up! Best of luck with saving money!

  • Cook from scratch. Don’t buy takeaway coffee. Don’t buy things that you don’t really need. I think the important is starting with one goal, and try to do the best to achieve it. It could be as easy as avoid eating meat twice a week. It would make a big difference in your pocket.

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