My dad was drunk and said at my cousins wedding he didn’t think he was my father.. no joke!

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  • I don’t really know much about DNA testing but wouldn’t you have to have the other persons DNA and consent to compare it?

  • It depends what you think would change based on either result.

  • I’m so curious I would do a test.

  • it depends how much you believe him! i know it would bother me, id probably opt for a DNA test,
    but make sure you ask yourself if you really want to know and what will it change if the results showed he wasnt your dad

  • That’s a hard one! You might open up a can of worms and change everything. What happens if you find out he’s not your dad and down the track your siblings may decide you aren’t entitled to any of the estate. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s happened with other families and when money is involved people can turn nasty. Also, if he isn’t your biological dad, who is? He might not want to know you, he may have another family and it could turn out badly.

  • I’d think long and hard about whether you really want to know. DNA tests may destroy families and fracture them for a long time. If your dad was inebriated perhaps wait awhile and ask him about it, then decide. Good luck whatever you choose.

  • you have to follow your gut. if you feel you want certainty and it is bothering you then maybe do it, but if it does not matter who your real father is then leave it.

  • He raised you so he is your father.
    If this would eat away at you, maybe you a definitive answer is what you need.

  • Do what you feel is best. Your father could very well have had the idea that your mother was with other men at the time because he was paranoid/had low self esteem/etc, not because he had any evidence to think so. It sounds like you’ve had a rough upbringing, not being brought up by either parent, so is interesting that they’re in your life now (good though if you’re happy!). If it was me, I’d get a test so I would know what’s what. You shouldn’t feel guilty or anything regarding either parent’s feelings (anger or whatever), you haven’t done anything wrong and I think it would be better to know than to wonder for the rest of your life. Your mother getting angry and demanding a DNA test does suggest she’s not happy about being accused of lying about your father being your father, it would be insulting for your ex to suggest you were unfaithful or lying when you were honest. I hope you can ease your mind and I am sorry for you to have gone through everything you have.

  • Oh wow, that’s a shock, maybe…goodness that’s a surprise.

  • Im not adopted… My mother left him when I was born. I was in foster care until I was 6 and then raised by my grandma. My mum I have told and she got so angry and demanded a DNA test.. my dad has not spoken to me since the wedding….

  • I would have a serious talk with your mum & dad when he isn’t drunk, you might not need a dna test to hear the truth. And consider if the truth would make any difference.

  • Think it over and prepare yourself for the possible outcome before you make any decisions.

  • Will it change anything? Does she know about it? Maybe talk to your Dad when he is sober and tell him what he said to you and what you are feeling

  • If you believe the drunken words had some truth behind it, and you are prepared for whatever the test results will bring, then go for it!

  • It depends on what you’d do and feel if the answer is that he’s not your dad. Think about the possible consequences first.

  • Did you talk to your mother about that? Is there any slight chance that he could not be your father? If your mother is sure that that’s not the case, just let it go. He was just drunk.

  • This could led to many questions. The statement means that your mother must had has an affair for him not to be your father. Maybe you are adopted so both your parents may not be your natural parents. If you are older then your siblings maybe your mum was pregnant before she met your father.
    Doing a DNA test can be costly and you really need to be prepared for the results that you find and what you will do with what you find.

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