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  • Instagram is useful for competitions! Especially those that involve sports activities where there seem to be a concentration of young, fit people showing off pictures of their achievements.. You can also develop a following if you are passionate about other themes.Mouths of Mum even has a page! Otherwise just connecting with kids and seeing what they and their friends are posting and up to is interesting and can help steer your parenting. Twitter is used by some groups (one sports club I know) to broadcast their updates and achievements, but otherwise I find it less useful. Kids don’t seem to use it. I have the impression it’s more for adults, spreading news and politics and I have a feeling there is plenty of fake news and biased propaganda going about there too. So more challenging to actually sift out anything real.

  • I have an Instagram account but hardly ever use it. I just don’t like the format. I don’t have Twitter. I have a Facebook account and find it easier to navigate and use.

  • I really don’t like Twitter – it seems so negative all the time. So I don’t use it at all.

  • I’ve Facebook and Instagram. I started Instagram purely to connect with my daughter who’s on Instagram and I suppose to keep a bit of an eye on what she’s posting. My husband loves Instagram too and doesn’t do much on Facebook.
    I used to be more active on Facebook, but don’t much anymore except on a facebook group for T21 mums

  • Nope. Never even looked at twitter or Instagram. I do have a Facebook account and that’s it

  • I’ve never used Twitter (or even at looked at it). Thanks to the other MoM’s for the great information for starting/using Instagram.

  • I guess it dependso on what content you post and what you’d like to get out of it. Do you want followers? Do you want it just to share and connect with your friends? Do you want it for inspiration and finding motivation through others? My Instagram is @findinghealthy__ Personally I find picking a genre you’d like to post about, posting at least once a day, taking good quality photos with lots of contrast and colour so they are eye-catching, and keeping it fun and lighthearted is the best way to get a lot of followers. Using the explore page is a great way to find inspiration also :)

  • I guess the answer depends on what you are wanting to use it for. If it is Insta for uploading family pics to share with family then be sure to set your account to private. Twitter is somewhat pointless as a private account as the entire platform is based on broadcast media.

    If it is for promotion of a blog or business, then that is a completely different story and I suggest simply googling for some articles of advice. There are plenty out there. However, I will note that consistency is the key so pick one or two social media tools that work for you and leave the rest alone.

    Best wishes!

  • I don’t use Twitter but I love Instagram, especially for the competitions from all of the gorgeous business that are on there. I have made some great friends on there and the products available are amazing.

  • I use both, as well as facebook and Pinterest – unfortunately, all social media outlets are time consuming and being so busy, I cannot give as much time as I’d like to any of them, so tend to stick more with FB and Insta!

  • Sorry I can’t help as I have never used Twitter but would like to know more about Instagram.

  • Sorry, I don’t use either of these platforms.

  • To stalk celebrities… Ha! Ha! You are funny! :-)

  • I use Twitter and Instagram on occasion. Twitter mainly to stalk celebs and keep up to date with world news. Instagram more to follow online family business stores, and post pictures of my daughter to family and friends.

  • No, I don’t like them. I have an account with both of them, but never use them. I prefer Facebook. And Pinterest.

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