I think it’s time to tell the truth that every mother and grandmother sometimes get treated unfairly. Grandmother of any colour race money or no money love their grandkids and the parents need to learn that You can’t tell a 6 year old and a 2 and a half year old you can ring nan only when you want to. That’s poor parenting. We make our kids say please and thank you because that is respect. Wake up families grandmothers care it’s not all about the mother and father.

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  • This doesn’t sound like you have a healthy relationship with your children. It’s more important for kids to have genuine interactions that they want rather than forced ones they don’t want

  • Sorry to burst your bubble but it is about the mother and father as they are raising the children. Having said that, grandparents can also play a pivotal role in a healthy and respectful dynamic.

    It sounds like there is more going on and like there is some resentment there. Are there any behaviours or actions that you can adjust on your end to help provide a supportive environment for the parents so that you can have more time with your grandchildren? We can’t control others but we can control ourselves and that’s always a good starting point for healthy and happy relationships.

  • Are you suggesting that parents should force their kids to interact with their grandparents? I don’t think that’s healthy.

  • I ring my parents every day pretty much. But Im lucky I get on really well with them. Id never restrict my kids from seeing them, but I can understand why some do because some grandparents insist on doing things that arent safe because thats the way things were done 50 years ago.

  • Grandparents play a very important role but it frustrates me to no end when they disregard any information I have given re routines, change the rules to suit themselves etc. I find it undermining. That strain between us becomes harder and harder. My advice would be to respect the parents wishes, even if you disagree. Let the grandkids know you love them and when they are older they might realise it wasn’t you that stayed away, you weren’t let in,

  • This is true, but unfortunately, mum and dad have the most say over what their children do. Unless you have a strong argument otherwise, there’s not a lot you can do if the parents say no

  • Family dynamics and relationships can be complicated. There has been a shift in tradition and family members staying in contact just because they are family. All sides need to work on their relationships and stay in contact and build on the relationships. Respect goes all in all directions.

  • I did find this story a little confusing …I am assuming you are talking about the grandmothers rights ? Any how if indeed you are speaking about the gran you are just that the gran, you have had your children, raised them as you seen fit, told them when they could visit someone etc. Now these children have children of their own and it’s their turn to raise their own children, hopefully in all this there is a loving family unit and extended loving family unit.

  • To be honest, it is mostly about the mum and dad. Being a long distance grandparent I feel like I can’t complain too much as effort goes both ways. While I try, I never feel like it’s enough

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