Do you believe in God? If you do, are you religious? have you always been? and if so has that changed over time?

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  • I was raised catholic and was always taught there was a god. But as I’ve gotten older and learnt more about the world I realised that I no longer believed.

  • No, I’ve never believed in God, nor do I have any religious beliefs. I have found though that because I don’t, I get lectured from people from time to time – usually people I don’t know and say I should come to church etc…

  • This can be such a touchy subject. I do not believe in any gods, but acknowledge other peoples views and if/when the subject comes up I politely let them know it’s not a conversation I’d like to have. (many people get heated on this subject)

  • I believe there are spirits around and angles when people pass away but as for going to church I used to go as a child and into adulthood but after losing my Mother recently I have stopped going to church

  • I believe in God and as a child I attended Sunday school. I think religion is a private choice. I have tried to instil religion into our values and morals as a parent.

  • Yes I do and I believe we have angels looking over us.

  • Absolutely. Plays a big part in my life, always has, always will. Can’t remember the last time I went to church but that’s not what it is about for me. Prayers are a daily thing for me.

  • In high school I was introduced to a church that showed me God on a more personal level. Until then, I would have said I believed in God. Now I’d say I know God. My family still go to this church and we are involved in the community. I feel that having a faith has made me more grounded, hopeful and content.

  • Ricky Gervais answered this very eloquently:

    We are ALL agnositic, that is, no one KNOWS if a god exists or not. Believes don’t KNOW if a god exists but they BELIEVE in one anyway. Atheists don’t KNOW if a god exists or not so, without evidence, they choose NOT to BELIEVE a god exists. Yet, if they were presented with evidence, they of course would have to believe. In fact, it wouldn’t even be belief any more. It would be knowledge.

    You can’t PROVE the non-existence of something. Just like you can’t prove the non-existence of any of the gods, you can’t prove the non-existence of unicorns, fairies or Santa Claus.

  • No not at all. I was raised catholic and it always seemed like nonsense to me. We have decided to raise our children as Athiests.

  • No, and I’ve only become less willing to believe over time.

  • No, I am not religious, though I might describe myself as agnostic.

  • I grew up as Catholic but no, I don’t believe in God and I don’t have any connection any more. Not at all.

  • I do believe in God as I believe that there has to be something other than living and dying. I am Church of England and have been since a child. I don’t go to church however or force my beliefs on anyone. I think it is a personal choice whether to have faith or not.

  • Yes I believe in God!
    I am a Pentecostal Christian, I don’t go to church every Sunday but I go when I can. As my husband says it’s between you and God.
    I was brought up in the church, my parents came along when they were younger. I went to Sunday School when I was little then youngies group when I was older. I got married in the Church and then fell away. Wasn’t really interested anymore, until about 5 years later I really needed God again so now am back at church and been there since.

  • Yes I do believe in God being brought up catholic… And with my mum and all my grandparents up in heaven I have something to look forward to seeing them again when I eventually pass away…

  • My mother is a Buddhist and prays via incense sticks etc.. However never really caught up with this part and but for some reason as a child always believed there is God and so glad that our family found faith through church and prays . It is a personal and different experience for everyone so best thing to do is try it out, visit a church a few times and see how you feel about it all. You may even join a support group and sooner or later you will know deep in your heart what you feel . Good luck .

  • Yes I do. No I don’t go to church. I just believe there is a god

  • Yes I do too. I grew up in a quite traditional church and left faith for a while. But found faith in God back again on a more personal level and part of every day life. Since living in Australia we love going to Hillsong church.

  • Yes I do. I always have. It’s always been a predominantly personal experience for me. I was brought up going to church but there are certain things in the Bible that don’t sit with me and the God I know to be an all-loving, all-forgiving Father. So I don’t have any of the answers, I just know God has always been good to me on a personal level!

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