Just wondering how you do your pelvic floor exercises? Does anyone have anything special they use (like probes to give feedback or other)? Have you got back to ‘normal’ or better/worse?

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  • umm no. I cant even remember to do them, until someone mentions it then suddenly I’m squeezing for the next hour trying to make up for loss time haha

  • No not really probably should but have no issues

  • No I didn’t use a probe I know if a pelvic floor exercise though find it difficult to do it it’s just a matter of giving it a go use a tennis ball or a balloon between your legs

  • I saw a pelvic floor specialist when I first became pregnant. I didn’t have any issues prior to pregnancy but my ob recommended seeing one regardless. The pelvic floor specialist showed me how to properly do the exercises. One year post pregnancy and I’ve never had any problems.

  • What I do when I do my pelfic floor exercises is pretend I have a zip that I am doing up to my navel and draw my lower tummy in as if pulling a zip up. Hope this helps

  • I do them when i remember but now I have been talking to my daughter about them so hopefully I will remember the traffic light trick too!

  • I try to remember to do them, but don’t do them as much as I should. I think trying to do them at traffic lights is a good habit to get into! Im going to try alot harder now!

  • Glad it sounds so easy for everyone! However, I’m struggling with getting effective relief from light leakages. I’m just not getting the results I need, although I’ve been doing them with trigger reminders like traffic lights and boiling kettles!! …. also wondering if diastasis is causing some troubles. Will keep plodding on I suppose .. probably should have started them WAY before pregnancy!

  • I really like the traffic light suggestion. I always find being stuck at lights a huge time waster, now I can put that time to good use. :)

  • My midwife gave me great advice to do my exercise at traffic lights so every set of lights i stop at my exercise begins

  • I am terrible at remembering to do these. I ‘remember’ only when I see it written somewhere. Thanks for posting tis question to remind me. I’m going to write it in my planner now so each day I can see my note to myself. I don’t use anything else to do them. :)

  • When I had my baby, the nurse said to me, every time you walk through a doorway curl/scrunch your toes up. She said doing that made you use your pelvic floor muscles.

  • You don’t need to anything to do these exercises just often and everywhere. As I taught pilates prior to having babies my pelvic floor muscles were already strong so no issues after two natural labours.

  • It’s good to do them regularly. I try to do them every feed. I have found that they helped. It’s not good to cough or laugh and wet yourself lol

  • I recommend a review with a physio topic make sure you are doing them properly they’re great when they work I think I’m almost back to the same as before.

  • I always forget to do mine so I’ve started doing them during certain activities (showers and ad breaks when watching tv) and it’s worked for me. Also start doing them before you give birth as it helps too. Compared to just after giving birth to now, they definitely work and are worth the effort. There are also apps you can download to all you through pelvic floor exercises and keep you on track.

  • Setting a target for the day can help too – making sure x amount of pelvic floor exercises get done.

  • I try and get these into my daily to do list as I suffer a little lbl and would like to keep it that way or possibly improve it. I definitely want to avoid it getting worse. I don’t use anything other then the pelvic floor muscles tho

  • I do pelvic floor exercises at every opportunity. Waiting in the car at traffic lights is always an ideal time. No equipment needed.

  • No tool required indeed. Just contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles when you sit, stand or lie down. You can do them anywhere & everywhere.

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