Do you have regular dreams when you are asleep? What do you dream about?

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  • It has been a while since I’ve remembered a dream. They’re usually different, not recurring.

  • I can remember some dreams but often I forget them shortly after waking. Lately I’ve been dreaming about living in a castle in Medieval times ???

  • I do, though I often remember only fragments… often I dream about tv shows I’ve been watching.

  • Yes, we all dream every night ! But dreams are complicated, and their contents can confound us. … It’s been estimated that more than 2 hours out of each night’s sleep are spent dreaming or in a dreamlike state. It’s long been believed that we only dream during the rapid eye movement, or REM, cycle of sleep.
    The average sleep/wake cycle is five stages of sleep, with stages 1-2 as light sleep, 3-4 as deep sleep, and the fifth stage as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The first is light sleep and in this stage, you drift in and out of sleep.
    Some people have insomnia and feel like their sleep quality is poor overall. In their case, a lack of dreaming is more of a consequence of overall poor sleep. And if you’re not dreaming because you’re not getting quality REM sleep, that’s where other health issues come into play.

  • Yes, along different things tho

  • I always have nightmares when I am too hot at night other dreams are infrequent


  • I don’t remember most of my dreams but when I do they are mostly gibberish and involve people and places that don’t make sense. Interesting though.

  • I very rarely dream however when I do my dreams are in vivid color and usually about teeth falling out or being chased. Yes I know weird. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of a dream and try to go back to sleep to get back into the dream but it never happens.

  • I don’t dream every night – or maybe some dreams aren’t vivid enough to remember …. I do have recurring dreams though of certain places, places I’ve never been, but the exact same place each time … one day I believe I’ll visit these places and have instant Déjà vu. I also used to have recurring dreams about a motor vehicle accident … I was involved in a serious one 8 months ago and haven’t had the dream since …..

  • No, I’m not a regular dreamer, not ones that I remember anyway. When I do they’re usually really strange or really sad

  • I have dreams that involve what my late Mum and I did together or had planned to do. Some are nightmares too. Sad things that have happened in the past or very likely to happen in the future. A couple of them I found out later did happen only a week or two later though I knew nothing about the possibility at the time. That was spooky.

  • Dreaming often depends on what I’ve eaten and the more B-vitamins (eg peas) that I’ve eaten the more I recall! I often seem to dream – at least recall – dreams about the past. I’m amazed at how in dreams I see and remember the presence and face of long dead parent’s; school friends I haven’t seen since teenage years and so on. In dreams I also find myself in situations that I used to face – like packing up and moving location to go to a new job, or my last day in an office where I spent 3 years… again seeing the people and faces that I used to know and in the dream experiencing feelings that I don’t think I allowed myself to feel at the time! Quite therapeutic some days!

  • Dreams and the meaning of them is such an interesting area and I knew someone that interpreted dreams and she was always accurate and thoughtful in her interpretations. My dreams are multi layered and I agree with the comment below that is is a subconscious grappling with ideas and questions. Some dreams are also stand alone and mysterious.

  • I believe our dreams are our subconscious answering a question.

  • I have heard we all dream but a lot of the time we do not recall them.
    I am not a huge re-caller of my dreams.
    My favourite dreams would involve romance and past romances.

  • I wish I could dream, but I don’t see to any more.

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