Im wondering about the whooping cough vaccinations specifically i plan to get the vaccination but i want to know all the info first and there must be a reason they cant tell you that you have to

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  • here are a variety of reasons behind vaccine opposition. Some people have to forgo different vaccinations due to a high risk of potential allergic reactions. But for most who refuse vaccines it should be known that there is little risk.

    There are some common reasonsTrusted Source that lead to vaccine opposition. Some cite religious beliefs as the reason behind their refusal to get vaccinated, though most mainstream religions do not condemn vaccines.

    There was a belief that diseases were disappearing due to better sanitation and hygiene, not vaccines. This has been proven false by the resurgence of previously eradicated infectious diseases.

    It was also believed that a vaccine wouldn’t protect you.Those who are vaccinated can still get sick, but they will experience mild symptoms.

    People also think the risks outweigh the benefits. This is currently the biggest objection in the United States. Parents cite many medical risks, including autism, as potential consequences of being vaccinated.

    There is the common belief that since these diseases have been eliminated, there’s no need for vaccinations. Diseases will only stay eradicated as long as vaccines are still used to prevent them.

    And many think that pharmaceutical companies can’t be trusted. They believe that pharmaceutical companies only want to sell their products, regardless of the impact on the people who use them.

  • There are risks with vaccines, though small. Some kids have died from them. It’s a scary concept putting a disease into your body, but if it saves more lives then so be it. Plus most schools won’t let kids attend if unvaccinated.

  • People are against mostly from stupid reasons from what I’ve gathered. They heard a celebrity they like say it’s bad and they got influenced by that. Or they think it causes autism and vaccination has never ever been linked to autism.
    Some also think that it is a big conspiracy from the pharmaceutical company and maybe the government to make money from us.
    Some people have real reasons not to get vaccinated (some allergy or bad reaction to some of the component) but there are very few of them.

    If you aren’t vaccinated you pose a risk not only to yourself but to others as well. But at the end of the day it’s your personal choice.
    Like it is everyone’s choice to stay away from anti-vax people to keep their family safe.

  • I wouldnt say these people are ignorant, they are caushious and not blindly doing things. Not to say u shouldn’t get them. But saying they are ignorant is very judgemental, you don’t know there situations

  • There are quite a few different reasons for people choosing not to. I know some that one of their children have had serious complications from being immunised and choose not to get the other children done (this is really nit common by the way).
    Others have heard about people having problems after vaccinations and worry about there kids having the same issues.
    When you do research it you find that there is not really any clear evidence either way for immunisation being safe or unsafe. Lots of doctors say they are but you do wonder why there are some that are very wary of them.
    But immunisations have saved many lives and we all got them when we were kids and mostly people don’t have problems with them. I would just be careful with how many they are given at once.

  • At the end of the day, its up to you but wouldn’t you want to know that you have done everything you can to help prevent your bub from getting whooping cough before he/she can be vaccinated themselves? You cant control other peoples germs and your bub could be unknowing exposed at an early age this would be very dangerous. Some people think they have done research but they are not medical professionals who have done many many many years of study and googling for information is not research. Also, they obviously have not seen/experienced the effects that many of these vaccine preventable illnesses have on people/kids. Vaccines have come a long way over the years. Herd immunity people!!

  • Don’t know if you heard about the series “the truth about vaccines” ? Might be interesting to watch. https://go2.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/docuseries/replay/?a_aid=1619624&a_bid=cab3bf1e

  • I had the whopping cough vaccination while I was pregnant as well as my husband and the grandparents. My other kids had already had it part of their immunisations. My parents had the vaccination but 1 year and a half later actually caught whopping cough and were sick. The doctor told them if they hadn’t been vaccinated they would have been in the hospital. No one else in the family caught it thank goodness, but we were so happy that we had vaccinated when we did. The benefits far out weigh the risks in my opinion. I am sure some people have genuine reasons why they cannot be vaccinated. And doctors can only give you their recommendations not force you into it.

  • Most doctors will recommend you have it as whooping cough has made a major re-appearance. Its a terrible illness for a baby to get.

  • I think some people are allergic to egg and the derivative used in some vaccines so they can’t have it; others complain that aluminum is used in the vaccine (although beverages in 1 can of soft drink has more particles) so they think it is unsafe; And depending on the vaccine you might think it is “unnecessary”.. in the UK all children get the TB vaccine but in Australia the disease is deemed less of a problem so they don’t offer the vaccine for free. Whooping cough is however deemed a problem, so it is recommended. They don’t recommend vaccines without good reason.

  • Because they are ignorant. Talk to a doctor for advice.

  • I think the biggest anti vax reason is the highly disproved link of vaccinations to autism, this seemed to set it all off. But there are also additives in vaccines that some people don’t like, but they’re in very low levels

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