anyone else struggle with this? i cook extreamly healthy for my family yet i still just snack

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  • Maybe being so strict on yourself with the healthy meals is what is making you snack?
    Everything in moderation.

  • I have smaller meals to try to stop this. I have a big glass of water or cup of tea instead and try to recognise if it’s boredom rather then hunger

  • Yep. I know this too well. It is a very hard habit to break. I usually have a smaller dinner because I will still snack regardless of dinner size. I’ve found swapping foods helpful. Having roasted/salted nuts instead of chips or crackers. Or yoghurt instead of chocolate. I’m sure there are better foods to choose from, but it’s a start for me. At least I’m getting some nutritional benefits from the swap.

  • Yes I am the same I have to be all or nothing I can not have a biscuit it ends up 6 so i try to not have anything like that in the house

  • Yes, I struggle with this too. At the moment I’m trying to reduce my portion sizes.

  • Have a glass of water before you eat the snack. Don’t have snacks in the house (for me if i have them in the house i just eat them). get out and about – i mostly snack when i am at home. but when at work or doing some other activity I’m pretty good.

  • Maybe write up a plan and try to stick by that every day eating healthy is great but you need to have a reminder not to snack too often

  • I’ve struggled with food addiction for most of my life. It’s a way to cure boredom, feel better when stressed or depressed, many reasons. It can be a hard thing to change when it becomes a habit. Take notice of how you’re feeling when you do snack. Or only snack on really healthy things, which can be really hard. Try only having fruit/veggies/nuts as a snack for a week and see if it’s actually hunger or a habit.

  • I blame my husband. He thinks that the time after dinner once the kids are asleep is naughty food time. I started logging all of my food into MyFitnessPal to keep track, once I realised one double coat Tim Tam is 117 calories, it became really easy to not eat it or to only eat one when I did. I also have a shopping list when I shop and only buy those items.

  • I find that if I eat a good protein rich breakfast that it will keep me going through to lunch easily. Then up to dinner is okay too.
    It’s not until after dinner that I really start wanting to snack. I get the feeling that I am confusing the feelings of being tired with being hungry.

  • Hi mom, make the effort to eat with your family at meal times and in-between have a glass of water. Wishing you all the best and if things do not improve maybe a visit to your dr is the next course of treatment.

  • Yes. All I do is think about what I will eat next. I too eat healthy but can’t stop thinking about food or snacking

  • I never go shopping on an empty stomach if I do I tend to buy chocolate lollies soft drink anything to give me a lift arrrrr.

  • I used to, but not anymore. With good satisfying meals, I don’t feel the desire to snack at all. I just make sure to have healthy snacks in the house for my kids and if I want for myself. Banned all junk.

  • Yes, i do the same. I have stopped buying bad foods, I would stash them away for special occasions, but I would end up eating it. So just had to say when people come over I have to go and buy stuff as we require it so it is not in the house.

  • Also; I snack but have small amounts of food – grazing.

  • I try to have lots of healthy snack options available for snacking.

  • Yes I do this too and I’m sure we’re not alone. I recently listened to a Youtube piece by Dr Ramani Durvasula about our food choices and she said we often eat bad food because of boredom, frustration, anxiety etc. What we should do is treat ourselves like we would treat our children. Would we feed our children a big bag of Doritos and a 1.25 litre bottle of Pepsi … probably not, so why don’t we look after ourselves the same way. It’s advice that I hope to take on and hopefully my food choices will be better. I’ve copied the video’s URL and I hope you find it interesting https://youtu.be/4haIrygCxiQ

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