Has anyone got any idea how to get rid of ants? I have tried everything!

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  • I use ant rid and place a drop near where I th8ngs their trail is so they take it back to the nest. I’ve had persistent problems with ants in the past and had to get the pest guy in to fix it all up and haven’t had a huge problem since then.

  • We always used antrid and reapplied heaps.

  • My mum use to use talcum powder to stop them, and set up an ant trap with ant rid (make it away from the house as it draws them to the ant rid)

  • We always seem to get ants now and then in the kitchen . Last year the postman gave some baits and seem to help and now they are back again . I will try the bicarb and see how they go … thanks

  • Antrid is the best if it hasn’t been mentioned xx

  • Bicard soda or talc powder if you don’t want to use chemicals. Otherwise they don’t cause too many probs unlike termites, cockroaches etc

  • peppermint oil

  • I had this problem last summer. I applied white pepper to the areas that formed their trail into the house. Ants hate white pepper so eventually they gave up trying to get into the house

  • Ant kill!!

  • dishwashing liquid works great or bay leaves keep away most insects.

  • thanks have been trying a bit of everthing yand the do seem to be slowing up

  • Depends upon where they are inside or outside. Ants will not go over or through talcum powder. I was invaded by ants in my pantry and was at my wits end every day I would spray an ant repellant on the shelves and then wash them all away. The answer turned out to be spray the repellant but only wipe the surface not wash it off. Worked for me.

  • Put talcum powder where the ants are coming in.

  • There are some great plants that help get rid of ants

  • We also had the same problem and all the DIY and old wives tales don’t work, save yourself the stress, time and wasted money and get the experts in – our pest guy got rid of them in one foul swoop.

  • Ants are awful ,I remove all bit food &crumbs.Sprinkle talc around entrances of house .If find a nest outside pour boiling water in holes .

  • I found pouring boiling water on the ants and following the trail as far as possible very effective. Boiling water (or near boiling) kills the ants instantly and by following the trail back to where they entered, killed the problem.

  • Offer the ants an alternative…place some food where it’s ok for the ants to go, eg. somewhere in the garden (if you have one) so that they will not come inside. I use insect surface spray on the areas where they access the house which keeps them away but you have to keep re-spraying every now and then. They are usually only looking for a food source, so if you take that away, that helps. Also use ant sand (pretty much the same as ant rid).

  • I read somewhere that ants hate chalk ground up, I haven’t tried it myself but will be soon as I have an ant problem too. I tried the antrid but it didn’t work. I have another home remedy somewhere when I find it I’ll post it for you :) good luck

  • Have also used antrid but eventually had to exterminate :( best of luck

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