My toddler is a very fussy eater. He once loved fruit and veg but since turning 2 I can’t get him to touch it! Any ideas? Thanks

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  • You also can hide a lot of fruit and veggies into smoothies and muffins and pancakes and cakes :)

  • Yes you can hide them in all kind of things, but I also think it’s a matter of what’s on offer. For example my youngest always asks for more bread, which she can get after eating a fruit.

  • hide vegies in sauces and patties and they’ll never know. :)

  • grate vegies into everything that you make.

  • In my experience the best results have come from giving them no other option. They will eventually eat when they are hungry enough and after a while they will even begin to enjoy it. My daughter is now 7 and asks for brussle sprouts when we go shopping, takes cherry tomatoes and cucumber to school, gets excited by steamed asparagus and has fruit or veg as snacks through out they day. You may pull your hair out and have an unhappy toddler for a few moths but it will be worth it in the end.

  • I have one of those!!!! The only thing I can do in grate or puree veggies into everything I cook; pasta sauce, stew, burgers, pureed soups and so on…. I jump at any that he does like, for example, he will eat avocado so I always have one at home (even though they are very expensive).

  • Hide them, sausage rolls, I put grated carrot, potato, zucchini, onion, bread crumbs, herbs, eggs and sausage mince, wrapped in puff pastry, most of the ingredients are the vegies but with lots of sauce the kids love them, I also hide vegies in spaghetti Bolognese, and also vegie pasta bakes, try letting your child assist with the cooking as well as selecting the vegies at the shops as this involves them and they tend to want to be more involved and this included eating, I think one of the most important things is not to make a big thing of it, it is a phase and the more that you challenge them then the more they will refuse to eat the vegies, offer them but if they don’t eat them, bad luck but don’t reward them with something else. no child has ever starved when food is available,

  • My 16 month old also hates to eat vegies. She loves fruit (I think it’s the sweetness) but getting vegies into her is really, really hard.

    I’ll be reading the answers on this one for help too. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  • Hide them, does he eat sausage rolls, I always made them with sausage meat, and grated carrot, zucchini, potato, onion, breadcrumbs, egg, wrap in puff pastry and they loved it, I also made spaghetti bol using the same method with grating any sort of vegetable and putting it in with the sauce. I think it is always a phase, make nothing of it, just offer the food, and hide what you can, it is amazing how creative you can be with everyday meals when you think about it, but most kids get over it.

  • If need be, hide the food…eg I put spinach in lasagna or hide other vegies ..my stepson never eats vegies for his Mum but add some sour cream and how good dessert is and he eats everything! My 5 and 3 yr old wouldn’t eat anything but I started early. .it’s amazing what hundreds and thousands do!! A little on weetbix or broccoli for that matter and its all gone…my 3yr old was grocery shopping with me the other day and fellow shoppers were amazed my child was begging me to buy broccoli!!
    My kids also help me prepare dinner whether its a vegie bake or other…that way we make sure we emphasis how good it tastes that our little ones “made dinner”.

  • Encourage him to help prepare it, taste test it.. Plant a little vegetable garden. . My son is still super fussy but I found this to help.. Please don’t hide them. . A lot of people suggest it.. But how will he learn to eat something he doesn’t know is there

  • We make up ice blocks by blending watermelon, pineapple & berries. Our 2yr old practically begs for them!

  • Toddlers can be fussy with food.http://www.virtualnanny.net/?p=280

  • We just always offered them. Mine don’t like meat so basically they eat vege or starve. I find they consume way more if raw and chopped up mezzo plate style with some cheese etc. I rarely buy snacks so fruit and vege are considered snacks here. Homus etc for dipping and most importantly eat it too. They copy.

  • I just kept offering them with most meals – it took six months of persistence, but worked.

  • Blend it up and put it in some yogurt ;)
    Make pictures out of the fruit/veggies..
    palm trees etc… Just google some fruit/veg pictures. some are amazing enough to make me want to eat them lol

  • Wait it out mine is the same we recently started eating corn aka “pop corn” (hey if that’s what he wants to call corn kernels I’m ok with that) potato grapes banana and “special apple chips” if I make anything sauce based I put a heap of mild flavoured veges in the food processor and chop them really fine then put it in the sauce or on the pizza base etc

  • Also all my kids ate terribly at the age 2 then as they are getting older they are eating more food… Might be an age thing as well.

  • I use the baby foods that are in the squeezes they look like the apple sauce in pouches. My son is autistic and my others think it’s fun.

  • Make a yoghurt dip to serve with veggie sticks

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