Super personal question, and I don’t mean to upset anyone currently grieving the loss of their mother figure, but for those who celebrate the day, I would love to know what you did on Mother’s Day?

This is my husband’s FIRST Mother’s Day that he isn’t working- in over TEN YEARS! He is SO EXCITED!

He has planned an incredible adventure for his mother and it really does sound like an extremely fun day out.

To be brutally honest, I am beyond jealous. This villainous, selfish side of me desperately wishes that it was me that he had planned an outing for- even though I am not his mother.

I just felt like maybe after eight little ones together and us never having done anything significant for this day, that maybe this would be it… yeah I know how jelly and ridiculous I sound when you consider that I’m just the wife.

It just kinda sucks though… here I am pacing the floor with a teething baby and he’s gone to bed early because he has to be rested for the big drive they’ve got ahead.

I wish he thought I was worthy of fuss. But maybe “fuss” is only made where it’s demanded.

I mean whilst he’s out I will be getting ready to have my mum come over for dinner- on a side note, mum’s cooking on Mother’s Day should definitely be illegal!

So I was just curious what the awesome Mouths of Mums community does on this day and whether your spouses make the day special for you and their mother’s, or just the latter on Mother’s Day?

I know it’s not a big deal, and I really do feel blessed to be even be a mother. But there’s a big part of me that knows I wouldn’t want any of my kid’s doing something extraordinary for me whilst their partner is left holding the baby- literally.

P.s. I crashed before submitting this question and woke up to my hubby telling me that he’s let me sleep in a bit- but now the kids need their pancakes… one can only laugh at times like these…

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  • my hubby took the kids to his mothers for mothers day. didn’t organise anything for me. Their family has never celebrated me or the fact I have born them kids (becuase in their words, you aren’t our mother) so I spent the day alone.

  • I spent it supervising the kids while husband had a four and a half hour nap. No presents, no special effort etc. I wish he’d make a tiny effort to at least wish me Happy Mother’s Day, but it’s just not important to him. (In fairness, neither is Father’s Day.)

  • My husband does nothing on mothers day. Its up to me to organise a gift for my mu, his mum and myself.
    This mothers day i went bushwalking with the kids and then did an escape room with his mum and the kids in the afternoon.
    It was great to do something different.

  • Mother’s Day brings up so many anxieties for me every year. I do not know why expect it to be different every year. My husband is very vocal on hating Hallmark holidays, he continually projects about how I am not his mother. our kids are 9/6/3. My son bought me a card from the Mother’s Day stall at school, and my husband didn’t even take time to write it with Him. I got it still in the plastic packet price on the back. We did nothing as a family, my husband was on call, I cried at least 3 times I felt the Worst I had felt in forever, I was gutted.

  • I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t have a great Mother’s Day. I think he should have done something for both you and your mother.
    My Mother’s Day was pretty crappy also. I had no sleep the night before because my 10 month old was up all night. My kids woke up sick so I had to cancel going to my mums house for lunch. Got no sleep in, no acknowledgement from my husband that it was Mother’s Day, was wiping my 3 and 4 year olds snotty noses all day, cooked dinner and yeah just an ordinary day.

  • I think once you become a family days like that should revolve around YOUR family. You gave that man his kids and he should be celebrating you.
    Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas is always the same for us.
    We live 40 minutes away from our families and we ALWAYS have to be the ones driving around to visit everyone else. Mother’s Day breakfast with my in-laws was organised to be at our house. We had bought all the food and scrubbed the house clean (MIL. likes to complain about a crumb). The morning of they called and said it was too much of an inconvenience for them to drive to us but said to go to them, bring the food and cook for them there. And we had to be there at a certain time.
    Lunch was at my families with extended family there as well. I was made to feel bad for wanting to leave early to take my 1 year old home for a sleep since we had to wake her up early.
    By the time we got home my partner was exhausted and cancelled dinner plans. Which meant I had to cook.

  • Oh darling, I am hearing your pain – I love how you are aware of the other sides of the coin and aren’t stopping hubby from seeing his Mum but also yes, it’s hard feeling like you want to be loved the same way.
    My kids Dad usually made the day more about ‘Look what i’ve done’ and it never felt like it was about me but for the 5 years i was a single parent, I celebrated with my Mum and organised things with the kids to celebrate us both in subtle ways. Now we have a beautiful blended family of 5 kids and my partner never really celebrated Mothers Day with his Mum and is learning through my actions towards encouraging his kids to celebrate their Mum – Mothers day usually consists now of the kids being excited and getting stuff ready, making me a morning coffee – cooking breakfast (or trying to). my partner doesn’t have a whole lot of hand in it. I’m ok with this, although It won’t stop me being more involved when it comes to Fathers Day :)

  • I personally dont celebrate Mothers Day I used to but now its all about the money money it just does not have the same feels anymore

  • Aw hun, I can understand your feelings. My husband doesn’t write me a Mother’s day card as I’m not his mum, but encourages the children to do so and he does make the effort to buy me some Mother’s day gifts together with the children. For the rest my day was as usual , which meant me working hard to get everything done (cooking, ironing, washing, lunches and packing boxes as we have to move). Our family lives oversees so neither my husband or I have spent time with our own mothers.

  • Day as normal for me…I have two toddlers …my husband just gave me chocolate when he comes back from work that day….I wished he spend some time with kids and make me something like a card or something….

  • This is pretty piss poor effort really.. he should have done it with you as well..
    this year was a bit sh*t for us to, hubby and bubby are both sick, so we didn’t do what we had actually planned which I’m really sad about as it was the only thing I actually wanted to do (we were going to get up early get my show car out and go to a Mother’s Day car meet and have breakfast together) instead I made us bacon and eggs at home which DS decided to throw on the floor… so after I cleaned up I got everything ready and went to lunch with my mum and my nan then come home and my MIL came over (woke up the baby cheers?) then once she left we did nothing for the rest of the day as we had a very grumpy sick 19 month old.. all I asked for the day was to be able to have a bath by myself and it didn’t happen.. I ended up having a shower at 9pm after DS went to bed.. hubby did cook dinner though which was nice.. at the end of the day I’m not expecting anything anymore, no expectations no disappointments…

  • would love just to be able to have a quite cup of hot coffee and be able to finish it in one sitting and then also spend some time with the children that made me a mum. Don’t need presents, just want to be a little bit thought of and not expected to do everything or be the blame when something isn’t done.

  • Your his children’s mother and he should think of that and my daughter didn’t come and see me she rang me at 11.40am on her way to lunch with her two grown up children. She said she sent a card and I think it will be at the post office tomorrow. I am used of my son not contacting me for over 13 years now and I never did anything to him and do not deserve what he has dished out and I can’t make him visit me he is a grown man.

  • Ohh sorry Mumma – the feelings your having are totally normal and I believe partners should make an effort for their wife/girlfriend. You are the mother of his children and he should be doing something nice for you too or at least all having a nice day together. We went on a picnic with the whole family and it was lovely to all sit around together. I think there should have been more effort out put into YOUR Mother’s Day too. Sending hugs.

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