When all I can think about is food and I give up

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  • I know this struggle quite well. I can Prep all healthy stuff to eat, but then I still go for other things. I have found that if I swap things for something better I don’t feel as bad. A luxury brand yoghurt instead of ice-cream or chocolate. Cashews or almonds instead of chips. Both may still have high calories – but the better one has nutrients in them. Good luck on your life change.

  • It’s a matter of committing and being organized meal prep helps and tracking with my fitness pal

  • Use a tracker like myfitness pal I love dietbet very motivating and monthly progress pics keep you motivated amazing how you can see the difference

  • You’re not alone. I have no problem with most areas of my life, but struggle to lose weight. Even when I do go for long stretches of say six to eight weeks of eating right and exercising I find that the scales don’t shift and so I give up for a time before I try again.

  • I found that I had to have the right mindset to fully commit and keep on track.
    Meal planning helps immensely and having ready made healthy snacks always help for those cravings> Good luck

  • Keep drinking water,coffee and tea and go shopping or distract yourself with an activity

  • I find that when I have a goal in mind, or have something in a certain time frame.
    Helps me stay on track, I also find meal planning and prep a huge help, having lots of fruit and veggie and healthy snacks on hand helpful, and if I am feeling hungry I have a big drink of water and wait 30mins if I’m still hungry I’ll have something

  • Meal plan. Plan out your meals and only buy the ingredients for those meals. Don’t buy junk food to have in the house. Make healthier versions of your favourites.

  • It is your new way of life. When saying that a fad will only kickstart weight loss and can end in the yo-yo cycle. Think about the foods you love eating and find ways of making them healthier. If it’s fried chicken think about oven baking it or invest in an airfryer. Little changes can make a world of difference and when in doubt if it’s green it’s lean so fill up on your greens.

  • Maybe get some tips on healthy weight management from a health professional. They may have ways for you to manage and plot and record your healthy weight journey.

  • I think it’s all about your headspace. We all know what the right foods we should be eating and the bad things we should limit. But if you are stressed, sleep deprived and low motivation doing the right thing isn’t always going to happen. Get your head focused and take little, sustainable steps in improving your lifestyle, healthy baby steps will see more results then going really strict and not being able to stick to it and feel like a failure.

  • Don’t think of it as a diet. Think of it as your new healthy eating plan. It’s tough if you decide to cut out foods to reduce your weight. Just always try to be healthy with your food choices, and don’t best yourself up if you lapse and scoff half a block of chocolate in a sitting.

  • I do not believe in diets. I do believe in exercise and drinking water and eating healthy foods.

  • The first two weeks of a diet are the hardest. I guess you need to have clear goals in mind and a plan how to get there.

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