Your suggestions for dealing with a toxic person that sabotages your work?

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  • When possible get them out of your life. This may be hard when it’s a co worker. In that case I would gather as much as possible evidence on paper and record conversations and report this person by your boss. When it’s the boss him or herself I would leave and find another job.

  • I hope you were able to deal with the toxic person in your life.

  • Avoid them and if you can’t make sure there is a witness to every conversation. Also keep file copies of all your emails and phone calls in case they try to sabotage your work.

  • Avoid them. Try to ensure others know what they’re up to.

  • Not that easy, but the best thing to do is to keep them away from our lives. Stop looking for them, answering their phone calls or sms.

  • Toxic people- the label says it all, if its toxic back away. The best and most effective way to deal with them is don’t! Get rid of them out of your life and if they are family members try to keep your distance without being rude. Toxic people love to create negativity in other people’s lifes to make them feel good- don’t give them the opportunity.

  • i avoid it when possible, but when needed address the issue with facts!

  • Cut them out of your life! Friend, family, co worker if they’re toxic in your life, get rid of them

  • Keep a record of what you do and what they do if they’re purposefully trying to sabotage. When appropriate Communicate via email so you have a record. If they try and steal work or anything it means you’ve got evidence of your hard work

  • Stay positive and have a strong mental stance; ‘nurture’ for yourself if they are attacking you and undermining your sense of self-worth; find a physical outlet – exercise/walk/jog/yoga? – something that you enjoy and live your ‘life’ in that space, not work. If you are being made to look bad to employers raise the issue with them and explain things so that you don’t feel pressure from superiors, but rather get them on side to help make their business work better. They wont like someone sabbotaging their workplace anymore than you.

  • Since I turned 30 I’ve had a massive clean out of friends. I’ve just gotten too old to put up with pointless negativity and people who are meant to love me just constantly dragging me down trying to make me miserable. I have a great group of great people left who are supportive and celebrate good things instead of being competitive and jealous. Just remember with everything in life, your time is too important to waste on anyone who actively tries to bring you down in any way.

  • Definitely from a distance! And, always pray for them!????

  • I would say take distance where possible, but when this is a person you work with this is obviously hard.
    Try to put an invisible oily coat on, where all the comments made/actions done against you will slide off and not touch your inner self (in my work as psychiatric nurse, where clients could become verbal and physical aggressive and could call you all kind of things we used to do that).
    Make notes of all incidents this person sabotages you, in case this is escalating and you need to take action.
    I don’t know if you can get counsel/support on the workfloor for this type of incidents ? Investigate if you can get help/support. When you can’t get help/support via work, then you could consider to seek outside support.

  • I tend not to make friends with toxic people has they will always not happy with you and your achievements in life.Now being a mum of two beautiful girls I wanna teach them to be kind,loving and watch out from girls that may bully them and a less kind to others.STAY AWAY is my best motor

  • It’s hard when its work. But just do your job the best you can and don’t let them in on any of your ideas etc. Eventually these people hang themselves. Its hard to be patient but they do eventually get whats coming to them

  • Such a tricky one when it’s a work situation. If it was friend or family, I would say cut them out of your life. Obviously not an option when you work with the person

  • I’m in a situation at work where there is a certain toxic person, All team members have their own way of dealing with it. I remain quiet however I have previously expressed my concerns to management, one team member brings her head phones to work so she doesn’t hear the toxic person speak, one takes regular holidays and leave, and others vent quietly. Sometimes, they are just there and we have to deal with it until the situation gets better (hopefully).

  • It would depend on how they are subotaging.

    I would try find the cause of WHY , then work on how to fix it.

  • I would not be friendly to this person and if you have to and it is affecting your life report it and if that doesn’t work look for another job or leave.

  • Depends what the work is, I can only suggest documentation of whats been completed or perhaps a formal complaint is needed? Toxic people usually have their own issues, address these and you may have some relief. No one deserves to put up with such nonsense though, especially in the workplace.

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