So I have 6 kids all under 5 and just had another. (Hubby loves a big Family)… My 5,4,3 year olds are all fine and happy. However my 2 year old twins are not coping very well. The baby is 4 days old. During the pregnancy we were saying his name (Brodie) and they would start chucking a tantrum. Now that the Bub is here we are thinking we should name him something different as the twins keep getting agitated when they here his name.. Please help! We had 3 different names planned out but went with number 1. Should we consider changing. Just hate seeing the twins getting upset so much.

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  • I would love to know how you went mumma! Good on you for thinking of the twins!

  • Sounds to me the twins just need some time to adjust, changing the name wouldn’t make any difference in my opinion.
    It has been some months ago you posted this question. How is it going now ?

  • Try to stay calm I don’t think changing his name will fix it much

  • I have no advice but best of luck, I hope you will find the solution.

  • Changing the name will not really help. Getting the twins involved with the baby by giving them a special job that is theirs only. Thinking the two years difference makes them even more the baby, more time then the other children had.

  • I wouldn’t change the baby’s name. Your twins are probably feeling left out as they have realised that there risk someone now that needs 100% of your time.
    I would get them involved with a lot of thing that you do with baby like helping nappy changing or just evening reading books together. I had a bit of trouble with my daughter she was a bit younger than two when my son was born and I had a similar experience but she soon come to terms with it all.

  • Mine just did but good luck ❤️

  • You have to establish a new routine to fit the twins in and they are no longer they youngest. Given time maybe t you can try to play with the twins for a short time every time after you have settled the baby following feeds. I know a Mum who told her older child she was busy and would play with him afterwards. Even if you can only manage a few minutes then a little bit of time before the next feed. I realise you have other things to attend to during that time. Warning though, at a later date when you ask the twins to do something you might get told “I am busy” (I personally know of a case where there was one older child – the child then hesitated and then did what was requested). 2 y.o. often try to “test the boundaries” without trying to compete against others at all.

  • Buy them little presents and say it’s ftom the new baby so they will be happy

  • I think some kids adjust to change well and others not so much – much like us as adults. I would just give it time and allow them to continue to feel included and not pushed to the side from the new arrival. Perhaps allowing them to help with baby will make them feel better about it

  • Pretty sure they’ll adjust to the new baby with time. I don’t think a name change will affect their attitude much at all

  • Leave the name, that’s not the issue. Your children are possibly finding it difficult competing for your time. Make sure you spend some one on one time with each of them. Make them all feel special in their own individual ways. :)

  • In my idea changing the name is not a solution. But I wouldn’t know how to help. Except having the kids involved with your new baby (congratulations!). Letting them feel useful, doing small things for him… I don’t know it looks very difficult and frustrating. Do you have help at home? Can you try to have some quality time alone with the twins now and then?

  • It’s a big adjustment for them give them time. Include them as much as you can with little jobs like getting wipes to help change bub and tell them he’s their baby as much as you can. Good luck I’m sure it will all work out.

  • Little children sometimes take a while to adjust to change, as you wrote bub is only 4 days old, give your little ones time. I wouldnt chsbge bubs nane just yet.

  • Unfortunately I think time, patience and reassurance is the only way forward. Their world has been shaken up and it’s early days. Give it time.

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