What do you mummas do during winter with the kids getting sick all the time. My two year old got over a nasty cough 2weeks ago which he’d had for 3 weeks and now hes got a bad cough again. Any tips or recommendations on how to help

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  • Breastfeed your baby. Colostrum present in the mother’s milk is considered the gold standard in building a baby’s immunity. …
    Stick to the immunisation schedule. …
    Serve up a healthy platter. …
    Maintain a healthy gut. …
    Get enough sleep. …
    Stay active. …
    Make hygiene a habit. …
    Have fun outdoors.
    Avoid second hand smoke,
    Avoid antibiotics unless necessary !

  • Kids get sick all the time ive been there seriously and i think its best just to keep up a healthy diet and stay active

  • Some years can be tougher when it comes to illness. You have already been given lots of tips – so mine is to hang in there are look after yourself too. Often mums forget to care for their health and well being. :)

  • thanks ladies,
    The first time bub got a cold a few weeks ago we went to the doctor and they said it was just a general cold and there wasn’t much we could do. But we have been to do doctors this time because on top of alex’s cold and coughing he had conjunctivitis. So we do go to the doctor straight away and i keep the house clean, we wash our hands and also use vicks on back/chest and feet. I’ve got a 6 year old in schools whose constantly bringing home sickness and we were using a vaporizer.I was using the products to go with the vaporizer and airing it out every day and went to use it one day and ended up pulling it apart it ended up having black chunky moldy stuff on the inside, Any one ever had that before?

    It’s just frustrating when you’ve got a house full of sick people,as i’m sure you all know

    Silly question,But what exactly is a humidifier?

  • You need a lot of patience. Panadol or Nurofen should help, some nasal spray if required and I also rub Vicks on my little one’s chest and back. See a doctor if you are worried.

  • We try to clean toys more over winter – with the heater on, clothes drying inside and humidifiers on, the house is more moist and germs grow a lot faster. I’m a stickler for washing hands everytime we come back in the house from going outside or playing. When the kids are sick, we find nasal sprays offer a lot of relief while sleeping which helps them rest. We use a humidifier overnight. Put Vicks on a face washer under the pillow. Organise quiet days to try to reduce the stresses of unhappy, uncomfortable little ones – cubby houses, play dough, water colour painting, snuggling with books, tv. Have a little extra chocolate in the cupboard for myself.

  • First response is did you take them to the doctor to make sure its not leading to something more serious. I rarely go to a doctor for myself BUT I always took my children when sick. Little ones lungs don’t handle a virus very well. It takes years to build up their strength and immunity. Keep them warm is the most important thing, it helps their bodies fight. There are vaporizers you can buy at the chemist to open their lungs and assist their breathing. Be careful with chest rubs as they can burn. Rub on a hanky under their pillow or on the side of a blanket not close to their face. Make sure noses are kept clean with soft treated tissues. Discard tissues immediately in bin and wash their hands regularly. I keep bottles of Dettol in the house. I mix 25% with 75% water in spray bottle and spray my hands as needed. I spray and rinse my grandchildren’s when they come in from play or are sitting down to eat. They never get sick at my house. I never get sick. Knock on wood. But then again I eat garlic as well. Ha! love to all Lyn

  • I’m thinking of making them bubbles to hide in. We’ve been sick on and off for months. It’s so frustrating. No advice, but i feel your pain.

  • I use a vapouriser and put in a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Also rub their chests with Vicks at night before they go to sleep. It just helps them get through the night.

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