just wondering how much tea and coffee you drink a day? Is there a recommended limit not to go over?

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  • During the colder months I can drink about 4 – 6 cups of tea a day. In the warmer months I usually have 2 cups a day.

  • Yes, I drink coffee… probably too much lol but I love it! I think around 4 cups is the recommended limit but I often go over that…. :/ I just try not to drink too much from around 2pm onwards. That works for me.

  • A lot of coffee to recharge maybe 4/5 cups a day

  • Way to much coffee … I should drink less but I just love it.

  • Coffee, I rarely touch, I went off coffee with my first pregnancy. Black tea, a couple a week. Green tea, a couple a day as it’s good for me

  • I have two teas in the morning then switch to peppermint tea and other herbal fruit teas for the rest of the day

  • 1-3 cups a day. Mostly before lunch time.
    I have recently just changed to having almond milk in my coffee which taste’s delicious.

  • I love a good cup of tea. It lifts me, makes me feel good and I believe it is good for me as I feel better when I have a couple and feel worse when I have non for a few days. Caffeine? I doubt it as there is not a lot in tea, and the teabags I use are so cheap that you are lucky to get any colour out of them Ha! I have between 2 and 5 a day depending how I feel. I drink more water and less tea in summer as tea makes you dehydrated. Kidneys do not like too much tea either, they will retain fluid causing swollen feet problems Dam now I want a cup of tea. Ha! love to all Lyn

  • I generally have only 1-2 a day. 3 on the rare occasion we go out for coffee with family in the afternoon.

  • I think its six cups as tea and coffee have caffeine that is a stimulant and anything over will cause your body to be too hypo. I am allergic to coffee and its because of the beans ( not the caffeine ) and I feel quite sick if I drink any . Love the taste and smell of it so its a real shame.

  • 1-3 cups. 1 first thing in the morning or I don’t function. And then when I have time in the day. It is usually only the 2 but sometimes I can squeeze in number 3

  • 3 cups usually in the morning (up till lunchtime) one before I start work at night & then when I get home I have a peppermint tea before bed :)

  • 1-2 coffees in the morning, 3 cups of English breakfast and 1 peppermint tea. Less if I’m out and about!

  • I drink 3- 4 cups of instant coffee a day. I take them around the house with me to do my chores and then get sidetracked, go away and come back to cold coffee.

  • I drink 2 ups a day, usually in the morning before lunch. I find drinking later in the day I don’t sleep as well as I should. Wish I could drink cappuccino’s all day if I could. Just love it.

  • I’m sure you’ll find a recommended healthy intake of tea and coffee somewhere. I might have 2 cups for breakfast and not usually, but sometimes, anymore

  • I drink instant coffee. probably more than what is healthy but I enjoy my coffee. Have about 8 cups a day. Brewed coffee has more caffeine than instant, about double the amount I think.

  • Usually 2 cups of coffee (after breakfast and lunch), sometimes a third if I go out. And lately, about 2-3 cups of peppermint tea as well.

  • Far too much! Depending on the day, if I have a lot of visitors its always coffee time. Some days as many as 8 cups other days as little as 2. I suppose it depends on the atmosphere (social drinking.) I really try to limit it to 4 a day, doesn’t always happen though.

  • I mix it up. I will have coffee and tea, maybe one or two each per day but generally I won’t have coffee after 3pm as I won’t sleep at night otherwise.

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