At what age was your child toilet trained? love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  • I started training at around 2yrs or just before and they were fully trained (at night as well) by around age 3.

  • I think my eldest was about 2,5yrs, my son was late and didn’t get the hang of it till he was 4yrd old (and wet his bed incidentally till he was about 10yrs old), my 3rd was 1,5yrs old and my youngest isn’t fully toilet trained yet (she’s 7yrs old and has a delay)

  • This is such a hard post to answer because it can make some parents feel judged. First off please remember each child is individual. My daughter day toilet trained at 2y1m and instantly night toilet trained at 2.5 my son on the other hand was 3 for days and nights were hard.

  • My daughter was toilet trained when she was around 3 years old but my son was toilet trained when he was 3.5 years, he wasn’t interested at all.

  • He started training at two and didn’t get it for a few months and then he just got it

  • My children were toilet trained at about the age of two. However, that was in the time of only cloth nappies. When wet, the cloth nappies would get pretty uncomfortable for the toddler. So there was an added motivation for them to use the potty/toilet. Nowadays, it seems more children are toilet trained around three years old. It is probably a quicker process as the kids are older.

  • I tried toilet training my son when he was 1 year old but failed. I gave up and tried again when he turned 2 and he seemed quite ready for it. It was a cake walk.

  • 26 months for wee, 28 months totally.

  • DD was just over 2 (27 months) but she initiated, one day just woke up and asked to wear undies, although it took about 3 months for her to be completely accident free

  • At 23 months. I was lucky as my little girl requested to go no diaper.

  • When they were around 2 months shy of their 3rd birthdays. We did it over summer so they could do 3yr old kinder with no nappy.

  • My daughter just turned 3. She is not toilet trained yet, we have given a serious try about a month ago, but she wasn’t ready. I learnt early my daughter will do things when she is ready and wants to, if I try to push the issue, it only delays it further.

  • My daughter is about to turn 3 and she is only just getting the hang of using the toilet. She was very verbal from a young age, very switched on so I’m surprised it’s taken this long but she just was not interested any earlier and I didn’t push it. They all get there’s in their own time.

  • I believe each kid is different. My girls were just turned two but my son is two and we haven’t even started yet. I ask him but he doesn’t seem interested yet. So im not pushing it.

  • Both my girls toilet trained just before they were 3 and had it down pat within a couple of days. 1 night time trained at the same time the other didn’t get it till she was 4.

  • My son was 1 when I started toilet training him, but he wasn’t interested, so when he was 1 1/2 I tried again and he took to it, and was toilet trained during the day with still a nappy at night, when he was almost 2 he told me he didn’t want a nappy on at night anymore so I follow his feelings and he never had an accident and has been toilet trained since.

  • One of my girls started toilet training very well at about 15 months. (She tried to get on the toilet when I was using it) and was saying “me do”. About 4 months later she suddenly refused to use the toilet so we went back to nappies for about 3 months until she started to show interest again. She was fully trained and completley out of nappies before her 3rd birthday. I know a 3 year old who refuses to do poos in the toilet so she is still in nappies. She goes and hides to do poos in her nappy. I hope her Mum realises she has to fully toilet trained before she can start kindergarten or pre-school as some call it. She doesn’t believe any of her friends so she may get a shock.

  • I started toilet training my son when he was 1 by the time he was 15 mo he was toilet trained during the day, and when he was 1 1/2 he told me he didn’t want nappies on at night and was completely toilet trained from that point on

  • My daughter was day and night time toilet trained by the age of 2 (approx. 3 or 4 months off from turning 3).
    However my son is going to be 3 next month and not even interested in starting.

  • I have just started a few weeks ago with my daughter (she is turning 3 years this month). She easily picked up the wee part rather than the poo part, which is usually the case anyway. As per the norm, we tried the “training nappy” (as advertised, kids should feel the wetness when they wee). However, for some reason, it failed with our daughter. I checked the nappy and it was wet, but she does not seem bothered by it. So I tried using real undies and it worked. The first day I let her wear undies, there were about 2-3 accidents. So I told her to tell me if she needs to wee (she will feel a tickle down there…yes I told her that) and that she should only start to wee when she sits down at the toilet. Surprisingly, after that first day she easily picked up on the wee part. I think she does not like the feeling of being wet. There was just one when she was not able to hold in it and weed in front of the toilet. The poo part is the harder one. Have a lot of smelly accidents. But for the past two days, she successfully tells me that she needs to poo. I am hoping to have successfully toilet-trained my daughter, otherwise, I will meet the smelly accidents again.

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