My 2 year old will not sleep in his bed. He is so stubborn and will scream the house down if I put him in his bed. However, if I put him in my bed, he will go straight to sleep. Whilst I don’t mind co-sleeping with him, my husband isn’t overly keen on the idea. How can I transition him?

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  • I would get a trundle and sleep in the bed next to him for a few months so he gets used to it first

  • I would start putting a mattress down beside your bed and then slowly move it further and further away from your bed.

  • Just start putting him in his bed and dont let him rule the roost hes not in charge and he will get used to it

  • Is he still having a day nap? Sometimes if they are sleeping too much during the day it can be harder to settle them in bed at night. If he is sleeping during the day would it be worth cutting back a bit so he’s more tired at night?

  • If you still have the cot mattress available try letting him sleep on the floor on it for a few days. He may sleep on the floor for a week or so then get into the bed of his own accord as the granddaughter of a lady I worked with did. The first few days she rested on her bed during the day but didn’t sleep in it at night. She suddenly started sleeping in it of own accord. Things were unsettled when she was teething. At around 3 years of age they develop a very strong imagination and tend to wander into their parents room. I know of one who would climb onto the foot of her parents’ bed during the night and they would find her there when they woke up in the morning. Sometimes she would climb in beside her Mum. Luckily she was never knocked off the bed.

  • It sure if you’re still dealing with this. My daughter went for her cot to a king single bed at around 2.5 (she’s 3 now). She’s always needed cuddles to go to sleep. Some kids are just like that, there’s nothing wrong with it and you’re not making a rod for your own back for wanting to settle your child. When the time came for my Miss to go into her big bed, we let her help pick out bedding she liked and explained she was a big girl, so the cot had to go away and she needed a big bed now. We had a couple of rough nights with the change, but on the whole she sleeps better. I lay with her and sing her 3 lullabies. Then we have kisses and cuddles and say goodnight. I just lay quietly next to her until she falls asleep, then I creep out. If she wakes through the night, sometimes she’ll have a drink of water and go back to sleep. Other nights she’ll come in to our bed. But at least we’ve had a big block of sleep to start with, and if we want to resettle her in her own bed, it’s easier to lie down with her again until she’s dropped off.
    Hope this helps. I’d say do whatever works best for you.

  • Do think you have created a rod for your own back but hey no one said child rearing was easy. I agree with trying to settle him in his own bed and I must admit my hubby laid on the floor for a while till our youngen at the time dropped off. And if that does not work maybe the option mom81879 suggested ..let him fall asleep with you and then put him in his bed.
    I wish you all the very best.

  • Might just have to bite the bullet and let him scream the house down for a couple of nights. If you don’t mind him in your bed you could also tell your husband that if he wants him in his own bed he can figure out how to do it.

  • What about trying to settle him in his room/bed and once he’s fallen asleep leave? I can’t imagine the routine that you have now (if you as an adult are going to bed at the same time as your toddler?.. but perhaps you can settle him first where you want and then get on with your evening and night with husband). The toddler might adjust quicker if they aren’t having any other big changes or issues; and familiar comfort things can also help.. like wrapping him in the same sheet with the same toy so those become the cues for sleep, not you, or being in your bed!

  • Try letting him fall asleep I your bed then move him into his bed. He’ll probably wake the first few times, but keep doing it, he’ll soon settle into his own bed

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