I just seem to crave chocolate all the time and eat way too much – I’m trying to stop! any hints on how you stop the cravings?

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  • Try eating apple slices

  • Its really hard to get rid of the food or any product which you crave try any other substitute it can help

  • Find a substitute, and anytime you want chocolate have that instead.

  • A craving is a signal from your body, listen to it ! https://iheartintelligence.com/food-message-body/
    A chocolate craving often indicates a lack of magnesium. Here is a list of magnesium rich foods https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318595.php

  • I’ve been there too many times to count. Have you tried drinking hot chocolate? You can use sugar substitutes etc that make it not too calorie laden.

  • i just ate a family block to myself over the past 2 days.. so i had to click on this article for any helpful hints.
    this will sound silly, but to try and stop myself I make sure i dont have enough money for it in my account, or any spare change lying in my wallet to stop buying it..
    then i went to the shops yesterday to buy a box of roses chocolate for a friends bday and saw chocolate was on sale and i had a little extra money and bought it..
    then ran out of fruit to take to work and had the chocolate in my bag.. sitting at my desk.. all of a sudden i released i finished the chocolate.. eek!
    i gotta stop eating it too. :(
    silly me..

  • Very hard to do. I try not to have too much in the house, but when I do buy it, I try to stick to dark chocolate as it satisfies my cravings but doesn’t contain as much sugar. I find I probably don’t go as overboard with the dark chocolate. Going for a walk, or telling yourself you need to get one little job done first sometimes helps also and then the craving has often passed by the time you finish.

  • After my husband had a heart attack he changed his diet to a more healhy one. However never a sweet tooth he suddenly startef craving chocolate BIG TIME. Large blocks couldn’t stay in the cupboard for anymore than days. When we spoke to his heart specialist, he asked about the types of meat he was eating. We said pork, fish ,chicken and just the occasional steak . He said that’s it , your body is telling you it needs red meat. So we introduced more red meat and not so much chocolate. Since then everytime l see hubby suddenly upping the chocolate intake l up the steak buy at the butchers.

  • Following…as I have the same problem!

  • Try a chocolate protein shake or bar it works well for me i still love it and still have my stash in the cupboard but im alot better now lol

  • I need to know too…it’s my weekness!!

  • If you can ride it out for a week or so, it gets a lot easier. I’d say try to distract yourself when you get a craving – do something handy, for example, which really occupies your mind.

  • thanks for the question, i am interested in peoples answers too! – (I love chocolate!)

  • I was the same. I now but low carb, low suger protein bars, cut them into bitesize pieces and have those when I get a craving.

  • Try not to totally cut it out because that usually means you will gorge next time you have it. I find having a small piece of good quality dark chocolate is enough to suppress my cravings and isnt that bad for you compared to milk chocolate

  • Just take one bite to let it out

  • Chewing carob chips (like chocolate chips) help when I’m craving the chocolate taste but not so much the calories. Carob chips are easy to find in the health food aisle in the supermarket. Raw chocolate without dairy & sugar is my other go-to option.

  • Go with it chocolate rocks…

  • I agree with another comment here that you could be lacking in magnesium so taking a powdered supplement will help, and it does effect your dopamine levels eating chocolate so therefore finding another way to lift your feel good hormone will help and exercise helps, try going for a walk on a regular basis.

  • When you are craving sweet it is your body telling you that you are not getting enough nutrient. Also the caffeine level in chocolate makes you feel addicted not just the sugar. Try swapping it to raw cacao chocolates where you can benefit from the nutrition but eat less each time. Also if you try having some fruit or a freshly made juice you will hit your body with quick nutrition, make yourself have this first and then have less chocolate. Slowly you may be able to wean off, it is a habit and just like smokers who have to give up you just have to make up your mind to wean off but more importantly replace with good wholefoods so you get the nutrition you need. Trick is to get addicted to healthier choices. Also try having a few nuts with your chocolate and wean off that way. Try googling to find out also the emotional connection you might have with chocolate, you may have been given it as a reward when you were a child for instance. I had to give up caffeine so I gave up chocolate too, I rarely have it and find I can only have a tiny bit otherwise I get a head rush or feel woozy like I just had alcohol or something.

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