He will put everything in or around his mouth. Sometimes it seems to be when he is distracted and other times just because he can. That is how it looks to me anyway. It doesn’t seem to matter how often I tell him to stop he doesnt seem to be able to stop. He is ruining everything and of course I am worried about what he could break and swallow. We have an appointment in a few weeks with our GP and I will ask about it then. Has anyone else had the same issues with their children that may be able to give me ideas on what may help.

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  • Would love an update on how you got on

  • My youngest was very oral too, I gave her a chew necklace , which she used till yr 1 primary school

  • Usually kids that bite use that to express themselves. If they don’t have good speech or dont know to to respond ect I would definitely see your GP for referral. Maybe in the meantime when he’s frustrated and feels the urge to bite something give him 1 toy/teddy that he can bite to get out frustration. Tell him this teddy is the only thing he can bite.. it’s a bit unusual to be biting everything but hopefully it’s just a faze x good luck

  • Most kids grow out of these habits – meantime give him a rusk or biscuit when you see him chewing something inappropriate.

  • Oh no, sounds like my 7 month old puppy. Generally, kids grow out of most habits

  • My friend child’s like this and maybe your little one needs a sensory chew toy. ·www.sistersensory.com.au/
    Sensory Toys For Children – Check Out Our Range Online

  • Most likely just a phase hes going through, a very stressful one as you’ll need to keep a close eye on him. Don’t want him to swallow or choke on something

  • We have been to see our GP, because he doesn’t do it all the time doc isn’t worried about and thinks he will grow out of it. He thinks my son is probably unaware that he is going it and I should try to gently discourage him from doing it. Nothing is working for us so far. If he keeps it up I will bring it up at his next child health check in a few months.

  • Is she doing it to get your attention. I hope your gp was able to help.

  • Hopefully your GP can give you some good advice. I’m lucky I never had this with my boys so I hope you get some answers from your GP or he sends you on to see the OCT. They may have some ideas for you.

  • My daughter still puts things in her mouth occasionally at 4!

  • My 5yr old has started chewing and it’s very destructive and annoying- interested in any advice!

  • Have you had your appointment with the Gp yet ?

  • How difficult this must be, and worrying with all the dangerous things that they could go for. I hope you can get some help from GP or other doctor. In the meantime I’d just make sure there is nothing too dangerous about .. like batteries etc. .I used to worry about glass objects, since they were easily broken and I was convinced the pieces would end up in the mouth….. (On a lighter note perhaps also seize the opportunity; I mean at mealtimes it may be possible to introduce all sorts of veggies and fruits that many kids would not touch).

  • Looks like your kids is looking for some stimulations or maybe its uncontrolled behaviour. Please talk to your gp

  • Oral sensory seeking is quite common. Some kids take longer than others to move beyond it. Some, like my daughter with Sensory Processing Disorder, don’t move beyond it. I’d suggest seeing an OT for a sensory profile and rule out any further issues. They’ll also be able to give you strategies to manage it. In the the meantime, perhaps get some chewlery from somewhere like Jellystone Designs. When he goes to chew something inappropriate you can redirect to his chewy necklace.

  • Hi, I’d suggest seeing an occupational therapist who specalises in sensory difficulties ????

  • Oral sensory seeking is very common in kids who need additional help with self regualtiob. Try some chewy jewelry (can google or websites like mydiffability.com.au or sensory sister might help.
    Face massages, chewy foods, crunchy foods or thick smoothies through a small straw works though out the day too some times.
    An occupational therapist can help more if you feel the need. Or lots of support groups on Facebook.

  • Yes my 7yr old has Down Syndrome and is still very oral. I bought her a chewing toy / necklace from the therapy store (explaining this is something she can chew on, other things she can’t chew on), it certainly has helped.

  • Sorry, I can’t give you any advice. I haven’t heard of a child doing this at 3yo. Think you should try to see your doctor/GP sooner rather than later.

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