How do you guys deal with babies that live to be carried all the time. He will cry non stop until you pick him up and then he starts laughing and playing. He barely gives me time to do other things!

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  • My mch nurse said its ok to let them cry , i have 2 kids in the morning to get ready just in time to wait for the bus outside, i have no choice but to leave her crying until they are gone

  • I have a four year old who still loves to be picked up a four month old should be picked up put him down he will cry and then he will get it soon

  • I completely understand your frustrations with not being able to get anything done but at the end of the day they are only babies for such a small amount of time so lap it up as much as you can. Housework/dinner etc can wait until they are napping. Alternatively have you tried a baby carrier or bouncer/mamaroo? Good luck ????

  • I have three boys 5, 2 and 3 months, my new Bubba does not like to be put down right now but I find in the mornings I have no choice trying to get the other two ready, I have a sling but do not like to carry him while cooking breakfast and lunch for my older ones. So I start by feeding, burping and laying him down in his bassinet or bouncer somewhere safe and allow him to cry. I come back every ten mins give cuddles and put back down to show him I’m still there for him too. He will eventually settle after the 3rd-4th pick up/put down. And lots of cuddles and play once I get the others out the door. It’s hard to hear them cry. But you can’t be expected to carry them 24/7. My oldest would scream and cry day and night held or put down it’s just this age. My mchn said if he is safe it’s OK to let them cry. In saying that this is my last and I’m definitely taking in every last detail. They grow so quickly. Your doing your great mama. Don’t let the stress get to you. ????

  • I would invest in a baby carrier you can wear. Rest assured it’s most likely a passing phase, but having a sling will allow you to still do other activities whilst carrying bub

  • Sounds like mine. She’s now 15 months and still wants to be carried most times even though she can walk. Some days she wants to be independent,and some not so much, especially while she’s teething. Use a baby carrier for now!

  • Do these things really need to be done right at that moment? Can you leave them for later or ask a family or friend to come by to help you out? Your baby needs you right now, so pick up your baby and cuddle, and play.
    I know it’s not easy, my first never slept unless I was holding her upright and I was the one who has to do everything around the house. It was stressful but it will pass soon. Soon this baby will be crawling around, getting into everything or walking and climbing. Baby will still want you, but they will also explore on their own.
    I now have my 2nd that is also 4 months. I still cuddle her when she wants it and put her in the baby carrier when I need!!! to get things done, I now have a 3yr old to also care for that doesn’t go to daycare. But I still spend time with her giving her my full attention and ignoring stuff that should be done.
    It’s perfectly normal for baby wanting to be held a lot, so my only advice is try to forget about stuff that can be done later

  • I also have a almost 4 month old, who likes to be hold. I would recommend a sling, or baby carrier. I also found getting a bumbo where he can sit in has worked amazing. He may just like seeing everythinbg in an upright position. It gets easier Mumma.. Your doing amazing. :) <3

  • Baby is only 4 months old. Hold and cuddle as much as they want it, you only get this time once. I would rather look back and know they were held and loved than regret not doing it more often.

  • Sounds like you need to do a little tough love. It’s not good for him to always be picked up and may slow development. Babies need tummy time it’s how they learn important skills. Try leaving him for intervals of 10 minutes at a time while you do things. And gradually increase this to encourage him to amuse himself.
    You can also try investing in baby swings, jolly jumpers or baby carriers if you need to be hands free.

  • In the end I surrendered and enjoyed it – it didn’t last long.

  • I picked my boys up all the time and now at 56 I’ve had back surgery arthritis,honestly play games that don’t include picking up or lay down.

  • Baby wearing, if you have a wrap/sling baby wearing has saved me! My not 13month old never wanted to be down so to get things done i had to wear him, I have an Ergo sling its perfect for me.

  • Oh I miss those little baby days. This stage (just like all those to come) does not last. In the meantime maybe try a baby carrier like Baby Bjorn or Ergo carrier. These worked really well with my babies. Good luck and enjoy those precious cuddles.

  • they get scared when you are not around, just gradually lengthen the time way so bub knows you will come back, it is hard to hear them cry but as long as they are safe it is ok for a minute or two. My kids refused to sleep on their own as well so they were attached to me day and night

  • The tonned hands are really coming in. Thank you very much. Atleast I know I’m not the only one. I’m a first time mum and still trying to figure everything out.

  • It’s a phase. I struggled to get the basics done while mine went through it but you get really good at doing things one handed and you get really toned arms in the meantime.

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