My 6-year-old still wets the bed – what can be done about it? I stop water a while before bed and if he has to he just has a sip and that’s it. Can doctors help? Or is there anything else I can try? Please help if you can.


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  • My son was regularly wet in the night till he was 10yrs old.
    We also reduced water before bed.
    Made sure he went to the toilet before bed.
    Then later when we went to bed we took him to the toilet.
    When he was wet in the night I had him helping taking the bedding of and put new bedding on.
    Further we didn’t make much fuss about it and didn’t make it a problem, boys often need a bit more time

  • Hi don’t know if this might help but A cousin of mine her daughter kept wetting her bed until a age lot older than your child. She took her to a naturopath chiropractor and they found that her back was slightly out. Once that was corrected never had a problem after. You could always talk to your doctor about it. If you go and see a naturopath please make sure its a good one maybe one that someone has recommended or do your homework choosing.

  • My daughter is 6 and still wets. She sleeps in pull ups overnight. She is a very heavy sleeper and just doesn’t wake to go to the toilet. I know eventually she will grow out of it so I’m not too worried!

  • I wet the bed til I was 12 years old. There was nothing that worked for me, I eventually grew out of it

  • We used the alarm down the pants, took a little while but it eventually worked, goodluck.

  • If you have limit drinking before bed and making sure he has gone to the toilet. Are there any other factors that could be the reason
    Being cold
    Being scared
    Is he being bullied at school
    Maybe going to the doctors, my brother was wetting the bed at the age of 13 until he went to the doctor and found out he had a double kidney on one side. This was causing his kidneys to work overtime causing more urine.

  • Hi it has probably been already said but could there e anything that maybe upsetting him it may also be something that could be something you maynot think that could have upset that much

  • There can be many reasons for a child to wet the bed & your best bet is to see your doctor or even your local Children’s Hospital. If you do a google search you will get some answers & places to go to for help & these include places that sell or hire out a mat that goes under your child when sleeping & an alarm goes off the moment moister is detected. Try the following link for more information & i hope it helps you out.

  • there are many reasons a child may wet the bed, you best bet is to talk to your doctor & get referred to a specialist. Alternately you could check out the following links for further information & this also includes going to your local children’s hospital.



    I hope this helps

  • My daughter does. Im not concerned because. tjeres so many nightpullups designed in her size. because kids their age still do..She drinks late sometimes. wets because bit lazy to call out or scared. Its something she needs to learn and be encouraged nightly. wee before bed.

  • Great advice! There really interesting comments on this!

  • Doctors can help with some medication and some alarm system. I used to wet the bed up to the age of 12, I just grew out of it. It’s hard, more so for the child, but it generally passes

  • I think a trip to the Dr would definitely on give you some answers.

  • I hope your now 7 year old isn’t wetting anymore

  • Make the last drink at dinner time. then before you go to bed get him up to go to toilet and put him back to bed. he will soon stop and will eventually get up himself to empty

  • Ride it out, all children are different all you can do is be supportive

  • You could try waking him through the night to take him to the loo?

  • i hope you found a way!

  • How is your child going now?

  • I hope you have found some helpful suggestions here.

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