Does anyone menu plan for the week? any tips and suggestions?

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  • Firstly, I check weekly catalogue specials to see what proteins are on sale and what meals I could make. Taking into consideration what veggies can be used in multiple meals to reduce any waste.
    I then decide what order I will make them; Salad or steamed veggie meals made first while freshest, stir frys and sauces later in the week. This also helps when opening larger quantities of meat and not wanting to freeze in between cooking and keeping the meat fresh.

  • A good idea is to see what ingredients you want to use and use them up across multiple dishes. You can even save time by prepping them all at once.

  • We are more impulse buyers and plan a day or two ahead!

  • I plan about three weeks ahead. Look at your week – do you have nights where you’re home late and need something quick and one pot (or prepared in advance)? Make sure you balance vegie meals with red meat, chicken, pasta etc. Try to operate on a cycle so you’re not eating any one thing too often.

  • I plan my meals for the week ahead and have been doing it for years. I find it’s a bit hard planning it because I sometimes run out of ideas and don’t want to cook the same thing too often. I always look for new things to try and add 1 or 2 a week to try when I have the time. It’s worth the effort because I can buy most things in one shop and top up on a smaller shop on the weekend. It’s good for budgeting and saving time as I’m not in the shop everyday. I also write up the meal for dinner/tea on a white board on the fridge so I don’t get asked multiple times “what’s for dinner?”

  • I write it on a whiteboard. I try and plan easy meals that I know the kids will eat on the nights the kids have their after school activities.

  • I’ve tried it a few times. Tends to go well for a while then I get slack and things go awol again. I think they are a good idea

  • Make something healthy in bulk and freeze some for the next week

  • I have a list on my fridge and I workout what I want for that day. I have a few cheat meals for when it’s a busy day and I don’t make anything on a specific day I always include extra meals in case I fell like something different so I don’t get takeaway.

  • I haven’t planned our meals for a little while now, although should get back to it. My plan was always to check what was already in the freezer and cupboard that needs to be used, and base half the meals around that, with the other meals based on what might to left from the fresh food I buy for the other meals. I’ve only ever planned evening meals – I don’t worry too much about lunch and breakfast as we generally make our own from whatever is in the cupboard (tins of soup, sandwiches etc)

  • I meal plan for the fortnight. My two older kids and husband cook a meal each, once a week and I would around hubby’s working hours as to what we have. So if he’s working a day shift and then afternoon the next day, I’ll cook something the night before that I know will have leftovers for him to take the next day for his tea.
    Make up a chart and write what you are going to have or kmart actually sell meal plan charts

  • On the weekend I check the pantry, fridge and freezer to see what is required at the supermarket. While doing this I plan what meals will made throughout the week. I usually cook on a Sunday, making stews and casseroles to place in the freezer for the shift workers in the family and to feed the rest of us because by the end of the working week I cannot be bothered to cook. I also Bake on a Sunday making berry/muesli slices, cakes, muffins, etc. Most of these I also freeze for the week so everyone has something nice for a snack. Fruit and vegetables are bought for the week from the markets, purchases being dependent upon price and availability.

  • I tend to buy things on special (meat, fish, dairy and bakery) and use as needed. The menu for me is planned around variety (and not having too much say meat in a row).. and I also try to take into account health needs; 1) if someone is sick have immune boosting vitC, zinc, garlic foods and spices etc; 2) if someone has an endurance sports competition check the nitric oxide foods like rhubarb and beetroot; 3) If someone has just done a really big garden job then muscle building protein food for recovery etc. and magnesium for muscles… 4) Exams… might trigger salmon and fish….. just variety I suppose with added thought to just WHAT these foods do to us!……

  • I look at what’s on special at the supermarket and tend to work my meals around that and what I already have in the cupboard. I also buy ‘staple’ vegetables that can be used across multiple meals. I also look for recipes online that use ingredients I already have and write a list of what I plan to make each day as it makes it easier to keep track of the meal ideas

  • Usually plan on what is for dinner while im at home. So that way i can work out what i need to buy if i dont have it at home.
    And yes like the other mum said, see what is on special while at the shops. More so if they have reduced it because it has 2-3 days to use before expiry date.
    Also if you’re going to buy vegetables try to use them in a numerous amounts of meals. Eg mushrooms can go in spag bol, beef strongnaff, in gravy etc.

  • I love mom 93821 answers of going to the market and seeing what is on special there.

  • Also; I set a budget and work within the budget. It becomes a challenge to get bargains and to save money. The markets are always cheaper on a Sunday during the final hours of the day. Boxes of vegetables and fruit are cheap and fresh meat is heavily reduced. Surplus funds get saved.

  • I plan breakfast, lunch, dinner for every week. I buy specials from the farmers market and plan around seasonal produce. I go Sunday to Sunday and it saves $$$ and gives a wide selection of meals.

  • I plan for 3-4 days, not the all week. I check supermarket’s magazines and cookbooks I own for inspiration. Once I’ve decided what to cook, I write down the shopping list on my phone so I have all the ingredients at home.

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