Just woke to the news about Victoria and people gathering to protest the lockdown. I’m bewildered as to what they think will happen if their ‘freedom’ is allowed to go ahead… COVID running rampant as in other parts of the world, medics overwhelmed, exhausted, people dying, can’t get treatment for anything else etc. Would they expect emergency services to come and look after them, take them to hospital, help get them better, etc.? Or would they blame the authorities for not doing something when there are no more resources to help them or anyone else. Just would love to get inside their mind and find out what they think about it.. their kids, their family, their lives. Perhaps they think the bodies piling up in other countries and the mass graves, and a generation of covid orphans etc. is all just fake news. They think they can carry on as ‘normal’ and magically everyone else will be okay to run the buses, staff the shops, transport the goods, fix their teeth, serve them coffee etc .. would love to know just what they think the end of their ‘freedom’ is… and how long they think their ‘normality’ would last if they did just carry on as they please. Anyone help enlighten me?

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  • It makes me so angry. I understand that lockdown sucks. Believe me. Ive been out of work for over 12 months, in the last 18 months of lockdown. I have a small family. But I feel that the protesters make it worse!

  • I don’t know how people can get through to them until they get COVID and realise it is real which is a horrible way to be enlightened to this.

  • I have no answers … I am at a complete loss as to their behavior and mentality …..

  • Some people are just so entitled, I don’t know if they think they are above the rules or what but it is really disheartening to think that they can be so selfish.

  • People are getting caught for breaching rules and there are consequences.

  • Pre Covid my life was already like that staying home only going out only when necessary due to Health issues the only problem I have is not being able to see my Dr or Specialists they are all cancelled until further notice

  • I believe in the ‘greater good’ and being disciplined and following rules to beat the virus. The only battle should be with the virus by adhering to restrictions and following sound medical advice. Beating the virus will bring freedom and a new way of living with covid.

  • I honestly don’t know. I don’t understand why they’re so upset about temporary measures.

  • I’m following. The lack of control and distress make sense to a point. Along with ‘confusion’ about how bad the virus is. And the economic distress that make them desperate. Perhaps that is the key for many, and government help doesn’t cut it. Perhaps they are prepared for 10-15% of the population to die – from doctors to refuse collectors – and then just pick up the pieces…. ohhh and hope that the thing doesn’t mutate and get worse.

  • The protests and unrest are being partly fuelled by protesters’ sense of a lack of control and distress at the disruption to their lives caused by the lockdowns, as well as confusion over the risks posed by the virus.

    When people feel like they don’t have control over a situation, or when they feel uncertainty, they tend to become more distressed.

    The other [part] that is also challenging is that this virus is so variable for so many people, and mimics in so many ways illnesses that we are used to having and recovering from.

    That creates a lot of or misinterpretation about risks. What a lot of people are trying to reconcile with is, why are you restricting my life when this is no worse than something we’re all used to.

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, health misinformation has spread online. Conspiracy theories relating to the origins of the virus, possible remedies and measures designed to contain its spread have been shared and viewed around the world.

    Some political leaders including former US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have used their vast reach on social media platforms to amplify misinformation, casting doubt on the expert advice of their countries’ health officials.

    Misinformation has also manifested at lockdown protests, where diverse groups of people, including conspiracy theorists and so-called anti-vaxxers, who oppose the use of vaccines, have sought to exploit the uncertainty around the virus and the vaccines as an opportunity to boost their support.

    The importance of governments providing clear and consistent messaging around the coronavirus, lockdowns and the vaccines to build trust among residents.

    Lack of consistency, uncertainty, and belief or trust in the messenger are universal factors. All of that breeds distress and anxiety in human beings.

  • I think there is a real mixed bag. Some people I suspect are already either anti government, anti vaccine or anti big pharma and are protesting from an ideological standpoint. Some of them probably think that covid is a lie and buy into conspiracies that the government is attempting to coerce and control citizens for nefarious reasons. Others might think covid is real, but that the consequence of letting the disease run its course are less devastating than the economic and social consequences of extended lock downs.
    Apart from ideology, I think there are plenty of people who have lost work, are financially desperate and want to be heard but don’t know how.
    Personally I’m ok with being in lockdown, my family isn’t impacted financially (although my mental health is definitely taking a hit). But I also know not everyone is lucky enough to be an essential worker right now, or a knowledge worker who can work remotely, or financially stable enough that a few months of being locked down won’t leave them crippled.
    It’s hard when you’re doing the right thing and just want lockdown to end so you can see friends and family, but other people’s protesting puts everyone at risk. I’m not defending people who break lockdown or other restrictions, but I do feel for everyone right now. It’s a challenging time.

  • I am so confused with all the covid and what is going on…I just want to wake up and find out all that was a just a dream

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