I would love to know how other mums battled post natal depression. What helped you mothers get motivated to get back on your feet and pick up where you left off? It took me a year to get myself together which was counselling.

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  • Counseling and speaking with my partner

  • Going to mums and bubs groups could that help

  • I just took extra time for me and my baby and tried not to dwell on the small things. Having friends i could meet out for coffee worked wonders – just having somewhere to go.

  • Thankfully, I didn’t suffer from this. I’ve seen friends with it though and know how debilitating it can be

  • In addition to my previous comment, there’s one more thing which really helped me during postpartum and gave me a sense of achievement. Every week I made a list of tasks for myself on my phone. The tasks could range from something as small as coloring my nails to something as important as applying for my baby’s passport. After each task got over, it felt so good striking them off. It definitely gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Try it, I know it works mommy.

  • Just try to relax and when the baby sleeps, do things which you really love. It can be anything from watching a movie to cooking your favorite dish to eating an ice-cream. It’s important to get that “ME” time to get over post natal depression. Even 30 mins of this “ME” time everyday can benefit you a lot. I enjoy cooking so cooked new dishes every alternate day and it really made me very happy.

  • I told my antidepressants and took it one day at a time, somedays even hour by hour.
    I asked for help which was a huge step for me personally, takes a village to raise a child.
    Fresh air daily too, put baby in pram and just walk even if it is around the block. I walked near a beach as that seemed to help soothe my soul.

  • I took everything one day at a time and I loved making a list to cross things off. That really helped weather a big or small task it made me feel accomplished. Include things for yourself and your little one and a few house tasks. Don’t make yourself overwhelmed with too much.

  • Just remembering I wasn’t alone. Even though I’m a single mum. I was never really alone because a million other women are going through the same thing

  • Ask for help – there is nothing wrong with seeking help and admitting that you are depressed. I went for walks each day – really had to force myself, talked about what I was feeling with others – even though it was hard at times for them to hear what I had to say, started eating healthy and before long you start to feel better. The first step is admitting you hav eit and that it’s ok and that lots of people go through it – you are not alone and knowing that is help in itself. Also remember you aren’t a bad mother because you feel sad and depressed – it means you are a really good one!!

  • Seeking help from my gp lots of walking and pushing myself to attend mothers group

  • It’s almost 20 years since I had PND but I was fortunate to have a friend who was an acupuncturist and one who was an osteopath and naturopath. I took supplements and had cranial osteopathy, changed my diet and had regular acupuncture. I also had a hugely supportive husband and a couple of fabulous friends. Walking and fresh air was really important too.
    Don’t be hard on yourself, accept it for what it is and know that it will pass.
    My husband told me that it didn’t matter which side of the street I walked, I’d still get to the end of it, but walking in the sunshine is best. I would (figuratively) aim to “walk in the sunshine” each day.

  • Getting out of the house even just going for a walk around the neighbourhood. Going to play groups, helped me socialise with other mums in the area. Focusing on my little man as much as i new i struggled at first with a connection i pushed myself to focus on him.

  • I had really bad PND as I was battling depression before I fell pregnant. I was referred to a PND councillor. They really helped!! Joining groups also is amazing as you’ll realise you’re not alone. I had to call beyond blue once for help and they talked me through how I was feeling and offered immediate help.
    You’ll get through this , just remember you’re not alone and reach out for help.
    Will be thinking of you xxx

  • Being admitted to a mother baby unit for 5 weeks… and zoloft!

  • Never losing touch with friends. If you are isolated, online forms can be a saviour. Walking! Excerise and getting out in the community is great. Somedays it will be hard to get out. But do what you can. Talking and asking for help is the most difficult part. Hope all is going well for you x

  • Although I wasn’t diagnosed with PND, I have struggled with depression and exercise, a supportive family and a good psychologist is what helped me.

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