Just curious what other mums struggle with and how they manage around it? For me it’s folding the washing!

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  • Folding? What’s that? Lol I never fold washing. I hang it or shove in the drawer. Anytime I’m looking in the drawer they all get messy anyway so don’t waste time doing that anymore.

  • I don’t like folding the washing much either – but I find if I do it while Im watching a good show on netflix its not so bad ;)

  • Perhaps clearing up after dinner when I’m not 100% and I’ve just cooked and cleared up all the cooking stuff and everyone else is just being lazy (yes we’ve gotinto some bad habits around here!)

  • Cleaning the toilet for teenagers that are old enough to brush the poo off the sides! And ironing when things don’t need ironing.

  • Vacuuming is my least favourite chore.

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom tiles and also the toilet. We have “grey water” in the toilet and it stains the toilet bowl where it runs down when the toilet is flushed. The only way we can get it off is spray it with CLR and scrub it really hard with a mitt with a slightly abrasive surface (the mits are the ones that are made of foam on one side). Cleaning it after every use with the standard toilet brush doesn’t prevent it from sticking at all. Professional cleaners advised us that it is the only way they know of removing the stains. Most of my neighbours close by are having the same problem. My other pet hate is vacuuming as we tend to walk around in socks between taking our shoes off and taking our socks off before we get into bed. The carpet tends to collect fluff of the soles of our socks

  • Ironing

  • Cleaning the oven my pet hate and I don’t love windows either

  • I detest cleaning the bathroom and toilet.It is one of those tedious jobs where one needs to get into every nook and cranny.Hate it!

  • I’m bad I dont fold the washing but if I was I wouldnt mind I suppose I think just overall cleaning as it’s so often and takes alot of time if you at home alot

  • It’s gotta be putting away the washing. Just easier sometimes to turn the washing basket into my closet

  • Just wanted to add that I also hate the monotony of doing the laundry. It’s non-stop.

  • Cleaning the floors, whether it’s vacuuming, sweeping, mopping.

  • I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one that hates the whole washing and drying process (LOL!) I do cleaning as part time work and I hate coming home to a pile of it! I enjoy cleaning and love having a clean home but washing is one thing that NEVER ends. You think all the baskets in each room are empty and then BAM clothes seem to appear in them an hour later. And when you have kids it’s the worst because they are constantly dirty or going outside so you know it’s a never ending cycle – literally.

  • It’d have to be the washing and folding. It takes up a fair chunk of my Saturdays as I work full time during the week. Kids love putting their clothes everywhere except their clothes baskets and don’t you just love it when the clothes are wet or the smell just about knocks you out :p

  • I hate vacuuming. It’s so big and clunky to get out the vacuum cleaner all the time. I find folding the washing as I take it off the line helps, otherwise it never gets done.

  • Folding and putting away the laundry and cleaning the bathroom regularly, especially the shower.

  • I really despise cooking and I don’t look at it as a chore I look at it as a horrible Job. It’s not only the planning on what to cook it’s the purchasing the preparation the cooking the cleaning up and the people saying I don’t like that. Arrrr. Give me any other chore just Not the cooking.

  • Shower and toilet hands down – I cannot keep a regular cleaning schedule for it. I just don’t like it, and should probably hire someone to do it for me one a week/fortnight. ????

  • I hate cleaning the shower and the toilet. Everything else I dont mind too much, but those two jobs I can’t stand!! I usually just put the music on loud and sing away while I do it to take my mind off of it haha

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