First time mum here, recently returned to work. How do you get yourself ready each morning with ease, when trying to juggle the household, Bub, and getting out the door on time for work? I always feel like I am leaving the house in shambles!

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  • No make up is the easiest :)

  • It’s such a struggle! I have 2 in school and one at kinder now so make sure the lunches are done the night before and school bags are packed and ready to go (just need to add their lunchbox and drink from the fridge). I make sure clothes are laid out and ready to go the night before as well. I try to get up a bit earlier to get myself ready, then I can help the kids if I need to, and have been a lot less stressed when leaving the house!

  • Get Bub all set, fed, changed etc. put them on a mat in your room with toys and get yourself done. Talk., sing, dance… it keeps them entertained and will lift your morning mood. As for makeup.: my day-day is just concealer, mascara, a little bronzer for a quick contour and lip stain. It takes less than 10 mins. oh and a bun… always a bun!

  • All the cleaning is done the night before so upon waking the house is spotless its a case of shower together get dressed, no make up breakfast coffee’s then clean the breakfast dishes.

  • Doing things together always works for me. But first let me say as tough as it can be with our busy lives. The key is to have everything ready the night before. And also waking up early before kids are awake so you can be ready by the time they wake up. Brush your teeth in the shower. Find a quick but effective make up routine.

  • Make up, lined up and ready for easy application might also assist with morning routine.

  • Be like me….no make up EVER! Life is so much easier, more time and money for other things

  • I grab the baby and get her breakfast ready. While she eats I brush my teeth and use the bathroom. Sometimes she has to play in my room while I get ready.

  • Yes its hard when you have little ones but get up early and start your day off right

  • A minimal routine in the morning works well and takes very little time. Prep clothes and everything else the night before including food for work.

  • Some of my tips for makeup:

    1. Tint your eyebrows, then you can just use a gel quickly in the morning to shape them, plus do a quick fill if needed with a pencil.

    2. I’ve adopted a minimal makeup look, usually moisturiser + some cream blush and concealer in small amounts where needed + mascara. This style probably depends on where you work though!

    3. I keep all my daily makeup I use in a small bag that I can move around the house depending on what is happening with the kids.

    4. I made my own little makeup palette using some cream products I pulled out of other big pallets – its a small Makeup Forever compact with a magnetic base and a mirror. It allows me to throw it in my handbag if needed and also apply in the car/later in the day and takes up minimal space.

    I hope this helps! I also find trying to wakeup before my kids and getting myself ready to be helpful, but not always possible.

  • I find less is best, cleanse, moisturiser, foundation, bit of lipstick and that is it

  • Organise as much as you can the nigth before, clothes, lunches, handbag/workbag etc. Then some tinted moisturiser, mascara and maybe a bit of lipstick will give you a well put together look in very little time.

  • Get your clothes ready the night before. Also minimal makeup – I just wear a tinted moisturiser… I also get my eyebrows waxed/tinted as my one little splurge – I’ve always felt that if your eyebrows look ok, you look like you’ve made an effort lol…

  • I don’t use make up any more haha brushing my teeth and hair is enough for me

  • I simply stopped using make up and went for natural. I just bush my teeth, my hair and put some earrings in

  • I’ve always kept makeup short and sweet. You can look nice without spending lots of time and effort using much make-up.

  • After I had kids, there were days when my make up was stripped down to tinted moisturiser and a bit of mascara. Lipstick if I could.

  • In my opinion, anything at home (like housework!) Can wait. As long as everyone gets out the door in one piece and on time, that’s all that matters

  • Less makeup – I only do my skin care routine and a bit of blush nowadays

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