I am just curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on suitable bedtimes for kids.

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  • On school nights my 14yo by 10/1030, my 8yo by 830 and my 6yo by 8. On weekends or school holidays we are a bit more flexible. My 2yo goes down when she’s tired ( depending on day sleeps etc) she’s in a transition faze at the moment.

  • my 3.5 year old is in bed by 7, my 14 month old is in bed between 8-9pm,

  • My 6yr old goes at 8.30, whilst my 10yr old goes around 8pm !! My 6yr old wakes up so crazy early that I don’t want to put her down too early. My 14 and 15yr old go between 10 and 11pm

  • I think 7.30 pm is good up until the age of 8 and then extend it to 8.00 pm or 8.30 pm as they get older.

  • We put our 2 year old to be by 7pm. Most times she will go to sleep but sometimes she will fight it. My 8 year old son is allowed to stay up til 7.15pm and then can go to bed an read for 15mins.
    On Tuesdays he gets an extra 30, because scouts doesnt finish until 7.30.
    Weekends, we will sometime let him stay up til 9pm. I know when he is at his dads house, he doesnt have a bed time, which really annoys me. But usually thats only a fri and sat night.

  • My 1 year old daughter always goes to bed at 7pm each night and my 3 1/2 year old son is asleep by 8 pm most nights

  • I always aim for 7pm, doesn’t always work out that way. There is info on the net re how much sleep children need at certain ages and this could help if you’re trying to set a routine

  • We use a fairly regular routine so bedtime is within a couple of hours window. This has helped us as Miss us up early – irrespective of bed time! Miss 4 is asleep between 7:30 and 8:30 – and up anywhere from 6. During daylight savings it was trickier and pushed out about another hour at night.

  • Depends on age! :) my 2 year old bed time is 6:30am and wakes at 6am. My 5month old last bottle at 10pm and sleeps through till 6am. :)

  • My eight year olds bedtime is 7:30. iv’e only upped this from 7 in the last 10 months

  • My children 8, 6 yo’s have always been in bed between 6.30 – 7pm and depends on behaviour as to whether it is lights out because they are exhausted or if they get 1/2 reading time. On friday’s we have home movie night so they generally are in bed no later than 8.30pm without reading time. This gives them saturday to recover from lack of sleep and back to routine sunday night for school. Also allows them to think they have control over their own bed time once a week. Generally as a rule, if they dont fall asleep, but are in bed and quietly playing with their teddies i let them be, until they fall asleep.

  • My 11 year old can go to be anywhere from .7.30pm – 8.30pm he will often put himself to bed my DD14 will stretch it till midnight if she could we start at 8.30pm and often are tapping on her door at 9pm to say lights out as I know she’s in bed reading… we have tried to get her to go to bed at 8pm and then read but she just ‘farts’ around getting ready to take longer LOL

  • We have a 7:30 – 8:00pm bedtime for our boys, but it can be flexible.

  • My 4yr old goes around 7.30pm. My 11 yr old 8.30pm

  • Our 4 year old bedtime is 7pm we read a book till about 7.15pm then lights off, our 14 & 15 year olds bed at 8.30pm and televisions off at 9pm and our 18 year old is normally asleep by 10.30pm he works 7.30am till 5pm so is pretty tired.

  • My kids 7,6,4 all go to bed at 7pm

  • We do teeth & toilet at 8 and bed at 8:15. If not, there isn’t enough time for homework, dinner and quality time. My kids are 8 & 9 and we have done this for at least the last 6 years.

  • I think it depends on the age my preprimary daughter goes to bed at 730 pm and around 8ish on the weekends but if your child is getting grumpy i would try 7 instead if they older maybe a bit later

  • This depends so much on age. At the moment we go for 7pm (6 year old, 4 year old and 1 year old). Just recently though, we started allowing the eldest to read in bed for half an hour, so we’ve sort of extended his bedtime a bit while still minimising the disruption for the other kids. I don’t think we’ll revise bedtimes again for a year or two, but who knows…

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