A chef I know told me margarine is all chemicals whereas butter is totally natural. Which is best for our health, butter or margarine?

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  • Some say margarine, some say butter
    According to some Margarine has more unsaturated fats and is better for heart health
    However others say since margarine has a variable but high trans fat level, the consumption of margarine may lead to an increased incidence of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases when compared with butter. Hence, butter is considered healthier than margarines.
    One thing for sure is that Margarine is highly processed whereas especially organic grass fed butter is very pure

  • I just googled it and it said margarine. I remember hubby telling me butter is actually banned in the US because it’s so bad for you and that coming from such an obese country is saying something!

  • I have always used butter. Margarine always tastes plasticky to me. The benefits of the real thing out way the cheaper cost of Margarine.

  • They’re both saturated fat so neither is super healthy. But out if the two, butter is more natural so will be slightly healthier then margarine

  • I too would think butter is the healthier option.

  • Butter is totally pure and therefor absolutely the best !

  • I would think butter was the healthier option!

  • Butter all the way… Even better if you have the food processor to make your own. Marg has oodles of added chemicals… Having said that, everything in moderation!

  • In moderation, they both have benefits.

  • I guess butter is better. Margarine Contains Vegetable Oils and Trans Fats. The main ingredients in most margarines are vegetable oils like soybean or safflower oil. Vegetable oils are mostly unsaturated, which is a problem because unsaturated oils are liquid at room temperature and cannot be used as spreads.

  • You can taste the difference as butter does taste better , but healthwise I think they both have the same benefits… fat .

  • I’ve read that margarine only needs one more ingredient to make it plastic. I opt for butter. Low fat one

  • I was always told butter also from a chef and they leave it out of the fridge all the time also.

  • Butter, but none is best of all. I don’t like the taste of margarine and we’ve never had it and the kids don’t have it either. You get used to not using it. If I need it in a cake or other cooking I always use butter.

  • I’m a butter girl – just take a look at the French women – they aren’t fat!! Do not be scared of fats and stay as close to nature as you can, that’s my thoughts anyhoo!

  • I have read that margarine is only one ingredient away from being plastic. Yuck! Butter is more natural, but gas a high fat content. I go for butter in moderation, more natural has to be the best option

  • Hands down butter!!! Don’t even touch margarine – it’s full of nasties. Always choose foods that are as close to their natural state, and with minimal processing as possible. You can easily make butter at home, but not margarine.

  • Ah the age old conundrum! I use vegetable fat like olive oil spread and Nuttelex on a pinch. Diy coconut butter and spread are easy to make.

  • Auatralian Margarine doesn’t have the really bad chemicals in it that USA does. The same applies to some cooking oils.
    If you ask the advice of a dietician make he/she has provider number. Some that don’t have very radical diets which is used long term can cause organ damage. You also can’t claim from Medicare or your private health fund. You possibly won’t get a receipt either even if you request it in person and by email. I know the one I saw got my email requesting the receipt as I asked a question about the diet and he replied to that.

  • Butter is natural and tastes better too!

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