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When my son was 6 weeks old I had to put him on formula, which was S26. Within 4 days he had horrendous problems woth his bowels and the health nurse said to get NAN lactose intollerant. That worked wonders but as soon as he was on it he started to throw up after each bottle, and he would throw up more and more each day. Once his bowels were back to normal the health nurse suggested to put him on NAN comfort 1 to see how he went. His bowel movements still stayed normal but he still kept throwing up. He is now on purees and started to eat more textured meals as we thought that would help but it hasn’t made a difference. We have tried everything for reflux like keeping him upright, making sure hes burped properly, adding farex to thicken his formula but nothing has worked. It now doesn’t matter how long ago he had a bottle/meal he will still throw up, even if hes just about to have another meal. The health nurse said it can happen and because he is growing at a rapid rate and extremely happy then everything is fine. But I’m a first time mum and still stressing about it. Sorry this is so long but anyone else who has had the same or similar problems, what helped? Or did it just go away on it’s own?

Posted anonymously, 24th October 2014

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  • I would see the Gp instead of the health nurse.

  • I think i would be going to see my doctor but i think if your son is still putting on weight i dont think they will do very much and just hope he grows out of it.

  • Try the formula that is specific for reflux otherwise speak to your doctor or maybe get a referral to speak with a paediatrician for advice

  • Throwing up is not normal. The longer it is left the worse his gut lining will get and the more problems it will lead to.
    Please look into GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome). This will give you the tools to heal his gut so that he can begin to tolerate foods slowly again. Buy or download the book and go from there.

  • As a first time mum this is so distressing. I had very similar experience with my third child, born 1975. . He could not keep down breast milk. In desperation I strained cereal to a texture he could take from a spoon when he was five days old, first night home with him he screamed, he was hungry and once fed this he slept. Our family GP told me to try with mashed pumpkin as well. I tried many different formulas he threw everything back, projectile vomiting. His urine burnt his skin, as did poop. He screamed at every elimination. I was advised by a friend to try goats milk so got Canned Goats milk and that worked well with a thickener to keep from reflux. He no longer had the projectile vomiting and skin rashes cleared and he seemed to be a little more settled. At eight months he became so very ill from a tummy bug when we were on vacation and he was admitted to hospital and I had pediatrician inform me he had an intolerance to animal protein and to expect him to be vegan for life, but to try and introduce animal foods as he got older. ( The goats milk apparently was tolerated but he was not getting all he needed from this.) He was prescribed a very expensive formula from corn. Glucosenutramagin . (not sure of spelling). He began to thrive, and his skin became clear. At about aged two he had some dairy food and had no reaction . He gradually progressed to fish, lamb and He did however develop infected Adenoids, Ear infections Tonsillitis and was a bit of a skinny undernourished looking kid. ( I have since learned that these ailments are common with intolerance of animal proteins) He eventually grew and avoided many dairy foods by choice. All was fine and then in his mid 20’s – early 30’s he began having severe skin problems. Natural therapists advised him to use dietary measures, eliminating and reintroducing foods. There are many foods and beverages he is unable to tolerate. He is almost 40 years of age and has studied natural therapies and he and his wife and family are for most part vegan. Mostly raw and they are growing some foods, buy organic and live as chemical free as possible.
    When my son was tiny I was desperate to try and find what he could tolerate it was a trial an error and my mother told me ( after he was grown up) that she really did not think he would survive. He also can’t tolerate synthetic fibers, I made most of his clothes from cotton. He had plenty of energy, played sports well and grew into a delightful man who is tall and healthy. Thankfully there are more options of what is available now and more information sharing. Fermented foods are a healthy way to go too. You may like to google Body Ecology Diet page by Donna Gates. I attended a seminar of hers and the foods prepared were wonderful and healthy. We have to get off the GMO foods and additives etc. Get back to basics of healthy natural foods. Grainfields is a company in the Brisbane area and they have wonderful resources and foods and beverages. Their products are also now available in many health food stores.
    I hope I have not gone into information overload with my reply. Cheers.

  • I’d take it up a notch and visit a Pediatrician with all the notes from your health nurse.
    I’d want some investigations as to family history etc. I could not hold down Breast Milk or Formula Mum tried a few but Goats Milk was fine. Hope you get this sorted out very soon. Best of luck.

  • I also would recommend a visit to the pediatrician. Praying things improve and wishing you and bub all the best.

  • Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear you are distressed. My son had reflux however he did well on the S26 antireflux formula available back then. He would still bring a little up but continued to thrive and was certainly much happier and the pain crying ceased. Other things like thickening milk with Farex or adding Gaviscon to his milk didn’t work for him. Once they are at an age to sit up this usually settles as the gastro-oesophageal sphincter that controls the reflux and the stomach muscles work much better. He was really good at about 8 months old. I do understand how the nurse would suggest he is happy and putting on weight and let it transition out. However, you are his mum and know him best, if you are concerned I would make an appointment to see a consultant paediatrician and ascertain whether anything is out of place. Good luck with it all.

  • I have had 6 children and 2 of mine were like that. I tried lots of different things. Gaviscon Infant was great it mixes with and stabilises the stomach contents so preventing reflux and regurgitation problems.Another thing to try is a Infant/child probiotic because sometimes their little tummies have trouble accepting anything they take in and we found this was the issue with our children. Hope this helps.

  • My advice is take him to see a doctor. They can do some test and give you some real answers.

  • if you are have any worries and it does not feel right get your child check by or Dr or a ped. it maybe nothing but it also pays to check things out

  • I wouldnt listen to anyy doctor. Id go straight to the hospital. Sometimes wit different. Things goin to the hospital ΓΌ find different answers… Good luk

  • I would go see a paediatrician , just for peace of mind

  • My kids vomited all the time but were relatively happy, gained weight & slept ok. This is what you need to judge it on. If you are still concerned ask your GP for a Paed referral.

  • Unfortunately there is not really much else you can do that you haven’t tried. As long as he is still growing and thriving I really wouldn’t worry as he will grow out of it. I can understand your worry though as a first time mum and it gets very frustrating having to lean up the mess all the time.

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