The content you submit will be linked to the profile you have set up with Mouths of Mums – this profile is to be kept maintained by you (the contributor) as updates will not be made if requested of the Mouths of Mums team.

All articles submitted are sent through to our editorial team where they will work to see if it is suitable for the site. If so, they will schedule an appropriate date for it to go live and with your contributor user profile set up correctly you will be notified when it is live via email.

All articles if published will be located within the blog https://mouthsofmums.com.au/blog/ and may also be shared on our social networks and member communications such as newsletters.

Please be aware that ANY content that is seen as advertising is a paid service at Mouths of Mums and we reserve the right to edit all content submitted at our discretion. If you’re looking to post an article that has advertising in it then please contact the team to understand costs involved.Not all submissions received will be published on site, though of course if there are any questions we are most happy to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact the team (articles@mouthsofmums.com.au).

Although Mouths of Mums don’t make payment for any articles submitted, we do help to boost profiles by publishing articles for our contributors. You will see contributor profiles attached at the bottom of articles where this is the case.

Article requirements:

Copy length should be between 250 and 800 words.  Think about including subheads and text break outs to provide visual interest and attract your reader’s eye. Think about the keyword you were writing for – i.e. what would mums be typing into Google to find this article (and then find the article useful).  Once you know the keyword (or key phrase) pepper this exact word or phrase throughout the article and please use this in the heading of the article.

The aim of our articles are to entertain and inform. We want women to read these blogs and feel compelled to comment, share  and discuss.  We want our writers to be ‘real’ and write an objective blog about their experiences. We want our writers to push the  boundaries of what they share and be honest, warts and all.


Each one of our articles have a hero image accompanying it. These should give a little hint of what the article is about. Images (jpegs) are required and should be a minimum of 1MB each and preferably landscape which will allow for us to resize and retain resolution. In terms of pixels, the images should be at least 650pixels wide.  Be sure to provide images that have a background that fills the space – no cut out images on a plain white background if at all possible. Take a look at some of the images we use to accompany posts for inspiration:https://mouthsofmums.com.au/blog/

We also have an account with www.depositphotos.com so if you don’t have an image you have the rights to, please search for an appropriate one and send the link with your article.


We aim to get articles placed as soon as possible after they are submitted to us via this form (if they are going to be published on the site – this is at Mouths of Mums discretion as to if your article will be published). Timing is determined by the type of content going up to see that we don’t place up too many of the same sort of articles in close time periods. It would be fantastic to get a few articles through at a time so we can ensure they are booked into the schedule, and also if they need to run at a certain time, if you could please flag that to us in the email when you send it through.

We do like to have original articles for our site. Any duplicate content on sites tends to worry Google and it won’t do well for both your Google ranking as well as ours – so exclusive is the way to go for content supplied to Mouths of Mums.

Regular contribution – it would be great to get an article though at least once per month, though we love to get as many through as you would like to submit.

Contact: Should you need to contact the team from Mouths of Mums at anytime please email the Editorial Team at articles@mouthsofmums.com.au

Terms & Conditions

1. If you submit content to Mouths of Mums, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Mouths of Mums.

3. Mouths of Mums will determine, at its discretion, whether to publish (or remove from a site) any of your content.

4. You acknowledge that Mouths of Mums may use all intellectual property rights in your content throughout the world, in perpetuity, without restriction and free of charge including publication of that material in hard copy publications or in electronic media, using your content in advertising and promotional material for Mouths of Mums and permitting others to do any of these and that any such use does not give rise to any obligation of Mouths of Mums to make any payment of any kind to you.

5. You waive all moral rights in your content and consent to anything which Mouths of Mums (or any person permitted to do so by Mouths of Mums) may do in relation to your content which would otherwise be in breach of your moral rights. This includes that Mouths of Mums may use your content without attributing you as the source of your content.

6. Mouths of Mums may edit your content in its discretion.

7. You warrant that:

(a) you own your content and all rights in relation to your content;

(b) you obtained your content in a manner which does not breach any laws or the rights of any person;

(c) your content is accurate and reflects actual people and events and you did not digitally alter images or footage in any way to create your content or impersonate any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; this may not be relevant to the type of material you are going to be asking for

(d) your content, your provision of your content to Mouths of Mums and the use by Mouths of Mums of your content, in each case as contemplated in these terms and conditions, does not breach any law (including laws relating to privacy, intellectual property and defamation) or the rights of any person;

(e) your content, at the time you send it to Mouths of Mums, contains no virus or other code or material embedded in it which will have a negative impact on Mouths of Mums’ services or infrastructure;

(f) your content is not being provided for a commercial purpose (including that you are not soliciting funds or promoting particular goods or services); and

8. On providing your content to Mouths of Mums for publication in any media, you indemnify Mouths of Mums and its officers, employees and agents against any damage or loss made against or suffered by any of those indemnified arising, in whole or in part, as a result of a breach by you of these terms and conditions.

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