This is sort of 1/2 a story and 1/2 a question I guess, anyhow I will proceed. My hubby is very particular where and how he parks the car in the car park. He is always careful of spots that a wayward shopping trolley can run into and avoids these and we both never leave our shopping trolley in a car space or abandon it, it must be returned to the trolley bay and I have to admit that on many occasions I have returned abandoned trolleys back to their home as well. He also parks away from other cars if this is possible and this leads me to my story and question. On Tuesday we visited a Masters Store, the car park was not at all busy or full. We parked in a spot that had no cars next to us. On our return to the car there was a work type ute parked next to us, it was quite close and I had to be very careful opening my door. The point I am making is that there was a half of the car park empty, the row in front of us was empty (yes a whole row) the car space next to this ute was empty (actually there were three spaces ) yet this guy decided he would park right next to our car. I am bewildered and slightly confused to why some folk park right next to another car when there are ample spots free of cars. This type of thing happens quite regularly and I was wondering if this happens to you or if you could shed some light on the reason behind it (or should I say next to it lol.) I am trying to look into the psychology of this action. Any clues or help would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance. cherz.

Posted by cherz, 28th May 2015

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  • My first thought would be that they are not confident parkers, therefore they use your vehicle to ‘line up’ their car.

    Infuriating to say the least.


  • Yep, seems this is a common small but annoying problem regarding choice of parking. I sometimes wonder if it’s a case of them being unable to use the parking lines so use another vehicle to line up the own car albeit often badly!
    I also get similarly frustrated when out at a huge national park or camping area and you are there only one there then 1 group turn up and…pitch right beside you?! Really we could have hundreds of metres between us for some privacy but no you camp right at the edge of ours.

    • Hi MOM70050, thanks for your reply, on reading your post the ad on TV with the two guys camping and having a relaxing time till a family start approaching, then they turn their music up load and onto punk, turn their caps around and act like hoons. It works and the family drive on ..maybe you should try this. seriously.
      Yep untold wide open space and you park practically on top of me.
      Wishing you happier and more fun filled times. :-)

      Also thank you moms for all your lovely interesting comments. :-)


  • I have noticed this too but no idea why people do it.. Unless they just want to annoy you.


  • sooo many times i will see people take up 2 parking spaces but they could be sick of people parking on top of them.


  • I’ve have had people tell me that they do it on purpose to, well, basically be jerks. I drive a two door car that has big doors and always park at the back where the car park is empty so I can open the door to get my daughter out of her baby seat. I’ve made mention of the same problem and people have told me they do it to purposely be annoying! Makes you wonder…

    • All I can add is I hope Karma catches up.
      Thanks for your input Kathryn. :-)


  • I think people unconsciously find it easier to park when there is a car to line up to rather than just lines. It is weird though! I like parking closest to the doors so get whatever spot that happens to be. Unless I’m in our big car which means I’m like you and like space around me.

    • I agree with your theory of using park cars to line the park.


  • Oh this happens to me and it drives me nuts!!!! I am also keen to know others thoughts on this…It is one thing that gets under my skin every weekend when I grocery shop!


  • Thanks for all your replies moms. :-)


  • who knows the reason behind why he parked there maybe he always parks in the same spot. Better to park as far away as you can not on ly to stop others cars hitting you or trollies but for excerise those few extra steps everytime do you good anyway


  • Cherz, you sound just like my hubby & I! We would rather park further from other cars & walk longer distances at our supermarket but we often attract that annoying person who parks so close to us too! I think my hubby is going to purchase some witches hats as we have seen a local Doctor use them in order for her to have her usual car park.

    • Thanks for you wonderful reply ASHBLONDE you made me smile… forget the witches hats though, I feel like casting a witches spell around the car to ward off others. lol.

      • See you in the carpark maybe chanting “hubble bubble toil & trouble” lol

      • Hilarious ASHBLONDE! Your comment made me laugh! :)


  • Usually I park away from other cars… I suppose I might park near a small car if I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t come back to find one of those hideous four wheel drives next to me.


  • It is a universal mystery! We have the same thing occur quite often and we are often perplexed. Last week our car was badly damaged by a hit and run in a car park. The damage is annoying; however; I am appalled that someone would damage a car and just leave! They would have felt the bump and also seen the damage! grrrr!


  • If it was a tradiE, he may go to Masters on a regular basis, that may be the car par he always parks in.
    I have no other explanation


  • The only thing that I can think of is that maybe you were parked close to the entry?.. It’s funny, I have a friend who will park at the end of the car park, furthest from the entry, if it means there is no one parked there as he doesn’t want anyone to dent his car. I too hate wayward trolleys but having a newborn I have found myself parking right next to them so I can return it to the pay quickly.

    • No was not that close to the entry and believe me there were spaces much closer.
      Wishing you well with bub mom127676 and I am hoping you have special mum car spaces at your supermarket that you can use. :-)


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