I am very very concerned by your statement about unnecessary medical intervention especially vaccines… I am sorry, but vaccines are not unnecessary, they are extremely vital, not only protecting you, your children, your family and friends, but other people and their children and their family and their friends.

How else do you think Australia managed to eradicate TB, just to have it come back when people starting this stupid idea of rejecting vaccinations.

I tell you what – go to your local childrens hospital and vist the intensive care unit.

Any parent there who refused to immunise their child is going to tell you how much they regret their decision.

Not to mention your child will not be able to attend many childcare centres, kindergartens or even some schools without proof of immunisation as schools etc do not want to be in the position of being sued because your child got sick, or worse, caused another child to become ill – take te case of the baby too young to have been given her shots, who became gravely ill as the result of contact with an unimmunised child. Want that on your conscience?

Everyone goes on and on about Oh it is the individual parents choice – I do not believe for one instant this should be the case.

Unless there is absolute medical eveidence advising against it, I truly think refusal to do the right thing by your child should be considered as child abuse or child endangerment.

It is one thing to insist your only health care needs can be met by faith healers, naturpaths and purveyors of fairy dust, but to risk your own child’s heatlh and well being is, to me, complete insanity.

I will finish my rant with this:

Members of my family have been closely involved with several small towns in Uganda and Zimbabwe.

In Uganda in particular they have, through immunisation and education, managed to drop the infant mortality rate from diseases like malaria from 8 out of 10 to 1 out of 10.

That is 9 little bundles of joy alive, giggling and laughing, rather than being dead and buried, thanks to vaccinations.

Posted by katelt, 2nd May 2013

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  • I agree. Many years and money have gone into researching and developing vaccines to eradicate certain diseases and now because people think that the side effects far outweigh the benefits of vaccination we now risk being exposed to diseases unnecessarily. People need to get all the facts rather than just jumping on the current bandwagon. They need to think about their children and the greater community. They are only making our country go backwards.


  • Vaccination from disease is a community responsibility.


  • I am 100% with you. Vaccines are essential to the health of our babies and the ongoing health of the general population. I think a hysterical minority is threatening the ongoing health of Australia in the future and it scares me


  • Well said. I agree & now with baby number three I ask every parent who has a child near mine if they’re vaccinated, with my second it took half a dozen parents to kindly let a mother know that their child is lovely but she cannot play with mine because she is not vaccinated for an old friend to reconsider, read up & choose to vaccinate. It makes me wild when people put my children at unnecessary risk & unfortunately it’s usually more about the parent than the child’s best interests.


  • top story


  • yes i am all for vaccinations! it is some defense for my child’s immunity

    • yes and when you put it like that- there are poor people wishing that they had access to vacs and education. We have these and take it all for granted


  • Immunisation is essential for everyone.i struggled with would I or not? The risk is too high not to immunise. I have nursed children who had not been immunised to prevent measles. I have never seen children as sick as these little ones. A friend’s daughter died from rubella when she was about 16 years of age. She was immunised, however had not had a booster, at that time it was not supported to have a booster. She must have come in contact and she was in a coma for a long time before she died. I know people who have had polio, it is a dreadful crippling illness that recurs thought life as does malaria. People who advocate against immunisation have obviously never known people who have had these diseases or known of families who have lot a child because of these preventative diseases..So many children and adults have died from tetanus. My grandfather died from tetanus when he was a young man and 6 children never had their dad when they were growing up.i was immunised, kept up with boosters, and traveled by bus for several hundred miles, the family I visited, several members contracted rubella. I must have been a carrier and come into contact while on the bus. Three children and tiny baby and the father all were very ill.so even if immunised, people can still be infected, perhaps with a different strain. My mother almost died from diphtheria when she was a little girl. Hopefully there will come a time when a test can be done to alert if a child should not have immunisation because it would do harm. The amount of children who do have bad reactions can be lessened if they are spread out, not given all at once. Also if a child has a reaction ,then report this, so that that child will be exempt.


  • Maybe there is some confusion about what she means by vaccinations?

    • I don’t think there is an confusion or doubt in the story – the story is immensely clear, and I agree with the sentiments totally. My great uncle had TB and seeing him in an isolation ward, really bought home the pain and suffering such diseases cause.


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