Have you been sitting at home, bored out of your brain, wondering what you can do with yourself. Maybe thinking of doing a course, Maybe you have a new baby, struggling with one income, finding it difficult to staying home as you are used to working, maybe you are a stay at home Dad, well I take my hat off to you. Not many dad’s will stay home with the children. Men would love to stay home with the kids, they feel they don’t have enough time with them once their wives/partners fall pregnant. The woman seems to do it all, and the man just gets the different foods she wants, so when the opportunity arises for dad to stay home, then it makes sense, especially if his wife/partner makes more money.

Is this you? Whether you work full time, part time, a stay at home mum or dad, you will find at some stage of your life that you are not happy. There may be something annoying you, and you lay in bed at night thinking ‘What can I do to make it better’/

A survey was done recently asking all these type of people what they wanted out of life. You probably won’t be surprised by the answers, but 99 out of 100 came up with 3 results:
1. I want to travel
2. I want to start earning a really good income, and
3. I just want to be Happy.

You would be surprised how many people are unhappy with what they are doing. This is how a Brand New Business came forward – Four Oceans.

Four Oceans is a company that spreads Happiness around the world. There is no selling involved, There is the opportunity to Travel around the world, and you can earn an incredible income like no other from a 9 level Compensation Plan.

Stage 1 is just being launched in Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and a few other asian countries, and USA is just in the process of being launched. As we are still in the launching process, you can sign up for FREE as Happy for a short time. Once we have it all up and running, Happy will have a $99 US Registration Fee. Also, to make a good income you need to upgrade to Happier or preferably Happiest. This is not possible as yet but that will chance soon.

If you sign up to Happy, there is a 21 day course in Happiness available if you wish to do it, also you are invited to attend our Vacationars, which are designed to bring Happiness into your life. Also, if people sign up below you as Happier or Happiest, you receive $30 US or $40 US respectively.

There is NO OBLIGATION under Happy, but remember, this is only Stage 1. There is so much more to come, some of the most exciting opportunities you will have ever seen, Cheap Travel, plus much much more. You will want to upgrade, but no one is forcing you to. You may be happy just spreading Happiness around the world.

Go and visit www.happiestrewards.com and use happiest as the password, you will be surprised, it is a 2 part video all about Four Oceans, including the 9 level Compensation Plan.


Go to www.doodles.fouroceans.net and JOIN NOW, follow the linkks until you get to the 3 options – HAPPY, HAPPIER AND HAPPIEST (last 2 may be removed at the moment)
Sign up as Happy, if you live in a country that isn’t in the dropdown box, then please email me at allbargainsanddiscounts@gmail.com and I will give you an Australian address to use until your country launches.


Posted by dee lindsay, 9th March 2015

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  • Really quite interesting! Thank you for sharing!


  • great to read

    • Thank you for your comments. Have you seen our latest posting about the business?

      Four Oceans markets Personal Development and Self Improvement, with Travel as a bonus.

      Personal Development is a $11 Billion Industry over 117 Countries worldwide.

      Self Improvement and Travel are the only two industries that continually grow in any economy.

      I have joined Four Oceans to help YOU achieve your Hopes and Dreams by sharing the secrets to elevate your lifestyle. Would you mind if I ask you a question?

      Bigger House?, Better Relationships?, Help Others?, Sense of Purpose?, Travel?, Love?, Better Care?, Better Health?, or Happiness?

      There was a survey done recently with the question – WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?
      – Would you believe the number 1 answer was – “I want to be Happy”.

      With the economy the way it is, Health System, Terrorism, Murders, Shootings, and you turn on the news and there is always something awful and sad. So Four Oceans was born to help people bring Happiness into their lives.

      I will tell you a bit about myself. I am 53 years young, suffer from severe chronic pain. My life is in my home, I lost all my local friends when I became ill, I hardly ever go out, I can’t clean, can’t cook, can’t shower alone, my husband of 29 yrs is my full time carer. We have been through many trauma’s over the years, my daughter was raped at 6 yrs old, we suffered many years after that. I was depressed all the time. Then I fell into Four Oceans. I now have a purpose, I am excited, Our mission is to spread Global Happiness, and I have never been happier. As travel is a bonus, Four Oceans have Vacationars which are Seminars on Vacation, they are all designed to bring happiness to our lives, and are held all over the world. I never ever thought I would ever travel overseas. Now, we are arranging to attend our first Vacationar in Cancun, Mexico. We are then going on to Florida, New Orleans, then Hawaii. A trip for almost 4 weeks, and it doesn’t cost much more than the flights. Hawaii for 4 people for 8 nights in a 1 br unit is around $350. Not bad eh?

      We are also arranging a holiday for next year. Four Oceans have so much more to come, this is just the start.

      If you, or anyone you know – family, friends, neighbours, workmates can sign up for FREE at http://doodles.fouroceans.net. All you need to do is click JOIN NOW, choose “Happy” and follow the directions.

      This is for FREE, no obligation, no more to pay. You have nothing to lose but a great deal to gain.
      I also have a facebook page – Dee’s “Four Oceans” Family, have a look, I add more info every day.


      xxx Dee


  • exellent super story

    • Hi,
      Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments.
      Four Oceans is now LIVE,
      Four Oceans is not a Pyramid Scheme. Pyramid Scheme’s are illegal, and we have got all the right registrations and Government (American and Australian) Approval.

      Four Oceans has no selling, and you are not expected to buy anything.

      We have 3 products:
      1. Personal Development – Happiness
      2. Travel – Wholesale Travel Prices
      3. A combination of 1 and 2 in the way of Vacationars – Seminars on Vacation which are designed specifically to bring Happiness into your life.

      At this time you are able to join for free. There is no obligation, you can just enjoy the benefits of Stage 1 which was released in some countries including the Unites States. The other Stages will be released as they are completed. Even if you already work full time, work from home, it doesn’t matter, we just want to bring some happiness and help reduce life’s stress.

      For more information, please visit http://www.happiestrewards.com and use happiest as the password. This is a 2 part video, the 1st part discusses Four Oceans, the 2nd part will show you our wonderful 9 level compensation plan if you want to upgrade to Happiest to earn an Income. Then… go to:
      http://doodles.fouroceans.net to Join Now for Free. If your country isn’t on the list, don’t panic. I can help you if you email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com, give you an address, then when your country is launched it can be changed. At least you can enjoy the rewards at no cost.

      You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

      Everyone needs a bit of extra Happiness in their life, xx Dee


  • the cheap flights sound good lol


  • yeh this sound wonderful but maybe too good, a lot like a pyramid scheme.


  • Thank you for sharing; but this is not for me.

    • Thank you for your comments.

      This business is definitely not for everyone. I enjoy it and since we have launched, it has now launched into the USA, and UK, Germany, and another 5 countries are launching in April.
      I have a gentleman in Kenya which is fantastic, and over 50 in my business now. They are all happy, which is what my goal is.

      I wish you all the happiness in the world. xx dee


  • Personal Development is a big industry these days with Multi Level Marketing. Our business has been a real big hit. I personally have 49 signed up below me, with another 15 ready to sign up whilst it is still free, which is only for a short time, then when you sign up as the 3 different levels – Happy, Happier and Happiest the government is introducing a $99 Registration Fee which is designed for businesses similar to Party Plan.

    Over the next week we will be receiving our ,com website which is for the cheap holidays as the CEO in Texas has a Travel Agency, therefore the cheapest holidays will be offered to everyone.

    The 21 Day Course in Happiest is being introduced in the next week, anyone who wishes to join is able to do this course, but only if you wish. Under Happy, you are invited to Vacationars which are held all around the world, including Melbourne, Sydney, Costa Rica, New York, and many more.

    There is no other business like this in the world. USA has now launched, and on the 1st of April we are launching another 6 or 7 countries. It is so exciting to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity.

    We have Conference Calls with our leaders once a week which lasts about 45 mins which keeps us up to date, as well as a Webinar which lasts about an hour. They are all about what is happening with the business, what is coming up and a talk from the CEO.

    If you are interested in looking at a short 2 part video, look at http://www.happiestrewards.com and use happiest as the password. The first part tells us about what Four Oceans is all about and the 2nd part is this fantastic 9 level Compensation Plan. At this time I am signing up around 5 people a week or more, everyone is just overly thrilled at this wonderful opportunity. Do go and have a look at the video, it will be worth your while.

    If you are looking for a job, a stay at home mum or dad, working full time, or working part time, it doesn’t matter, Four Oceans is suitable for anyone who wants to change their life, bring Happiness into their lives and Increase their Personal Development.

    If you are interested in signing up, you may go to http://www.doodles.fouroceans.net and click Join Now, follow the directions. Reserve your place, see what you think of the business, and you can stay where you are, or if you would like, you can upgrade to any higher level as you wish. It is definitely worth a visit.

    I am looking forward to reaching Regional Manager by December so I can reach the 9th Level of the Compensation Plan, that is what my goal is.

    TODAY CAN BE THE START OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Bring some Happiness into your life.

    Thank you to everyone who sends me wonderful comments. I am so


  • i have seen this poster before and she has started her own website. i don’t know about this idea though


  • I’m sorry, but this still sounds like a pyramid scheme or scam.


  • Never ever bored in this household or with life. I would just like more time to squeeze in everything I enjoy doing! Good luck with your venture.


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