November 15, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re about to put the jingle in your bells by helping you find incredible gifts for your loved ones!

There’s nothing like finding the perfect Christmas present for your family and friends – we all know dear Aunt Carol is just so difficult to buy for! And what on earth is everyone getting their kids this year?! Fear not, we’ve sourced some of the most unique gifts in Australia, and wrapped them up in our very cheerful Ultimate Christmas Gifts Guide. And we’ve wrangled some brilliant, exclusive Mouths of Mums discounts – Merry Christmas from us!

So pop up the tinsel and crank up the carols, it’s time to get festive with the absolute best buys in Australia this Christmas!

Christmas Gift Guide Header

A Fabulously Floral Toy


VTech Make & Spin Bouquet, RRP $49

Creativity is in bloom with the Make & Spin Bouquet from VTech! With over 100 pieces budding florists will be able to create tons of different combinations. Build different flowers with a variety of stems, flowers, stamen and foliage, then choose where to place them in the pot.

Fly the bee and butterfly over the creation and perch them on the petals to rest! Use the included flower templates to colour in more petals and add your own unique twist. Once the bouquet is completed add some music, then watch as the flowerful creation spins and blooms in time to the rhythm. With this set that can be created again and again, spring is always in season! Suitable for ages 4+ years.

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Their First Swing

Swingz N Thingz Baby and Toddler Swings

Swingz N Thingz Baby & Toddler Swing, from $179

Give a gift of joy! Swinging is one of the greatest joys of childhood and a great way to get the kids outside for some good old-fashioned fun.

Handmade in Australia by Swingz n Thingz since 1993, these swings suit from six months to around eight years, they’re strong and safe and made to last.

Choose from a great range of colour combinations in either fade-proof Outdoor canvas, or Organic Hemp canvas. And your personal engraved message can be added to the wood to create a bespoke gift and special memories. Swing includes a seatbelt, support cushion, stainless steel hardware and a canvas carry bag, and only requires a single hanging point, so you can take it anywhere! Includes FREE delivery Australia-wide.

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from Swingz N Thingz

Welcome To The World!

Welcome Baby gift hamper baby boy gift hamper baby and mumma gifts (2)

Baby Gift Hamper, from $62

Discover the joy of giving with the exquisite Welcome Baby Gift Hampers from Baby and Mumma Gifts, a delightful choice for celebrating the arrival of a precious little one or pampering new parents this Christmas. Radiating charm in pink, grey, or blue, these hampers are more than just bundles; they are a symphony of carefully curated treasures that reflect the love and warmth associated with the miracle of new life.

Elegantly packaged in a charming gift box, the Welcome Baby Gift Hampers transcend the ordinary, offering a harmonious blend of practicality and sentimentality. Within, an array of meticulously selected baby essentials awaits – a testament to the thoughtful curation by Baby and Mumma Gifts. From cozy blankets to adorable onesies, each item is designed to envelop the newborn in comfort and style.

Presenting this hamper is an experience in itself; the anticipation, the unveiling, and the shared joy create a memory that lingers long after the holidays. It’s not just a gift; it’s a celebration captured in a box, a gesture of love and support for the exciting journey ahead. Choose the perfect Welcome Baby Gift Hamper and watch as your present becomes a cherished moment for the new parents, etching smiles and memories that will last a lifetime.

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 Summer Fun!


Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Sonny the Sea Creature, $99

Hot summer days call for cooling down with giant inflatable sprinkler! With his big, googly eyes and claws it’s hours of fun for everyone!

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Put Their Name On It!

Christmas Gift Guide 2023 (4)

Organic Cotton Crochet Bunny Rattle, $28

A sublime crochet toy rattle, made from 100% organic cotton and wrapped around an organic beechwood ring. With a sweet bell sound every time it’s shaken and personalised with their name, it’s the perfect pressie for a tot celebrating their very first Christmas.

from Etsy

Game Night Gold

Christmas Gift Guide 2023


Find the perfect tabletop game for each member of the family with these rippers! Find them at various retailers including Kmart, Target, game stores, Myer and Officeworks.

Herd Mentality by Big Potato Games, RRP $29.95: The game where you need to think like the crowd to win.

The Chameleon & The Chameleon Pictures by Big Potato Games, RRP $39.95:  Described as a social deduction game, the games are about spotting-the-imposter and about blending in and not getting caught, as the name of the game suggests.

CATAN from CATAN Studios, RRP: $89.95: Considered one of the most important and influential games of all time, selling millions of units since its launch. Picture yourself in the era of discoveries: after a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. Its name shall be CATAN! This game of trading and expansion is about players gathering resources and building the biggest settlements on the fictional island of CATAN.

The Fuzzies, RRP: $29.95: The Fuzzies is a game about creating gravity-defying towers out of fuzzy little balls. Draw a card and remove that fuzzy ball using either tweezers or your fingers, but you can’t get out of your seat. Stick it anywhere higher on the tower. If you are successful, the next player goes, but if any balls drop, you must draw challenge cards equal to the number of balls dropped and do the challenge(s) on your next turn. Fuzzy fun for everyone!

Story Time Chess. RRP: $49.95: Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces and a unique chess board. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages 3 and up in a way that makes learning chess simple and fun. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn.

Squishmallows Take 4, RRP: $29.95: The Squishmallows Squad gets competitive in this quick-thinking card game. In each round, four cards are placed face-up in the centre of the group. Grow your squad as fast as possible by collecting four different Squishmallows Squad Cards. Be the first to build a full Squishmallows Squad to win.

Wooden Wonder

Christmas Gift Guide 2023 (1)

Personalised New Baby Wooden Blocks, $176

Such a gorgeous way to celebrate a new arrival at Christmas time, with their very own set of personalised blocks. They look fabulous displayed, until they’re old enough to play with them! The set includes 50 wooden blocks in a fabric bag, with up to four blocks engraved per set.

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from Hard To Find


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A Gin-Tastic Taster

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 12.38.49 pm

Twelve Gins Of Christmas, RRP $299

Twelve Gins, Twelve Garnishes and Twelve Mixers – give the gift of twelve incredible experiences this Christmas. Each day of gin has enough to try with a friend (or have it all yourself, we won’t judge!). Box Bar tries hundreds of gins from Australia and around the world each year and these are their twelve ultimate favourites.

Shop the Twelve Gins of Christmas online now at Box Bar.

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from Box Bar


Picture Perfect TV

Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Samsung’s The Frame Smart TV, RRP: From $1,499 for the 43”

Elevate your home into a personal gallery with The Frame Smart TV, which uniquely transforms into a work of art when not in use. Going beyond the conventional idea of what a TV can be, The Frame is a true piece of interior décor where design speaks for itself.

Choose from one of the many free artworks available, add your own cherished memories via the SmartThings app, or access hundreds or artworks from world-renowned galleries via the Samsung Art Store. With its own Slim Fit Wall-Mount accessory, the TV hangs beautifully on the wall, leaving minimal space in between. Customisable bezels mean you can personalise the TV to fit the aesthetic of your home while the advanced Anti Glare Matte Display uses a sophisticated embossed design to minimise reflections and spectacularly scatter light to create a premium matte finish, simulating the look of a real canvas.

Featuring Samsung QLED Quantum Dot technology, The Frame delivers deep shades of colours and incredible contrasts, in a variety of lighting conditions, allowing you to discover more details you haven’t seen before. Customisable bezels available in White, Beige, Teak, Dark Wood, Red and Bevelled finishes.

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from Samsung

Advent-erous Countdown!

Mouths of Mums Gift Guide Image

Liquor Loot Advent Calendars, from $269

Level up your festive season with Liquor Loot’s 2023 Advent Calendars! Yup, that’s right, way better than a chocolate advent calendar – choose from 9 different calendars across gin, whisky and spirits, each taking you through a tantalising journey of 24 hand-picked tasters in the lead up to Christmas. Each calendar comes in a beautifully designed box, complete with tasting notes so you can learn all about each spirit, and the team that produced it.

Each calendar contains 24 x 30mL premium tasters. 18+ only.

Exclusive Offer: 

  • Use code MERRYXMASMUM for 10% off all 2023 Advent Calendars at Liquor Loot. Expires 30th November 2023.


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An Extraordinary Story

Lies My Mirror Told Me MoM GIFT guide banner

Lies My Mirror Told Me by Wendy Harmer, $34.99

Wendy Harmer has had an extraordinary life.

From being born with a severe facial deformity, to performing as a stand-up comedian, a national television host and then the highest paid woman in the cut-throat world of Sydney FM radio … Wendy’s tale of overcoming adversity is told with her trademark in-your-face frankness and celebrated wit.

Starting life in rural Victoria, Wendy describes her childhood in remote one-teacher, one-room country schools. As her teacher father moved around the state to take up new postings, Wendy, the ‘funny looking’ kid often in the wrong colour school uniform, developed strategies to find new friends and fit in. When she was ten years old, her mother went missing.

It wasn’t until she was well into her teens that Wendy had the reconstructive facial surgery that had long promised to transform her from a ‘witch’ into a ‘princess’, but fell agonisingly short.

Somehow, despite her initial setbacks and emotional turmoil, Wendy showed the strength of character to carve her own way in the world.

From political journalism, she took her first tentative steps on Melbourne’s tiny stages in comedy revue, then struck out as a solo performer in stand-up comedy. She would make her mark internationally before coming home to entertain Australians for four decades on stage, in print, television and broadcasting.

In Lies My Mirror Told Me Wendy reflects on her life – one of the most unlikely success stories you will ever read.

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from Allen & Unwin

Terrific Tunes


Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Portable Turntable + Entertainment Stand Bundle – Tan, $289.95

Sure, it’s a gift for dad – but it’s really a gift for the whole family! Get out the vinyl and turn it up because you’ll be dancing through the whole house with this retro-inspired record player. With superior sound quality through its built-in speakers this turntable also has Bluetooth, so you can play music the modern way as well!

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from The Iconic

A Clever Clothesline Cover


Clevacover Clothesline Cover, from $265.99

Protect you and your washing all year round with the amazing, new Clevacover clothesline cover.

  • Keep your washing clean and dry in any weather
  • Protects from Bird and Bat Poo
  • Reduces fading of clothes
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 4 Size Options to fit any Fold Down clothesline
  • Eliminates re-washing
  • Piece of mind drying while your at work

Covers available for Fold Down and Rotary Clotheslines from all brands including Hills Hoist. View today for more information.

Exclusive Offer:

Get an additional 20% off by using the code MOM20 at Lifestyle Clotheslines. Expires 15th November 2024.

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Surf’s Up!

Christmas Gift Guide 2023 (2)

Bodysurfing Handplane, $89.95

Why should the kids have all the fun?! Enhance his next bodysurfing experience with this handy (see what we did there?!) handplane that helps you ride the waves faster and for longer.

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from Hard To Find

Portable Drying


Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline, $1294

Follow the sun and dry for free today with the brand new, fully mobile Sunchaser clothesline. This Australian made unit has large wheels for easy moving indoors or out depending on the weather.

Boosting the capacity of a Hills Hoist, the Sunchaser easily takes 4-5 loads of washing and folds up when not needed. Ditch your expensive dryer today and dry for free! See the complete range of portable clothes lines and clothes airers here.

Exclusive Offer:

Fast and free shipping.

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from Lifestyle Clotheslines


A Crime Novel

Resurrection Walk MoM gift guide banner

Resurrection Walk by Michael Connelly, $32.99

From No. 1 bestselling author Michael Connelly: Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is back, and he’s taken on another long-shot case. The chance of winning is one in a million…

Defence attorney Mickey Haller has agreed to represent a woman who is in prison for killing her husband, a sheriff’s deputy, and Haller enlists his half-brother, retired LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, as investigator. Even after four years in prison, his new client maintains her innocence.

Reviewing the case, Bosch sees something that doesn’t add up and senses the sheriff’s department close ranks as he pursues the truth.

The path to true justice is, for both the lawyer and his investigator, fraught with danger from those who don’t want the case reopened. And their opponents will stop at nothing to keep the Haller–Bosch dream team from uncovering what the deputy’s killing was really about.

‘Connelly is the Raymond Chandler of this generation’ —Associated Press

‘Superb crime writing from a master’ —The Australian

from Allen & Unwin

A Thrilling Read

The Seven MoM xmas gift guide banner

The Seven by Chris Hammer, $32.99

The latest stunning thriller from the bestselling author of Scrublands and The Tilt.

Yuwonderie’s seven founding families have lorded it over their district for a century, growing ever more rich and powerful.
But now—in startling circumstances—one of their own is found dead in a ditch and homicide detectives Ivan Lucic and Nell Buchanan are sent to investigate.

Could the murder be connected to the execution of the victim’s friend thirty years ago—another member of The Seven—or even to the long-forgotten story of a servant girl on the brink of the Great War?

What are the secrets The Seven are so desperate to keep hidden?

With the killer still on the loose and events spiralling out of control, the closer Ivan and Nell get to discovering the truth, the more dangerous their investigation becomes. Can they crack the case before more people die?

The Seven is a compelling thriller filled with intrigue, emotional depth and an evocative sense of place—where nothing is ever quite what it seems. Chris Hammer, the acclaimed and bestselling author of the international bestsellers Scrublands, Treasure & Dirt and The Tilt, can take his place among the world’s finest crime writers.

from Allen & Unwin


Christmas Gift Guide Header

 Perfect Mum-To-Be Gift

Group Shot-3

Buds & Beads Bundles, from $42

The perfect ‘hard to find’ Christmas gift idea. Buds & Beads premium leaf tea and delicious sparkling tea gift bundles start at $50 and FREE shipping is available until Christmas.

Beautifully wrapped and boxed, choose from six unique Bundles we have carefully selected from our most popular products. Surprise and delight your loved ones with our beautifully packaged exquisite leaf teas and herbal tisanes, and unique low sugar, non-alcoholic and healthy sparkling range. Bundle and save this Christmas, let us take the guess work out of finding that special gift and take advantage of FREE shipping.

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from Buds & Beads

Ultimate Summer Skin Pack

SV Xmas

Skin Virtue Ultimate Summer Pack (Future Advanced Brightening 30ml $70, Future Advanced Line Filler 30ml $56 and Future Advanced Serumist $116)

Here’s a Christmas present with a difference – Skin Virtue’s ultimate summer pack. This pack is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves the Aussie summer (and isn’t that all of us?!) After spending the day at the beach or playing in the park with the kids, the Skin Virtue Ultimate Summer Pack will hydrate and moisturise your skin, leaving you with that enviable summer glow.

The pack includes Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Brightening product, which is essential for reducing pigmentation caused by sun exposure. Future Advanced Brightening helps to balance the melanin production in the skin and reduces the look of hyperpigmentation. The summer sum is the culprit in creating the disbalance in melanocytes.

Developed in Australia, Skin Virtue is the nation’s leading cosmeceutical brand for those with sensitive, allergic and problematic skin. The company’s commitment to sensitive skin is at the heart of everything it does.

Skin Virtue understands the unique challenges faced by people with sensitive skin and have designed our products to address these concerns without compromising on quality.

Its anti-ageing solutions are innovative and effective, providing a comprehensive approach. Skin Virtue has developed an extensive range of cosmeceutical products, designed to bolster the skin’s barrier, support skin stem cell longevity and address specific skin concerns with cleanical ingredients.

The products are non-comedogenic, anti-irritating and anti-allergen, making them the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. The skin barrier plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy skin. This vital shield, technically known as the stratum corneum, acts as your skin’s security guard.

It keeps your skin healthy by locking in moisture and shielding it from harmful elements such as bacteria, pollutants, and irritants.

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from Skin Virtue


The Gift That Keeps Giving

Bionic Book Subscriptions

Bionic Book Subscriptions, from $64.95

Books selected by expert curators based on your personal preferences and delivered to your door. Half human, half machine. Bionic’s algorithm learns your preferences then gets to know you better as you tell us what you like and don’t like about the books we send you. Expert curators select books you’ll love based on your personal preferences.

A few weeks after each book is sent, an email is sent with a feedback questionnaire so Bionic can learn more about the subscribers’ tastes and get better at choosing books they’ll love.

Subscriptions include a mix of new release books and contemporary classics. If the subscriber already owns the book sent to them, it can be exchanged for free with free return shipping.

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from Bionic Books

Amazing Australian Aperitifs

Regal Rogue Review Star Rating 766 x 527

Regal Rogue varieties, $29.99 each

Australian made, Regal Rogue blends 100% organic Australian wine from Orange NSW with Native Australian Botanicals, to create a fresh, natural range of Australian aperitifs for all occasions.

The beauty of an aperitif is that it can be used in so many different combinations to create the perfect drink for you, whether you like a refreshing ginger base or something sweeter, with four different Regal Rogue flavours on offer – the options are endless.

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from Dan Murphy’s

A Great Read

For Once in My Life MoM GIFT guide banner

For Once In My Life by Karly Lane, $32.99

Jenny thought she was done with men and relationships . . . her kids, however, had other plans. A delightful, entertaining and funny rural romance from Karly Lane, the bestselling author with over 550,000 books sold.

Jenny Hayward cannot believe that she’s fifty years old and a grandmother with adult children! When did that happen? Not that long ago her three daughters were in school and Jenny was following her dream of becoming a nurse.

In the two years since her husband walked out, Jenny has been absorbed in her family and work. But then her daughters and her best friend secretly set her up with a profile on a dating app and she is unexpectedly thrust into the world of dating.

However, as the dates keep coming, Jenny wonders how the people she loves the most in the world have managed so impressively to pick the wrong men for her.

The annoying barman watching on is much more enjoyable company. The barman who is more than a decade younger than her. Yet Nick doesn’t seem to notice her age at all . . .

Is Jenny’s next date the date of her dreams?

from Allen & Unwin


The Ultimate Party Skirt


Motto Black Sequin Skirt, RRP $149.95

Looking for the ultimate party skirt? We found it! Let us introduce the Black Sequin Skirt, AKA the “IT GIRL” skirt. This little number isn’t just a skirt; it’s a whole mood. If you’re looking to turn heads, drop jaws, and make a statement, this skirt is your secret weapon.

It hugs your curves in all the right places while the sequins catch the light and send dazzling, disco-ball vibes into the world. Pair it with a slinky, low-cut cami, an edgy tee or a crisp white blouse and you’re good to go!

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from Motto


A Page-Turner!

The Hidden Book MoM GIFT guide banner

The Hidden Book by Kirsty Manning, $32.99

From the bestselling author of The Jade Lily comes a compelling novel based on a true story of a WWII European heirloom that brought down war criminals and travelled through history … to be found in an Australian country shed in 2019.

Europe, 1940s: Imprisoned in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, Spanish fighter and photographer Mateo Baca is ordered to process images of the camp and inmates for a handful of photo books being made for presentation to top Nazi figures. Just five books in total, or so the officials think …

Mateo manages to make a secret sixth book and, with the help of a local woman, Lena Lang, it remains hidden until the end of the war.
Australia, present day: When thirteen-year-old Hannah Campbell’s Yugoslavian grandfather, Nico Antonov, arrives in Australia to visit his family, one of the gifts he brings with him is an intriguing-looking parcel wrapped in a flour sack, which Roza, Hannah’s mother, quickly hides.

Later, Hannah sneaks off in search for the mysterious package. She is horrified to find in it a photo book full of ghastly historical photographs of a terrible place full of people suffering.

At first Hannah has little context for what she sees, but over the years, as she experiences love, grief and trauma, she understands what these photos came to mean, for herself, her freedom and for those who risked their lives to ‘bear witness’ to history.

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from Allen & Unwin

The Perfect Drop

a glass of review 4.8/5 stars

A Glass of, $80 for a pack of 10

A Glass of offers wine from Australia’s best independent winemakers, curated by sommeliers from restaurants we all love – and delivers it by the glass, so you don’t need to feel guilty about opening a bottle with dinner.

Whether you prefer red, white, or rose, the team at A Glass of have you covered with their single serve foil-lined pouches of sommelier selected wines from independent winemakers, in a handy 200mL pouch (a little larger than a standard glass serving of 150mL).

The specially designed foil-lined pouches are better for preserving the quality of the wine than traditional glass bottles, with each glass of wine you enjoy is a ‘fresh glass’ there’s no worry about drinking wine that’s been sitting for days.


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from A Glass of


The Must-Have Cup


Stanley Quencher H2.0 40oz – Pink Dusk, $79.99

It’s the cup that every mum has or WANTS! And if the mum in your life doesn’t already have one, it needs to be on your Christmas list. It’s tough and keeps drinks cold or hot with its double-wall vacuum insulation.

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from The Iconic


Christmas Gift Guide Header

The Ultimate Coffee Creator

De'Longhi La Specialista Arte Evo Main Image - RBY (1)

De’Longhi La Specialista Arte Evo, $699

The De’Longhi La Specialista Arte Evo is for the budding barista, who wants to have a complete cafe experience at home.

With four preset recipes, the La Specialista Arte Evo creates a selection of hot coffees, as well as cold brew in under 5 minutes.

from De’Longhi

Fab Food Processor


Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor, $119

The Kenwood MultiPro Go Food Processor is ultra-compact with the power to cover all food preparation tasks.This small but efficient appliance is amazing for food prep and helps minimise time in the kitchen. It covers all of the essential food preparation tasks, including chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing and even making dough.

from Kenwood


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